Kiwanis Donation Jar Snatched in McKinleyville Today

kmart mckinleyvilleAt approximately 12 p.m., a 19 to 20 year old Hispanic or Indian male with a goatee and wearing grey pants stole a donation jar from the Kiwanis, according to Deputy S. Stallworth of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Stallworth said that the Kiwanis had a fundraising table in front of KMart in McKinleyville today. The suspect picked up the donation jar and asked what it was. Then he said, “Thank you” and took off with it through the empty lot. He may have gone into the Mill Creek Cinema but law enforcement could not locate him.



  • OH Gezzz..Mack Town has had more than its share of trouble this week…

  • What is going on with all the the thieving. The Standoff and other crimes? McKinleyville I assure you was never like this approximately 15 years ago. If it was you didn’t hear about it. I grew up here most of my life and it Used To Be So Peaceful. I want my old town back like it was back in the day. Crimes Have Got To Stop.

  • I’m sorry,but it takes a.real piece of work to do that.GEEZE

  • Also I am sure whoever this 19 or 20 year old was knew that was a donation Jar. What a piece of sh.. to do something like this to innocent people.

  • Throw the book at him Leo’s. Don’t just cite and release. That’s the only way you guys are gonna try and get a grip on people like this hopefully.

  • Both shopping centers in Mckinleyville need better security. Lots of opportunists working them.

  • What’s the matter with you whiners??? Repeal prop. 47 and law will be restored! Mandatory re-hab, definit time behind bars, jail expansion, but all you armchair critics want to do is criticize law enforcement! Tax payers VOTED to reduce felonies to misdemeaners!!! We did this!!! Wake the fuck up!

  • Prop 47. they have that law in England for the last 15 years. If you shoot somebody breaking into your home, you are charged with a crime, not the thief.
    Over there they feel property is not worth hurting someone over it.
    The Brits mindset is your too materialistic if you want to keep your property.
    The liberals & communist in power in Britain have the notion that goods and services are luxuries you can do without.
    We are becoming the same way. Political correctness and liberalism are taking over our country.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    I’m thinking the donation jar offered a better return than gas stations, watch for this trending.

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