Tulley Fire: Day One (Plus Map)

Tulley Fire photo from Cal Fire

Tulley Fire [Photo from Cal Fire]

Tulley Fire consumed 440 acres in 24 hours and is only 5% contained. The two smaller fires are both contained but the larger fire (400 acres) is chewing its way through heavy timber and brush north of Weitchpec. Cal Fire says the fire was started by arson.

Cal Fire map of Tulley Fire August 23, 2016

Cal Fire map of Tulley Fire  drawn from information on August 22, 2016 at 10:30 pm. (Click to see full size.) This map while showing the fire boundaries from yesterday gives an idea of today’s situation.

The map drawn from yesterday’s information shows that firefighters plan to use Hwy 169 as the south eastern boundary. McKinnon Hill Road to the west is under evacuation order as is Gibbens Road, Peters Lane, and Jack Ranch Lane. Lower Cappell Road to the east is under an evacuation warning.

Cris Jones-Koczera who is the contact person for the Tulley Fire Red Cross evacuation center stated that the Red Cross currently has only two residents staying at the shelter along with their dog. According to Jones-Koczera, last night 20 homes were evacuated. But, she said, Red Cross usually finds that a lot of people sleep with friends or family or in their vehicles for the first 24 hours. She was not surprised that few people had taken the offer from the Red Cross shelter at this time. The community is tight knit and people in the community have helped out their neighbors, she explained.

Jones-Koczera stated that today will be the determining factor if services for the shelter will be used more. This depends, she said, if the fire gets bigger or more evacuations are implemented.

The Hoopa tribe, Jones-Koczera explained, has been helpful, providing volunteers and the evacuation building (Hoopa Recreation). She said that Red Cross could not ask for a better building as everything within reach. The building has showers, bathrooms, and a full kitchen. It is an ideal location, she said.

Jones-Koczera said the people she had dealt with were stressed as they are keenly aware of how a fire can turn badly as they have seen the reports of the fires down in Lower Lake area and in other parts of California.The Red Cross, she said, was hoping to give the evacuees and people of the area some peace and support them at this time.

She also mentioned that Klamath would be an alternate evacuation area in the north if needed.

Cal Fire Information:

Evacuation Center is the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility at 11900 Highway 96 in Hoopa. Red Cross contact is Cris Jones-Koczera at 1-866-272-2237. Hoopa OES contact is Serene Hayden at 530-739-2259.

Livestock can be evacuated to the Hoopa Rodeo Grounds. Dog kennels are available for canine evacuations. Contact Serene Hayden of Hoopa OES at 530-739-2259 to arrange.

UPDATE 8:42 a.m.: Tulley Fire: The Morning of Day 2


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  • Are the Yurok Community Center and Head Start facility threatened? They are both on McKinnon Hill Rd, about 1/4 mile up from 169. Both facilities are important to the community-projects we built.

    • McKinnon Hill where the childcare center and community center is located is under mandatory evacuation but is not yet threatened by the fire.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Is the arsonist(s) a local native? ISIS supporter? White trash Bulgarian? Mexican National?

      Terrorists set forrest fires.

      Arsonist is overly underweighted.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Thank you for the update.

    Rod Mendez may be a good contact to find out if the YCC and HS facility are in danger.

    Or call the Yurok tribal office.

    Can someone post the efforts to gather supplies for the families who are in need of help?

    Thank you.

    • R. Mendes works for the Hoopa Tribe, not the Yurok. He may know incidentally, but since CalFire is the lead Agency on this fire, I would call CalFire HQ in Fortuna for more up to date info on the threatened areas. Most fires also have a Public information line..

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