Use Licensed Contractors for Groundwater Wells

Press release from the County of Humboldt:

Humboldt CountyOfficials with the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Environmental Health (DEH) are reminding consumers to use licensed contractors to get groundwater well work completed.

DEH has seen a significant increase in the demand for groundwater wells in rural areas of the county. It is important to remember that the Humboldt County Code of Regulations requires any person who performs construction, reconstruction or destruction work on wells to possess a valid California Water Well Drilling C-57 license.

A C-57 well drilling contractor may install and repair wells and pumps by boring, excavating, casing, cementing, and cleaning to provide a supply of uncontaminated water. Such licenses are issued by the Contractors State License Board upon demonstration of sufficient knowledge and experience. The licensing process, combined with the DEH’s permitting and oversight, is critical to ensuring proper well construction and protection from potential sources of contamination.

If you’re interested in installing a well on your property, or need work done on an existing well or water system, you can verify the status of a license before hiring a contractor by contacting the Contractors State License Board online at or by phone at 800-321-CSLB (2752).

If you have concerns about unpermitted and/or unlicensed well construction activity in Humboldt County, please contact the CSLB or the DEH Land Use Program at 707-445-6215 or by email at more information on well construction standards, local permitting programs, or other information on groundwater wells, visit the Division of Environmental Health Land Use Program’s website at



  • Be careful when using well contractors, Watson Well Service is one I used one time only, He changed his business name at least 3 times, he is located in Ferndale, and when I used him he did not have a license and was working under a contractor out of Phoenix, Az. I called the contractor in Arizona and he was not aware of this person, also he charged the customer for a part that was never used. I was watching him work and in this one incident it took him 1 & 1/2 hours to determine the ground wire was missing from the pump. When I revealed these problems to him, he started to boldly scream and justify himself . I am not trying to harm this person , I just want the consumer to be aware of his conduct and attitude, I was involved in his work as I am a licensed Real Estate broker, and I am responsible for the buyers welfare and have a fiduciary responsibility for the “deal” to go down honestly and fairly.

    • Before I heard so many bad things about Watson well I was going to hire them to install a well pump. they gave me an outrageous price quote. I had greenwired install the same system for literally half the price.

      • I also had a ridiculously high price quote from Watson for a job once. It was truly laughable. Those guys are a joke.

  • He did a great job for me on my well. I think I got hosed on the final bill because he saw my greenhouse but that’s life in the Triangle.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Yep, attorneys pull that shit too with small business owners, builders, etc….anyone with liquidity.

      Greed is social treason when related abuses upon another creates the transfer of the liquid asset to the abuser. It is a quid pro quo laundering scheme – ransom demands using known information of liquidity assets (weed, land, business, assets, etc.) because bums, homeless pos’s are not liqitable humans as they have jack shit for nothing……homeless actually make the best plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits, win or lose, nothing can be taken from someone with nothing already.

    • How Watson well service is even still in business is beyond me, I’ve never had a well drilled by them (thank god) but there pump prices and labor are outrageous!!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Oh, well…
    I guess all’s well that ends well?
    Well, enough of that.
    Fare the well!

  • MariJuana legalization is going to be the greatest expiriment in the history of Humboldt County. Humboldt has the largest collection of carpet baggers, greenrushers and outlaws in the history of California. However, not neccesarily bad people, everybody loves an outlaw. The industry is like a fully loaded super-tanker under full steam. Not many things are likely to stop it or turn it.

    We are about to place the major portion of Humboldt’s economy under the steam roller of government regulation. The popping sound that you hear is pigs sprouting wings. The time to steer Marijuana cultivation passed in the 70’s. We left the door open and the industry is now feeding at our trough.

    Like the old Chinese curse, we are heading into interesting times. Just as the peace loving Mateel Mateel community, that the poet Deerhawk envisioned, was divided by the profit from Reggae on the River, we will also be divided once again as we argue over which portion of the Golden Goose that we get to eat as our fair share.

    Ah, yes…. interesting times.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      It will be an experiment, Ernie, but one we must and will get through. This is America, dude. We can do it. Colorado and other States stole our thunder. Yes, you are correct, we had a chance in the ’70’s under Jimmy Carter, but a few people made bad mistakes and we were left with the ensuing nightmare. Keith Stroup, founder of NORML, has admitted that the worst political mistake he ever made was not returning a phone call from the Carter administration. Ted Kennedy spurned Richard Nixon’s call for national health care and look at the mess we have had since then trying to get MediCare for everybody. Kennedy bitterly regretted his mistake.

      Cannabis is a far less dangerous drug than alcohol which was legal, then illegal, then legal again. Cannabis was a prescriptive drug until 1937 and quasi-legal in most States, except maybe Oregon where black people were barely legal. Check out the history of the Ashland Shakespeare Festival. But I digress.

      We have to run out the violent, thieving vermin that have infested the cannabis industry just as with alcohol. The good guys and gals must win over evil, Ernie. Nationally and locally, we must defeat evil.

      Yes, interesting times indeed, Ern’, testing, always testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We can do it.

  • About 30 years ago the property I was on had a new well dug. I was told by the drillers that the wells were numbered and registered with the county. If the new well disrupted a neighbors water supply I would have to close my off. They were numbered and dated to assure which well came first.
    Is this true?

  • If you want the job done right,hire the right not just saying that because we are,just that you can trust it will be right.many times we have had to fix something a Un licensed person messed they are insured.if you have to do it again,it wasn’t done right in the first place!!!!

  • Rizzo pot slave owner

    Bring us your money, children, and women. We can distribute it based on what’s fair for your master.

  • ANYONE KNOW OF A GOOD WATER RIGHTS ATTORNEY?? Heard of a fella named Tom Hicks, I think. Any feedback??? Thanks!

  • We don’t mess with water wells,we’re general contractor’s.that well business is tricky,we have wells on our property we had a nightmare.but get a 2ND BID,or talk to others before you sign.i hope you all have a wonderful sunday!

  • I wonder if there’s any financial help for people to hire these expensive contractors. Some people are just cruising along, living life on a shared and deeded neighborhood water system, when neighborhood’s water needs skyrocket. Suddenly, an unforeseen need to dig a well, and no unforeseen $$$$ (wait, probably make that 5 figures $$,$$$) to do so. And the requirement to hire the professionals, not your old friend who owes you one and can figure out a way to make it happen for a couple grand.
    Not saying i’m against the idea of a well being solid, legitimate, and registered… just saying, how are some people going to do it? Or will we have to give up our land because people rushed in next to us and needed lots of water?

    • If the new tax passes and you share land with someone registering a sizable garden you can expect an increase of your property tax of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per year.

      • “Farm Land” only 2nd to grazing land in cheapest taxe rate. Just get your zoning correct and dont make a single family house and you wont see your tax rate rise.

        • And do not sign up for commercial medical growing. Do the math. I predict a resounding defeat once people know that their property tax bills will become many multiples of their current bills.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            How will a property tax bill go up multiple times just by registering? Please explain with an appropriate reference OR be entered in the Troll-of-the-Day Registry. It’s your call.

            • It is the one to two dollar per square foot rule. For every thousand feet of declared cannabis there will be one thousand dollars added to the property tax bill.
              Do you interpret the tax bill otherwise? It still must pass voter muster in Nov.
              I have a property full of other peoples homesites and the county sends me an undivided interest bill.

    • And I was wondering which expensive contractors to trust being as the one in Blocksburg didn’t go so well. They are all relatively new companies with no repuatations.

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