Child’s Quad Stolen in McKinleyville Last Night


A child’s quad was stolen out of the back of a truck last night in McKinleyville. The truck was backed up next to the house, underneath the house lights, and the owner thought it was close enough to be left alone. However, a thief stole the quad and rummaged through the truck as well.

The quad is a 2006 Honda TRX 90. It was purchased for the little guy’s 5th birthday last year. He will be six in a couple weeks.

The owner said it was hard telling his son. “It is not easy explaining bad things like this but he is handling it better than I thought. The CHP has taken a report… .”

If you see it, please contact the California Highway Patrol at (707) 822-5981.




  • Adopt a dog. They will bark if an intruder is near. Really sorry people are the victims of these thieves. Such total scum.

  • How stupid to leave a quad out!!! What the hell do ya thinks gona happen? Dude’s friggen truck wasn’t even locked! Gawwwd…does this guy live under a rock? Tweeks are all over. Lock everthing up people!!! LOCK IT UP!!! Everything!

  • Pop’s got more dollars than sense!

  • Got it for his fifth birthday? The day before that he was 4, that is too young for a quad. Even at six, pushing it. That’s just my opinion. It totally sucks that someone stole it.

    • This was my thought as well – sucks that scumbags are stealing stuff, including this, but I really have to wonder about a 5 year old having a quad. My son is almost 9 and no way would I let him ride a quad, much less own one.

  • Who are you to judge another parent for buying a quad for their five-year-old? My son was 5 when I bought him his first quad… He’s 14 now and still alive and healthy and has NEVER had a problem on his quad…. Y’all need to quit judging someone else’s parenting and realize the problem here…. SOME SCUB BAG STOLE SOMETHING FROM SOMEONES HOME…. grow up people…. Not everyone is going to raise THEIR child the way you see fit, and you know what? That is their decision, not yours? Your raising your kids the way you see fit… Let everyone else raise theirs without your judgemental BS!

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