[UPDATE 1:50 p.m.: New Evacuations] Tulley Fire North of Weitchpec: Evacuations, Road Closures, and Power Outages

Tulley Fire Photo by Cal FireTulley Fire taken at approximately 7 p.m. yesterday. [Photo provided by Cal Fire]

The Tulley Fire north of Weitchpec which exploded at 4 p.m. yesterday devoured 300 acres, at least two structures, forced evacuations and closed Hwy 169. Yet, it is still so new that government and news agencies are struggling how to spell it’s name–Tulley, Tully, Tule are all versions we’ve seen. The Yurok Tribe, however, spells the creek near the flames as Tulley.

Even calling it a single fire is confusing. There are actually three fires. One large one and two smaller ones. We’ll be looking to get a map up soon.

The flames spread out quickly from the three starting areas. A commenter wrote yesterday that he watched the fires spring up. “First set is maybe a quarter mile down river from Martin’s Ferry Bridge,” he wrote. He says he noticed it right before 4:00 p.m. That fire “jumped the road around 4:15 p.m.,” according to Rossi. He also saw a “second fire further down river. Maybe 3 miles. It appears to be the larger of the two.”

Hwy 169 was closed between Martin’s Ferry Bridge and Cappell Creek, according to Cal Fire last night. We’ll update as soon as possible this morning.

Multiple power poles were reported burning  before six p.m. Power went out to the area and an approximate thirty-two customers are in the dark this morning. PG&E cannot access the damaged equipment because of the fire.

Cal Fire reports, “There is an evacuation warning in place for Gibbens Road, Jack Ranch Road, and Peters Lane. Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has advised evacuees to go to the Red Cross shelter at the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility located at 11900 Hwy 96 in Hoopa.

The weatherperson predicts that the area today will be sunny and 85 to 90 degrees with humidity ranging from 20 to 30%. Northeast winds will be blowing at five to six miles per hour and shifting to the west this afternoon.

We’ll be updating below as information on the #TulleyFire comes in today.

UPDATE 8: 10 a.m.: Cal Fire reports that the fire is still 0% contained and 300 acres as of 7:30 a.m. “The fire is burning in steep, rugged terrain in heavy timber and slash,” Cal Fire writes.

UPDATE 9:45 a.m.: Press release from Cal Fire:

The Tully fire is 300 acres. The fire burned actively most of the night and crews aggressively attacked spot fires on the south side of the fire. Branch I is the main fire and is zero percent contained. Branch two consists of two smaller fires south of the main fire totaling 40 acres and is 50 percent contained.

There is a hard closure of Hwy 169 between Martin’s Ferry Bridge and McKinnon Hill Road (Martin’s Ferry Bridge is open).

There is an evacuation order for Gibbens Road, Peters Lane, Jack Ranch Lane, and McKinnen Hill Road. There is an evacuation warning in place for Lower Cappell Road.

The evacuation center is the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility at 11900 Hwy 96 in Hoopa. Information regarding the evacuation center can be directed to Cris Jones-Koczera of the Red Cross at 707-470-9932 or Serene Hayden of Hoopa OES at 530-739-2259.

Cooperating agencies include HIA, USFS, HIA, HSO, CDCR, Humboldt County OES,

UPDATE 1:50 p.m.:
Cal Fire tweeted, “The #TulleyFire is now at 440 acres. Two of the three fires are contained. Largest fire is into the Cappel Creek drainage. 0% contained.”

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  • Tully or Tulley is the name of the creek that enters the Klamath near Martin’s Ferry Bridge. I always spelled it Tully Creek as that is how it’s spelled on the topo maps but others spell it Tulley.

  • I believe “Tulley” was the name of an American military officer..

  • Henchman Of Justice

    The name is of little concern.

    The cause: Arson? No lightening present in area.

    Witness – saw first fire set, saw second fire along river, etc….

    There are serial arsonists in that area of the county between yurok and hupa territories.

    The old gravel road between Orick and Hupa services arsonists .

    • First of all there is no road between Orick and Hoopa, at least not one that’s open to the public. However, there are connecting roads one could take from Orick to Hoopa. I assume you mean Bald Hills Road which actually spans from Orick to Martin’s Ferry Bridge. It does continue forward at the bridge, but at that point it is considered Tulley Creek Road. Second of all there is only about 5 miles of BH Rd. that’s still gravel. That span is within the park through the Lyon’s Ranch/Schoolhouse Peak area. It’s been at least 5years since BH Rd was mostly gravel. Maybe you should change your name to “Henchman of I Should Educate Myself Before Posting Comments”!

      • Actually, there are 2 roads that go into hoops from bald hills road, and both are open to the public and both are gravel roads. So maybe you should get yourself educated.

        • Well neither Dowd Rd. or Pine Creek Rd. go from Hoopa to Orick. They do both go from Hoopa to Bald Hills Rd, which goes to Orick. That’s exactly what I meant by saying “there are connecting roads…..”

          Not that any of that matters considering there are fires burning structures, threatening people and other structures, including my own home and my loved ones.

          I only made my first comment to the “Henchman” because he/she regularly posts some nonsense.

  • Prayers to all the firefighters fighting this fire especially my oldest son be safe all of you guys and ladies we want you to all come home safe

  • Sounds like the person make it off the roof .We will have to see what the afternoon brings .Stay safe everyone .If you leave you will not be allowed back so if its a creeper you got a chance to fight it .

  • I came out this morning but am wondering if I can get back in? Any information would be appreciated. Can residents get through Hard Closures?

  • Praying for everyone!be safe all,firefighters you rock BE CAREFUL

  • Prayers to all of those on the line, may you return to your families safely & soon! To the two ‘gentlemen’ above, who are having words with one another… For Gods sake, delete your comments.

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