Major Injury Traffic Collision in Klamath During Early Morning Hours

chp major injury featureAt 12:25 a.m., a Ford Ranger struck a parked trailer in a yard in Klamath. A man was pinned in the vehicle. The man was extricated and taken to the hospital. The CHP is now listing the man as having major injuries.



  • Oh dear,I hope their going to be ok.sure have alot of wreck ‘ s lately.dang it slow down,you’ll still get there!!!!

  • “struck a parked trailer in a yard in Klamath”, enough said.

  • Saw there trailer all smashed up this morning.. glad they didn’t get anyone at the house.
    This house is of the road a good bit.. and driving fast there would be hard.. you’d thought by now that we get that you don’t drink and drive.. but when the cops let you go.. Even you kill your own kids…

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