119 Firearms, Pounds, Plants, Meth, Cash and Pipe Bombs Found When Search Warrant Served in Trinity County

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Friday, August 12, 2016 the Trinity County Narcotics Task Force along with Officers from the California Highway Patrol and the U.S. Forest Service served a search warrant on the Claborn property in Hayfork. As Officers entered the property they came upon a two story garage. They noticed a subject later identified as Johnnie Acosta running from the garage area. Acosta was apprehended and detained by Officers. Shortly after that Josiah Claborn and Jennifer Cornell exited the garage and were detained by Officers.

As Officers searched the property they located a marijuana cultivation site on the property with approximately 205 plants. Near the cultivation site Officers also found a tent with a sleeping bag, firearms and ammunition inside the tent. A subject identified as Richard Smith Jr. who was occupying the tent was then located on the property near the residence.

Officers located the following on the property:
Marijuana plants – 205 (approximate)
Processed marijuana – 136 pounds (approximate)
$37,900.00 in U.S. Currency
Methamphetamine – 16 grams (approximate)
2 Pipe Bombs (Detonated by Shasta County Bomb Squad)
Firearms: 119 total
57 rifles (3 prohibited rifles)
23 handguns
36 shotguns
23 high capacity rounds
10,000 + rounds of ammunition (approximate)
3 stolen firearms

All four subjects were arrested and transported to the Trinity County Jail. All four subjects are still currently in- custody on $500,000.00 bail.

Persons Arrested:



Josiah Claborn, DOB: 09-05-1985, Hayfork, CA
11358 HS – Plant/Cultivate/Etc Marijuana/Hashish
182 PC – Conspiracy to Commit Crime
11359 HS – Possess Marijuana/Hashish For Sale
453(B) PC – Possess/Manufacture/Dispose of Firebomb
32310 PC – Large Capacity Magazine
30605(a) PC – Unlawfully Possess Assault Weapon
11378 HS – Possess Controlled Substance For Sale
11377(a) HS – Possess Controlled Substance
29800(a)(1) PC – Convicted Felon in Possession of Firearms/Ammunition
496(a) PC – Knowingly Receive Stolen Property x 3
Bail $500,000.00, still in-custody



Jennifer Cornell, DOB: 01-23-1978, Hayfork, CA
11358 HS – Plant/Cultivate/Etc Marijuana/Hashish
182 PC – Conspiracy to Commit Crime
11359 HS – Possess Marijuana/Hashish For Sale
11377(a) HS – Possess Controlled Substance
11378 HS – Possess Controlled Substance For Sale
Bail $500,000.00, still in-custody



Johnnie Acosta, DOB: 03-08-1984, Blue Lake, CA
11358 HS – Plant/Cultivate/Etc Marijuana/Hashish
182 PC – Conspiracy to Commit Crime
11359 HS – Possess Marijuana/Hashish For Sale
Bail $500,000.00, still in-custody



Richard Smith, Jr., DOB: 11-27-1973, Hayfork, CA
182 PC – Conspiracy to Commit Crime
11358 HS – Plant/Cultivate/Etc Marijuana/Hashish
11359 HS – Possess Marijuana/Hashish For Sale
Bail $500,000.00, still in-custody

Agency’s involved: California Highway Patrol Trinity County Sheriff’s Office
U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement




  • Wow

  • This is the kind of trash the opposition will use to try and make a point.

      • J. Worthingham Fatback

        so he says ‘make a point’ and you agree. Can either of you [edit] explain the point? Oh, maybe that people like this are NOT mom ‘n pop growers, that they’re in it for the money only, and they are the type of scum that our current tolerance for drugs/guns/and money allows to exist, and subsequently draws people to our area that are Darwin list candidates[edit]? You like them for YOUR neighbors? Have at it, [edit]!

        • I do t want any of them around me these people are the one who make responsible gun owners look like monsters, you should take a deep breath and relax, fact is that people like this is what liberals use to stereotype gun owners is the point I believe he was making and that’s why I agreed

          • J. Worthingham Fatback

            you were fair-middlin until you have to (in a typical right-wing-chicken-hawk way) refer to liberals. When are you people who generally use every dollar you can grab, like social security, medicare, food stamps, tax breaks, offshore shelters, etc going to realize that, much like the phrase ‘conservative republican’ means NOTHING for the last 10 years, the phrase ‘liberal’ only means that you live longer and your kids might get through high school, and maybe even college?

            • Give me a break, as if Democrat politicians are any less corrupt then Republicans. OR that hard core libs are any less radical then hard core conservatives. Actually statistically speaking liberals commit more crimes than conservatives. It’s the RINO’s and the LINO’s that are making both party look bad. If people want to be a socialist or fascist they should just call themselves that and stop pretending to be a Democrat.
              And by the way, our Democratic president whom I voted for in 2008. Has spent twice as much money as our last Republican president, who before this Democratic president I thought was the worst president in United States history.

              • Do you enjoy making stuff up so you have a boogyman to blame all your problems on? Do you actually read books? Or only Fox?

        • 205 plants. That’s not very many these days. Sounds like a small operation. Are they locals? What’s the definition of “mom & pop” these days?

        • Mom n pop growers aren’t in it for money? Hmmmmm bullshit.

        • Mr or Mrs fatback sure got their panties all bunched up. The opposition to cannabis or guns. This is the dark side to both. So if you wanted to prove a point about how either one of these subjects is bad, then here is some proof. I could give a rats ass about anyone being a liberal or conservative or whatever you want to label people as.

        • JWF: “….the type of scum…” I think it is our INtolerance that creates these scenes. It seems to me that if we recognize addiction as a sickness to be treated, and decriminalize drug addiction, we can undermine the market. af

        • Mom and pop are in it for the money too…

    • Speaks for itself doesn’t it hot wheels .Good job law enforcement thank you.

  • Let see some pictures of the guns! Worthless scumbags if your knowingly in possession of stolen firearms you should get years minimum,

  • WTF!!

  • Yes Claborn,…..they really are coming for your guns.

  • Claborn and Acosta don’t look like they are on crank, the other two… Not so much

  • Disgusting!

  • Think I have seen atleast two of them on here before booked for something? (Or loscoast but I don’t read there crap anymore)

  • Statistically, I’d figure that if you had 119 firearms, you might have 3 stolen ones without even knowing it. Given the large number of legal, non-stolen firearms they had, they’re probably not in the stolen firearms business.

    From those four mugshots, I’ll make a guess as to which one had the meth…

    Otherwise, doesn’t seem much different than any other mid-sized grow.

  • Reasonablequestions

    So, you think all mid-sized grows have 120 handguns, rifles and shotguns? Some illegal? Some stolen? And a couple of pipe bombs thrown in for good measure? Really?

  • bail’s not high enough

  • Weed related? Check out the stepping-stone on the inventory list. Item #1 is marijuana followed by meth ,bombs and guns.

  • Better drug screen your night watchman a little better next time.

  • Ya,no happy campers here.all those guns.how in the world could 4 people possibly need that Frickin many guns.so glad their not on the streets!!!!

  • “23 high capacity rounds” – is this a typo kym? are you sure you don’t mean ‘high capacity magazines’? but man that’s a lot of guns. jesus.

    Oh and just have to add, dude at the bottom looks like a character out of a rob zombie flick HAHAHA!!

    • This is a press release: We print it whole from the Sheriff’s Department. They are usually way more gun savvy than I am so I’m inclined to follow their sayso.

      • I understand kym. I really do believe it’s meant to say ‘high capacity magazines’ though. and if not, then I really am curious about what exactly a ‘high capacity round’ is then. Because I’ve never heard of it.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Free Hayfork…

    Constitunal Sheriff my ass….


    Hayfork deserves a no fly zone, hope the Bulgies get the S-400 and knock this shit off.

    Cops aren’t even allowed in the ‘fork, wtf?

  • Mom ‘n’ Pop a cap in yo ass? Uptight Citizen’s Brigade? Firepower, pipe bombs, and meth, oh my!

  • Well at least mendo is doing work

  • Looks like Claborn’s keeping his sense of humor – good man! But this is so like the lyrics of a song my friend Rob Towie wrote! Haven’t seen him in years, but he was a world class songsmith, and one of his songs had a refrain, something about “100 guns and 16 tons of ammunition”that fit this situation nicely.
    Also, I was in the Dublin FDC with a couple guys many years ago that were basically in for the same thing: A few plants, but massive numbers of guns. They were nice kids, just totally bonkers about guns. They went federal ’cause they were growing on USFS land.
    Can’t say I exactly approve, but whatever floats yer boat ;^p
    BTW, pipe bombs are not the way to go Clay, learn more about high energy materials before you hurt yourself, if not someone else!

  • I love the list I was singing along but they forgot and a partridge in a pear tree

  • #cannabis

  • How would you like to live in that neighborhood? Oh wait, lots of us do.

  • aaaahhhhha jjjeeeezzzeeese

    • Yea, really. That’s a bad bunch. Mr. Smith looks moderately psycho and poor Cornell hasn’t slept in a week.

      Pipe bombs; very uncool. Wonder where all those guns came from? More of those 119 will be found to have been stolen. Bechya.

  • Just 205? Neighbors musta hated them.

  • RE: Reasonable Questions

    What a great photo and am wondering if it was a local shot in Humboldt ? Professional and a breath of fresh air in these trying times in the county. The behind the scenes crime are being exposed and thank you law enforcement for taking these individuals off the street or should I say out of the hills ? Lol

  • “Trinity County Narcotics Task Force along with Officers from the California Highway Patrol and the U.S. Forest Service served a search warrant on the Claborn property in Hayfork”.

    Another private property busted by forest service.
    Warranted or not, excuse the pun, this is disturbing. We’ve yet to see an update from the last time this occured.
    When are the locals going to be properly informed that the taxpayers are paying for this twice? Once through federal income tax, & again through their local & state measures? When the feds become cops & the cops become feds, we have the right to be informed.
    I think it was the Framer’s of the constitution who declared that standing armies are unconstitutional.

    Smith looks a bit like buffalo bill on silence of the lambs. Acosta looks like he is as high as Trump Tower.

  • This is I am sure disturbing for quite a few local people. My concerns in this matter are much narrower than most of you, as I live in Washington. Jennie is my first cousin. I remember being allowed to hold her as an infant. I remember when they put braces on her legs so her feet would grow right and I remember running and playing with her at family picnics. Her dad took me to my first Mariner’s game. I don’t know which of the charges she may be guilty of. I freely admit to full ignorance on this. I know that when she moved away from WA she was hoping for a better future. I know she was going through a struggle with alcohol, as she had shared that with us. I’m not impractical enough to dive into a daydream that says she made none of the choices that took her to the day of this arrest. However I don’t know how she moved from that change to this arrest and I have some research ahead of me, as a result. No matter what, I need to see if I can contribute to improving her state. I think it very good news for you all, that these guns are no longer in the hands of those who clearly chose not to obey the laws of your state, regardless of how this may change my cousin’s future. She’s family and I at least, owe her the presumption of innocence as much as anyone else reading this news. It’s not shocking that you all have decided that these people are guilty of the charges reported here. It is a little bit shocking that it appears so easy for you to call other humans trash, as if this is the only moment of import in their lives, past or future. I suppose, you may be discussing this in terms like “Trash”, because you are also shocked. It seems a good idea to look for new ways to identify and do anything you personally can to end drug and illegal gun trafficking in your own community, pulling this apart to find solutions to what many agree is an American epidemic. I’ll be watching for your discussions and arguments for any solutions or innovations in dealing with this problem, before it comes to this crazy level of drug and pot stockpiling, hopefully there is no actual market in your area for these drugs and those guns. Good luck to you. And yes my cousin does look like she hasn’t slept in a week . She also looks very scared. I’d be worried about my daughter, if I was in her shoes. I’d be worried about a great many things. I have no idea if these men still have family who cares about them, but I hope so. I don’t know how a person with no family would be able to deal with something like this, let alone make any improvements after the dust is settled.

  • I am also a friend of Jennie’s from Washington State. My heart broke to see the photo of a girl I know to be bright and effervescent. I don’t know what she’s gotten herself into in Hayfork, but I know she’s a beautiful person and this is heartbreaking. It’s easy to cast stones at strangers, but each of these misbegotten souls is someones child, someones sibling, and in Jennie’s case, someones parent. I know nothing of the circumstances surrounding her arrest, but I believe she deserves the right to a fair trial. It hurts to see people calling her trash. Addiction is an evil mistress.

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