Wanted Fugitive Being Sought in Southern Humboldt

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

 AsburyOn 08/18/2016 at 10:09 a.m., a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant contacted illegal campers at a site in the wooded area near 987 Redwood Drive, Garberville.

The Sergeant contacted two subjects who were found to be trespassing on private property. One of the subjects was identified as Marcus Allen Asbury (age 26). The Sergeant knew that Asbury is a wanted fugitive who has a felony warrant for his arrest. When attempting to place Asbury under arrest, he resisted, and a Taser deployment was ineffective. Asbury fled down a steep canyon and the Sergeant discontinued his pursuit. Asbury made his way to Highway 101 and was last seen running towards the Sprowel Creek overpass. Officers from the California Highway Patrol responded for assistance and canvassed the area. Officers were unable to locate Asbury and he remains outstanding.

Asbury is described as a white male adult, 5’7”, 150 lbs., short brown hair, and blue eyes. Asbury was last seen wearing black shorts and a white tee-shirt. Asbury currently has a local no-bail felony warrant that includes four counts of violation of PC 261.5(c); unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Asbury also has an extraditable warrant from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office for resisting arrest and providing false identification to a peace officer.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Garberville Station at 707-923-2761.



  • Go Get him Leo’s and be safe.

  • I’m sure LEO’s already know this but check the Lone Pine Motel. Seems that’s where all the scum hang out.

    • Lone pine is a PROBLEM.
      WHAT CAN WE DO ? Any ideas ?
      Eat at the cafe and you will see the action.

      • Every hotel in town has become a problem, even the Best Western. How are these hotels not charged with maintaining a residence for illegal activity.?

  • Pedophile on the loose! Not good! Please arrest him before he hurts more children!

  • Hmmmmm. Wonder why they don’t pull this on some other wanted folks that are spotted ALL THE TIME ?!?!?

  • Redway Resident north side

    We confronted this guy at 11:30 at night a week and a half ago when he was trying to enter our house. The police responded but they did not find him.

    • ^^^ Seriously? You most definitely are mistaking him for someone else!! Obvestly you don’t know this man cause he absolutely never tried going into anyone’s home nd I personally know that for a fact! So please get your facts straight before you try to put a man on blast when he’s done absolutely nothing wrong nd he’s definitely NOT a pedophile at all! Not a single one of you people know this man at all or anything about his case so please get your facts straight nd not run your fat mouths about someone you don’t know at all!!

      • You’re so full of crap! Marcus has been ripping off everyone he can for drug money! He is my not so great nephew so I know what he is.

      • Amaylia Broussard

        Yes I understand you may have known who he WAS. But I know for a fact he has traveled down the wrong road. He has been on heroine for over a year and a half. Drugs change people. I have known him for years as well and he didn’t recognize sabastion. (Who he has grown up with.) He even denied who he was until my cousin ( his girlfriend at the time) who is also on heroine called him by his name. So like I said yes you might know who he WAS, but he is not himself and hasn’t been for a long time. I also know for a fact he has been hanging out with the biggest rip offs in southetn himboldt ( also my family ). I have seen good, hardworking, trust worthy people turn into the cruelest, rudest ,theives I have ever met. Most of them are my family. All because of drugs. I don’t talk to people I used to be so close with because they chose drugs and stealing over family. It’s a sad harsh world in southern Humboldt these days.

      • you should change your name to scumbag friend, Sky heart my ass, some hippie is rolling over In there grave

      • Umm…Sky….I know for a fact that he is a pedophile.

      • Bull shit he isn’t a chomo it was my little brother and close friend that he raped!!!!

        • Sleepy Alligator

          So he isn’t just a pedophile, he’s a gay pedophile? And your little brother was a victim of this creep? If I were you I wouldn’t be wasting time commenting on here, I’d be finding that fucker before the cops do!

      • Sorry not sorry, that guy is a junkie bum! He lives in the bum camp behind the school that the town patrol just found a huge pile of kneedles and bloody blankets in. His gf is a junkie too! There is pics of their trashed camp on fb. Maybe he used to be a good person… But heroin is a he’ll of a drug!

      • Obvestly you can’t spell obviously….but a dang good try it was….

  • Get that scumbag

    I saw him this afternoon around 3:30 in an older red toyota riding passenger. They pulled up into the sherwood Forest motel.

  • Ernie beat me to it. With those pending charges this guy would probably be safer booked into jail and housed in PC!!

    • If you wanted someone arrested, running down the freeway, wtf would you count on the CHP??? Bozos with badges.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yeah, they’re still working on leads for the two dead 14-year-old girls in Fortuna. Can’t figure it out. That’s going to be a real stinker, again. Maybe someone will actually lose their job this time?!

        • How in the (expletive) can they still be working on leads for that case? they found the vehicle at the moms house under a tarp!! If that’s not enough evidence to convict someone, then what in the hell is?

          • Under a tarp was just a rumor.

            • Lost Croat Out burst
              They have to know for a FACT who was driving. Do you know for a FACT that Marci was driving? Do you know anybody that saw her, as a FACT, behind the wheel at the accident? If you do come forward and report it.

              I would like the see the perp, whoever it might be, be arrested and rot in jail. If you can’t help, quit spewing vitriol from behind a phony name. You are not Thomas Jefferson.

              • Lost Croat Outburst

                Definitely not Thomas Jefferson. I never said who was driving. Never. But when you have conflicting letters and comments from police and lawyers about setting up interviews that never happen with people who are allegedly available, you know something is screwy. I have always said that if you want to kill someone, use a car. What is the deal with the Fortuna Police Officer? What about that? Maybe you missed the whole alleged scenario

                Since you are such a kind, decent, and thoughtful person (seriously), I will reconsider my opinion. All drivers live in fear that one day some unsupervised child will dart out of hiding and collide with our vehicle. Driver might be 100% innocent, but you still have to stop. Police cannot determine who was driving if no interviews take place.

                You seem to have an emotional or personal connection to the family. So, can we assume “Marci” is correct, not “Marcia” as in the Times-Standard? I wonder if the jam-up here has something to do with Miranda rights and admissible evidence and a botched investigation?

                I hope justice is served, eventually, and I hope nothing I have said impedes it. Sorry I hurt your feelings or offended public decorum.

            • Hidden behind a fence with a grow dozer blocking the view the whole incident is a disgrace to humanity.

  • Sky Hart, you should encourage your friend, Mr. Asbury, to turn himself in and get the whole matter straightened out.

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