[UPDATE 9:31 p.m.: At Least One Structure Destroyed] Multiple Vegetation Fires Burning North of Weitchpec

wildland fire featureAt 4:02 p.m. an emergency dispatcher announced that multiple fires have been reported approximately one mile south of Martin’s Ferry to the north of Weitchpec. The fires are collectively being called the Tulley Fire.

The incident commander is requesting additional tankers besides the one already on its way. Acreage has not yet been announced.

UPDATE 4:41 p.m.:
The incident commander has requested five additional engines, three more crews and two dozers to deal with the situation.
UPDATE 4:50 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, this is a 100 acre fire.
UPDATE 4:51 p.m.: Supervisor being requested for evacuations.
UPDATE 5:02 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, the fire is rapidly spreading. One man is trapped on a roof.
UPDATE 5:30 p.m.: Fire is on both sides of Hwy 169. Here are photos from local resident Vicki McCulley.
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UPDATE 5:45 p.m.: Incident commander says, “Dangerous rate of spread…multiple structures threatened…Hwy 169 to be shut down..multiple power poles involved (on fire.)” According to credible reports this fire is now 200 acres.

UPDATE 5:50 p.m.: Tweet from Humboldt County Dispatch:

UPDATE 5:55 p.m.: Air attack just ordered two heavy tankers.

UPDATE 6:19 p.m.: Photo and video from Daisy Yaple who just helped evacuate her friend’s home. She writes, “Im in my driveway watching the house go that we unloaded.”

Tulley Fire
UPDATE 6:22 p.m.:

UPDATE 6:39 p.m.: The incident commander says the fire is now at 300 acres with multiple structures threatened.
UPDATE 6:57 p.m.: Map of one of the three fires.

UPDATE 7:05 p.m.: We’re getting unofficial word that the Libby Nex Community Center in Weitchpec is open for those who have been evacuated.
UPDATE 8:25 p.m.: Twitter Feed for Tulley Fire:

UPDATE 8:34 p.m.: Cal Fire’s incident page states that there are evacuations for “Lower Capell Rd and Capell Rd off of Hwy 169.”

UPDATE 8:42 p.m.: More video from Daisy Yaple. She wrote, “So far the fire hasn’t jumped [Capell Creek] yet, the bombers hit it pretty hard. Unfortunately the kids and I have watched some houses go and explosions from across the way…”

UPDATE 8:55 p.m.:  A tweet from Ruth Sturtevant an intern with the California Office of Emergency Services tells those evacuated to go to the Hoopa Neighborhood Facility.


UPDATE 9 p.m.: Cal Fire tweeted that one structure has been destroyed and the fire is 0% contained.

UPDATE 9:04 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates there is another spot fire near Lower Cappell.

UPDATE 9:13 p.m.: Cal Fire issued this information on the incident:

Hwy 169 at Cappell Creek in Pecwan (approximately 7 miles NW of Weitchpec)

300 acres burning in timber and logging slash

0% contained

1 structure destroyed, multiple structures threatened

Evacuations in progress

UPDATE 9:31 p.m.: Cal Fire tweeted,

UPDATE 7 a.m.: Tulley Fire North of Weitchpec: Evacuations, Road Closures, and Power Outages



  • 169 is arson alley every year.

    • Really? Why?

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Some say it’s an old Yurok and Hupa or other tribal feud going back centuries. Some say it’s just another sociopathic firebug who won’t quit until jailed. Some say it is a ploy to get work fighting fires, but I am skeptical since “work” might involve cleaning up a burned community and corpses. Not very smart. Local Fox News @ 10 (Ms Breit) tonight said that witnesses saw fires being deliberately set. Gosh, I hope they talk to the police, but I’m a dreamer.

  • seems they’re ordering evacuations…

  • “…170 acres, rapidly spreading…”

  • Great updates from the start .Anybody know how the afternoon winds are out that way today ?

  • 200 acres as per calfire.

  • Cal Fire Strike Team of Engines on way from Trinity SHU

  • Up at the Tulley Creek Fire House, lookin down river. Looks like the wind died down but it was noticeable earlier when the fire started. There’s multiple fires. First set is maybe a quarter mile down river from Martin’s Ferry Bridge. First noticed it right before 4:00pm. Jumped the road around 4:15pm. Second fire further down river. Maybe 3 miles. It appears to be the larger of the two. There’s more smoke coming out of it and it’s darker. Responders arrived pretty quickly after we heard the call go out. Several helicopters and planes have been fighting it for over an hour now.

  • Prayers sent Downriver.BE SAFE

  • ugh, so stressful! Daisy, thanks for helping your friend…I hope the fire doesn’t come your way or that you get out safely. The change from the picture to the video kind of seems like the smoke was coming her way. Hope everyone stays safe and this gets knocked down fast. Sending love to all involved.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    May all the folks down river be kept safe from the flames and evacuated safely. May the tribe be able to help with a shelter for those who have not place to go to. May all the fire folks and volunteers and support folks be kept safe and have wisdom and protection as they fight the fires. Hard to think someone may of started the fires! Come on folks, you are messing with the lives of the people, their homes, their animals. So very sad to read of the fires.

  • Hoping they get this out quickly!take care all.bless our firefighters

  • fuuuuuuuuckkkk

  • What about the poor guy on the roof Kym?

  • CAMP has been raiding that area last few weeks. Some people still believe the myth that a fire TFR (airspace closure) shuts down the CAMP helicopters. Not true, only for a day or so, then they have permission to raid again. In fact, with all the extra people and aircraft a Fire brings, more weed is found and turned in…

  • CAMP hasn’t been around in a few wks.

  • Prayers being sent. Thank God for fire fighters! If the NF is available we in Hoopa should gather food water and supplies. Every thing from Diapers to blankets!

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