[UPDATE 3:32 p.m. Gunshot Wound] Woman’s Death in Redway a Homicide, Says Humboldt County Sheriff Department

Crime Scene Tape

Stock photo by Oliver Cory

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey released information this morning regarding the death of a Redway woman. It is considered a homicide and detectives are working the case. This is the seventh homicide being investigated by the Department this year.

The woman whose name is still being withheld pending positive identification was discovered deceased in her residence on the 100 block of Redway Drive in Redway yesterday. She had been dead multiple days.

More information is expected from the Sheriff’s Department later today. With the standoff in McKinleyville yesterday and last night, personnel have been stretched thin.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking for the public’s assistance. Please ask for Detective Jen Turner at the Sheriff’s main number–(707) 445 7251

UPDATE 3:32 p.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at about 9:40 a.m. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs responded to the 100 block of Redway Drive in Redway for a report of a deceased subject. It was initially reported to law enforcement as a possible suicide. A Deputy and Coroner arrived on scene and observed a deceased female with what appeared to be a gunshot wound lying on down. The Coroner determined the death was not a suicide. Detectives arrived on scene and are investigating this incident as a homicide.

The female decedent was approximately 52 years old. The Sheriff’s Office will release her name once next of kin has been notified.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case is encouraged to call Detective Jen Turner at (707) 268-3642 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: Detectives at Residence in Redway After Woman Found Deceased



  • Seven murders so far that we know of as the crisis continues overburdening our criminal justice system.

    • And people get more and more desperate as it becomes more and more difficult to get by.
      Unfortunately most of these situations are done by folks the person knows. Blame the system, the planets (which are lined up), heavy metals, the economy, whatever; the energy lately is nuts. People are immediately turning to violence to solve issues.
      Was she being stalked by that ahole that was stalking a lot of ladies in so hum?

      What a loss. Many blessings on your passage sista. Your healing hands helped many, RIP

      • I have noticed that guy has not been hanging out around the Redway bus stop for several days. He has been there for several months in a row.

      • That guy is in jail, so I was told. His name is Bill Tibbins and he had several restraining orders against him. He would ride around the northern part of Redway on his bike and camped behind D’Amatos. The restraining orders were in the south side. I was told that he was arrested for breaking a restraining order and is awaiting a preliminary hearing and that one local woman was subpoenered to testify at the hearing.

      • It is becoming more and more difficult to get by. I blame this in large part to our country’s immigration policy. No offense to people who legally immigrate but we cant have a floodgate wide open on the border when cannot afford to employ, house, and provide affordable healthcare for our own.

        • Concerned neighbor

          The immigration policy has nothing to do with it. It’s greed. Rich, white men making billions off the backs of the poor and the immigrants, then blaming them for all the problems. Good lord get a clue!!! You have no idea how offensive your comment is, especially considering this situation, and this person. She would be the first person to tell you [edit]! RIP Stephanie!

          • You’re totally correct I mean historically Mass immigration whether illegal or not never drive down wages and job opportunities in a country…

            With that being said I think the main problem with the economy of this country is the fact that nobody wants to work anymore, I mean why work when in 13 States including California you can make more on welfare than working a full-time job. Almost a third of the country is now unemployed and not seeking work and almost a quarter of the people that do work are employed by the state or federal government which is a net loss to the economy.

          • Concerned neighbor , You dont know shit from Shinola. Rich greedy white men. like other races are not greedy. We are getting rich off the back of immigrants. your crazy. They are living off of our welfare state, as you probably are also. You think the truth is offensive, thats your problem. I call bullshit on your own existence.

          • @Concerned: YOUR comment is offensive, and ignorant. News flash: Rich white men employ more poor people in America than anyone else. Regardless, these issues usually have more to do with drugs than illegal immigration.

        • Right on Rags the system is working Against The honest non black market working folks.

        • Drive 2 hours south and your practically in mexico!

  • Wow, seven murders! I remember years would go by without a murder.

  • WOW !! 7?! That is horrible!

  • It seems that our law enforcement is overwhelmed here in humboldt, although if they were more proactive (identify problem areas/ repeat offenders, more patrols, predictive modeling,etc.) they would be much more effective. Another thing is GET RID OF PROP. 47!

    • It would be great to rally to undo the assembly bill that moved state prisoners to serve their time in county jails all across the state.
      Our jail was never meant as a place to serve your sentence, it’s a holding zone until arraignment/court case and from there those found guilty would be transferred to serve their sentence elsewhere.

      They pushed this AB thru right after passage of 47. So prop 47 gets blamed for our jail having to catch and release when it’s not actually the source of the bigger problem. It’s an easy scapegoat.
      I highly recommend looking up the assembly bill and there are probably articles online/archived with sheriff Downey discussing this.

      • So true AB109 and prop 47 need to go the politicians that passed this farce live in their gated communities and don’t have to live with the realities that they themselves have created.

  • It's Y'alls Fault

    I’m so glad I got my boy and me outa sohum for good. I used to think there were more good people than bad there. Now I think the bad people have driven off most of the good people. So sad that such a beautiful place is infested with so much hate.

  • Resources stretched thin?
    No just ill utilized mowing down Marijuana plantations.

    • One could argue that if it wasn’t for all of those marijuana gardens, this kind of violence wouldn’t exist in our community…

    • No, it was because there was a crime in McK that lasted all night. There were shots fired and a possible hostage situation. Not to say that too many resources are spent on pot raids, but not in this particular case.

  • I remember a time when murder ‘ s didn’t happen here.very rarely.and when it did it was SHOCKING.i dream of those days.R.I P

      • Wow really? I sure dont.
        Granted memory doesn’t always get it rite, but it seems like we have a few homicides every year and more are reported now that would not have been ten years ago.
        It’s pretty normal in every area to have a few murders, unfortunately, it’s just how it goes. And how often did we all hear the news before the internet? Unless you read the paper or listened to kmud news every day you could have missed it back then.

        At least we don’t have the serial killer running around anymore, that was actually way more unnerving.
        How many murders have you read about in humboldt where the person didn’t know their attacker? Not many. In the 90’s I did see a guy drive his truck onto the plaza in arcata and stab an African American guy. So that was prob random.
        I think it would help everyone’s peace of mind for the cops to emphasize if crimes random or not. A few of the homicides in the last year came out of some dudes getting in a fight with each other and someone loses their marbles and shoots.
        Unfortunately it’s happening all over the country, look at how many people in the last 3-6 months nationwide have chosen to murder their family & then take themselves out by their own hand or suicide by cop.
        How does one get to that point, it’s so sad.

        • Spousal / offspring murder is not someone “getting to that point.” Sociopathic narcissistic behaviors don’t just happen. That thirst for praise, power and control are there all the while in the (100% chance charming. & “likeable”) narcissists mind. But he’s soooo nice! She must be a critical negative nag. Lol. .sound familiar?? Here’s the TRUTH: Likely the wife FINALLY tired of the chaotic selfish behavior, the lies/cheating, manipulation, emotional financial abuse and likely outright verbal and physical intimidation and assaults by her shiny on the outside rotten at the core spouse and she was ending the supply. Fighting back. Cutting contact. Filing for divorce. Pulling the plug on his charade of a life.. That final act of violence (on wife/kids and even the family dog??!? Wtf) on the part of her formerly adoring spouse is just one more hue in the sick narcopathic abuser’s pallet. All about control. It was there all the while..just under the surface. #redflags #breakthesilence

        • Oh, that couple that drove around killing people? Gnarly,,,,what was the name of the book about them?
          “Cry For War”

        • I was born and raised here,1956!!their were not that many murders here.

          • I’m with you G- ma I was born in GARBERVILLE in 1960 lived here my whole life and this murder crap just did not happen, I hate to say it but drugs and what comes with it have killed our community and our country.

        • I wondered why as well. I dug around and found a a lot of the ones that kill their family have just lost a job or are in financial trouble. The others were mostly just wacked- either from the get go or “bath salts”. Bath salts are a cheap designer drug for those that haven’t heard of it.

        • 10% of the population in Humboldt is reported to live with Hepatitis C. Our overdose rate is three times the state average the murder rate per population one of the worst in the nation your fabrication of the truth won’t change the reality on the ground.

    • In those days people just went missing.

    • You have a faulty memory

  • Is that 7 murders in the whole county? I don’ think we’ve had 7 murders in So Hum?

  • ” Dead multiple days? ”
    Oh dear God . In this heat? Please people lets check in on each other in case someone dies –or IS MURDERED– before so much time passes the poor corpse is mutilated by God damn yellow jackets and lord knows what else!

    Such an unfair stripping of her dignity. ..

    RIP sister you were waaaaay better than this cruel end. Tears all night…..

    P.s. i hope our detectives go over that crime scene etc thoroughly and with a sharp eye to detail. Make no assumptions! No sloppy police work please!! I hope they find the piece(s) of evidence that will nail the sick perp(s) that did this.

  • Kym why no update on the convoy up 36 .why doesn’t the sheriff say anything about the raI’d s or were they just driving around draging a wood chipper around wasting tax payers mony .or did they chicken out no bulgrains no Mexican cartel s .just mom And pops and locals .o know I keep saying it.,but no real bad guys yet .

  • Lost coast out post doesn’t have time eather .

  • She was murdered during the weekend and rumor has it that during that time someone went to visit her and a man with a tattooed face answered and said she was not there….IF he was the perp, there are not too many who meet that description. Chances are she knew him and or invited him in. Keep a look out, call the sheriff and lets find this bastard before he does it again.

    Peace be with you sister

    • Concerned neighbor

      Rumor has it, huh? How about some facts?

    • I am just sick to my stomach to think she passed in a violent way,Our dear friend and warrior activist for good healthy and peaceful living,heartbreaking…… Ill miss you dear one…Prayers for her daughter.

    • Local Garberville store owner

      A person said in these comments that their was a rumor that some one visited her and a guy with tattoos all over his face answered and said she was not their…….this was just a rumor,, This many be nothing but I saw a strang guy around a lot all week…around town..(as anyone who know how horrid Garberville is these days their are many strange people around but you kind of see them and get their vibe how scary they are). But this one creeped me out a lot…..he had his face tattooed really oddly ones….lot red he was small and he was very erratic…it was at the farmers market last Friday… I know a lot folks around here that started moving in the area that have tattoo faces and the ones I know are really nice…So I don’t judge people buy having face tatoo …………this guy was creepy…I work in town so I see people all the time he was new…I have never seen him around pretty small angry vibe he had ……lot of red on his face tattoo he was carrying a drum….. Now I know it’s just a rumor but it also could be a lead…….who ever murdered our poor friend needs to be found fast before more murders happen…rumors can be leads. That person who went to her house and saw this person needs to talk to the cops….like now

  • Interesting they wouldn’t release the name after deeming it a homocide . That piece of info is kind of important to the public interest . The longer they wait to release details the foggier memories of possible witnesses get .

    • With respect to this wonderful woman. Hugh Duggins was found dead back in January. Only today is it called homicide. Witnesses, suspects after 8 months?

  • This is absolutely heartbreaking. Bless her sweet fiery soul. Please update Kym if you receive any more info. So many of us are feeling her loss.

  • So sorry and angry. And now with Hugh 8 murders. WTF SoHum?

  • Seems confusing… Is this 7 total murders, or 7 unsolved murders in Humboldt?

    • No one ever investigated the woman who was killed in a fire in Pierce earlier this year… some say there was foul play and a creeper in the neighborhood… just interesting. If the money the county spends on chopping pot plants Down period on investigating these deaths CSI style we might ha s some more closure for some folks

  • Weirdos or rumors

    I remember 10 years ago I saw a guy with tattoo’s all over on his face someone told me from a business work place in town he was from Spy rock area and he was part of some cult but I did not know what to say about that huhh ? I thought then I saw him around a couple more times around Redway Garberville I thought he was kinda burning man tripy looking type of person but then again who knows could be someone totally different with face tats pretty common in Humboldt nowadays they didn’t look like prison tattoos more like tripy cult tattoos or just tripy looking.

  • You all need to shush. It was a deal gone bad and we all lost more than just trust and a good friend and warrior spirit, we also lost peace. I will judge this crime, woe unto the one that lies and cannot hide!

    • Concerned neighbor

      How the hell do you know?!? If so, I sincerely hope you’ve talked to the cops already…if not, perhaps have a little respect for the friends, family, and neighbors who are still in the dark?

    • Local Garberville store owner

      No she not in that world….she was a healer…your so wrong

    • (In response to the one calling themselves “da wolf”)You are the one who needs to shush… Stop with your assumptions without providing any evidence or reasoning behind claiming such things. Unless you have useful information be silent during this intense period of grief for a divine and angelic creature whom any of us were lucky enough to call friend!

  • No one heard a gun shot in a small town any were else someone would have heard the shot and called 911 right away.

    • Concerned neighbor

      OK armchair detective. How do you know someone didn’t hear a shot, but couldn’t tell what it was? How do you know it would have been loud enough for anyone to hear? How do you know what caliber it was or wasn’t, and how loud that would have been? How do you know anything??? There are loud bangs, people yelling and screaming at each other, and crazy shit constantly in this neighborhood, and when you call the cops, NOBODY COMES!!! Maybe, just maybe, you should keep the detecting, to the detectives, and shut the hell up!!!

    • There are what appear to be random gun shots off and on all the time in downtown Redway and the cops get called. If she was shot during the day it would be hard to hear. If she was shot very late at night it might not have been heard. If she was shot right around the time the brass rail bar lets out no one would be able to tell above all the other noise.

  • Kym! KMUD News had the name of the deceased woman on the news tonight. Will you likewise release it? She is a friend of mine and many, many people in So Hum. I want to write and pay tribute to her, ‘cept don’t want to be the first one to use her name. Since KMUD used her name, I am assuming that her next of kin (her daughter, I think) has been notified. (And once you release her name, can you post a photo of her?).
    It’s SO SAD!!!

  • KMUD is one thing, but a lot of people were very disrespectful and posted her name in comments on facebook, the moment the posts were made by news sources of a deceased woman being found in Redway. I agree with another commenter on LoCo, that people just want to feel important, so they comment with names as soon as stories hit. No one has any class anymore. I would be mortified if a loved one was murdered and all these “fake friends” decided to post the name publicly without any regard—if you’re willing to go to that extent, your not a grieving, respectful, loved one, you’re just trying to make people aware that you knew the person and are trying to get some attention. Damn.

    • Many people here are part of Stephanie’s extended family. Her daughter and mother are not hard to locate. But with a killer running around I think the community needs to know what happened and who it happened to. We can’t catch who did this if no one even knows the details and even pool our knowledge together. Time is of the essense. Otherwise, it could happen to someone else. So you can feel self-important criticizing those who offer their information and prayers. But for us, she IS our family and this happened in our town and we need to be notified immediately.

      • i agree Stephanie was true giver and healer . This is a loss for this community.!!!!
        Any information we have may help and as a community we should come together. We love you Stephanie

      • I get the community needs to know what happened–a murder in redway, female, this is what we know, it’s an ongoing investigation–that’s need to know. But I feel that if a press release or news story comes out that says if you know the person, please don’t comment with names until next of kin is notified, it should be respected. I get a lot of people know the family and are grieving, but in my personal opinion, if you’re grieving, you aren’t jumping on every social media/news sites to say you know the person, here’s their name, etc. Just because her family isn’t hard to find, doesn’t mean that they know before other people who are commenting names. It’s always best to err on the side of caution in sensitive situations.

  • I seem to remember seeing a post on fb about someone hearing a gun shot in Redway last week. I wish I could remember who posted it and exactly when, I do know it was evening (after 6) when I saw it. Prayers for justice for this sweet lady

    • Not the first gunshot heard in Redway unfortunately. Sometimes people set off cherry bombs and such as well.

  • Were they disrespectful comments? Or just friends mourning? I didnt know there is such rules for every lil detail in such a senareo! Many people are shaken up by her death and maybe they thought her friends needed to know so they posted on facebook. Nowa days that is pretty normal. Did you see the live time responses in the blog for the lake cty fires? Much of that info shared was before any official reports.
    I barely knew her but from what i did, she would not want any of her friends old & new to be name calling at each other. She’d want them to come together & bring justice not petty arguements with no substance. We lost another one of Mother Earth’s Great & Amazing Warriors! It’s a darker place without you but maybe, just maybe we can relight that fire with our actions & not petty hateful words!

  • You wang to hear something strange , listen to the interview on KMUD site of the guy that discovered the body. The chain of events following that had me scratching my head. Aren’t you supposed to immediatly call 911 if you find a dead person? Especially if it’s your friend?

    • Concerned neighbor

      I heard that, too. Either the guy is shady, or a complete frickin’ idiot!

      • That was one of the most bizarre and macabre description by those two of discovering and checking out the body. Took their damn sweet time calling the cops. They sounded like no big deal, like finding a dead cat. Pretty weird.

    • Who pokes a body and hangs around. I have never discovered a body myself but in the movies people generally run out screaming.

    • I didn’t know her but from what I know from news & unfortunately gossip among the town… She was found face down. In murder cases that usually means someone close/acquaintance of victim. Covering/hiding their face means they cant look at the victim. I think assuming a tattoo face, homeless, welfare bum everyone is focusing on is wrong much less racist. Small town murders usually are committed by someone in the area. Passerbys are serial. I think the guy who found her probably isn’t much of a friend. He finds her (no 911 call) then turns around to go back home(no 911). He thinks about it all night (no 911), goes back and gets someone else to go with him to make the discovery. Too many chances to call 911. Sounds fishy to me. Why didn’t he call for help?

      • Look up the definition of racism please. This has nothing to do with his race. His face just happens to be entirely tattooed red. He is not being targeted cause of his looks, beliefs or race. He just so happens to be one of the last people to interact with her. He had been around for several months while she tried to help him out. So he did know her in a short period of time. It’s not rocket science or racism either, just common sense. Hopefully forensics will help. As for blasting the guy online, most around here feel the need to watch each others back. 7 unsolved murders around here, can you blame them. I’d want to know so i could avoid him and report him to the detective on the case.

  • RIP Sister warrior. I wish I knew you better… I know our lives brushed together at times. Fly free now beautiful!

    I hope law enforcement can bring justice to this situation. I have very little faith. A close friend of mine was murdered near Miranda just over a year ago by his own roommate who stayed at the house 5 days and watched as the flies and bees decimated his humanly remains. And there was never any investigation.

    My love and support goes out to my friends that found Stephanie. Hold each other close dear ones. Life is too short. Make sure to visit your friends people. ♡

  • The guy that was a former Kmud engineer (was banned from Kmud) ” found” her body. People need to listen to this “interview” of this guy and also kmuds station manager Janette. It was soooo bizarre. The guy sounded like he had plenty of time to rehearse his ” narrative” cause he supposedly found her body the night before but didn’t call 911. Hung out with her deceased body for a while , then supposedly went over to Kmud and stayed there the rest of the night night. Then went and GOT A CUP OF COFFEE IN THE MORNING! Still didn’t call 911, Then went back to Kmud and waited for the manager to show up and tell her? Rediculous.

    • Jordan Jumpshot was banned from KMUD for allowing street people to sleep there and hang out in the studio at night; not for being violent. According to those who know him: “he doesn’t have a violent bone in his body.” That said, his mental state is not great on most days but not in a way that would kill someone. More, his mind would be rattled in just the way that he told his story on KMUD news. That was a classic Jordan, scattered, nervous accounting. So while that statement certainly would make some suspicious; be apprised that he being a bit challenged, is not the kind of guy who likes to talk to cops. That said, he is not hiding and talking openly. That doesn’t make him innocent. But it certainly doesn’t make him guilty.

      On the other hand, Stephanie opening spoke of doing business with dangerous people. She also had pretty bad taste in men, from time to time. Best guess: a romance, a deal and robbery–all ultra small time–gone terribly bad. She was seen hanging out with a very, very large, unhappy man that she was enamored of. That is more the tree to be barking up.

  • KMUD News should be very ashamed of themselves for how they reported this terrible tragedy. The station managers lack of judgement is inexcusable. KMUD should loose their license over the way they reported this and the station manager fired!!! I think the first person of interest should be the person who found her. Who waits 24 hours before reporting the crime??? His tale is very, very suspect. Was he cleaning up the crime scene and how much did he contaminate the crime scene???? They were all about shock value. To me, it was the most unethical and unprofessional news cast I have ever heard.

  • The police do know and are actively investigating. Be careful everyone.

  • That report was one of KMUD’s lowest moments, infuriatingly unprofessional and luridly TMI and cruel … I know the MUD heard about it loud and clear from community members.
    Stephanie and her family deserved some dignity. She was a good soul, I didn’t know her well, loved her articulate advocacy of issue, and I always respect a good healer who doesn’t try and get top dollar. Bless you Stephanie and fly in peace.

  • A monster did this. There was no more beautiful person than she, a goddess. It’s indefensible, stop saying it was her fault!

  • As far as the KMUD report went, it wasn’t pretty but it sounded very real true honest. TOO real true honest for some, they did not tiptoe around the facts as they saw them.

  • So “true” they didn’t take the time to get her name right.

  • We moved to Miranda from the bay area back in 1966 and lived there until 1971. I came back in ’73 and lived in So Hum and Blue Lake until 1983.

    It was a beautiful place, the rivers weren’t poisoned, you could trip around in the woods and not worry who or what you’d come across.

    When I go back to So Hum now, it just breaks my heart how it’s overrun with crazy and criminal weirdos.
    The human debris in front of Ray’s and squatting on the sidewalks all over town are just as gnarly as the homeless mentally ill in the worst parts of San Francisco.
    The places we swam and hung out are now bum camps.

    When we were teens, we’d hitchhike 40 miles just on a rumor that someone might have a roach. Now the area is swimming in tons of drugs and the scum it attracts.

    Careful what you wish for, I guess.

  • Anybody else find it disturbing that with both Hugh Duggins and Stephanie Gawboy the sheriffs initially came out and made statements that there was no evidence of criminality in their deaths only to reverse that position? Why do they do this? Why don’t they just keep saying they don’t no until they do? Why make an incorrect statement, which only discourages those close to the victims from continuing to help solve the crimes since that makes them think 1) there is no murder to solve, so 2) No one else is at risk from murderers on the loose?


    • HCSO didn’t say that Stephanie’s death was a suicide. I tried to get information on it the first day and, like you suggested, they didn’t give any information until they determined it to be a homicide.

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