Thousands of Birds Vacation Here as They Head South

Blanket of Peeps

A lone Willet towers over a blanket of peeps [All photos by Ann Constantino]

Birders flock (pardon the pun) from all over to see the feathered inhabitants that live around here and to see those that pass through our area. These images show why. The sheer number of sandpipers in these shots is mindboggling. Local photographer Ann Constantino captured this massive flock headed south for the winter as they vacationed on the shores of Klopp Lake near the Arcata Marsh.

If you love our wildlife (particularly birds), follow Ann’s Facebook page here for more lovely photos.

[Photo by Ann Constantino]

The peeps pack the shore of Arcata’s Klopp Lake on Friday, August 19.

Peeps [Photo by Ann Constantino]

Swarms of peeps bolt into flight when the Peregrine Falcon makes a pass at them. [Photo by Ann Constantino]

Closeup of Peep

Closeup of a peep 



  • They are not “on vacation”…that is so lame

  • Good to see wildlife doing their thing!

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Damn vetranarian friend, your grumpier than iam, loosen up, life is good. great photos anne thank you

  • I’ve never heard them called “peeps” before. I’ve always heard them called stints, or more often, sandpipers. But, I’m getting used to being wrong.

    Thank-you Ann and kym. Also, I must say that I’ve not seen this many in one place, ever. I guess that alone is worth learning a new name.

  • I am on vacation, but all the best hotels and B & Bs were full so I decided a short stay at Klopp Lake would suit me fine for such a short stay.

  • At least they still want to.come here.such cool photos peeps

  • Ya thay no tweezers don’t eat

  • Great photos. Wildlife species often have a number of common names, some of them with only very localized usage. It would have been better for the writer to provide the most common common name (sandpiper, I believe) for the birds identified as “peeps”, which I’ve never heard. Field guides such as Audubon’s usually list the most common common names.

  • “Peeps” is the common North American term used for the smallest sandpipers found here: Least, Western and Semipalmated. Stints are all Old World sandpipers that by NA definition are also peeps: Red-necked Stint, Little Stint, Long-toed Stint and Temminck’s Stint.

    Great to see Ann’s shots get some press here!

  • Best story of the year (so far) Kym. Outstanding! The lone Willet in the top photo might be thinking….”did I make a wrong turn somewhere?” lol

  • There is the Africaan Sandpiper also Rhode Island stint, but most common is Spanish peeps

  • We are all God’s creatures. For me, I’m glad they come for us to see them.

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