Full-Sized Bus Broke Down North of Rio Dell Blocking Lane

A reader tells us that as of 10:50 p.m., northbound 101 has a large greyhound type bus broke down in the slow lane right before the bridge on the north end of Rio Dell. Please be careful in the area.



  • There has been a Greyhound broke down in Eureka for almost 2 weeks at the old bus station on 4th. I only come into town every week or so, and considering that it may have been there longer.

    • I heard a story that he driver and some passengers were robbed during a stop. The driver had everything stolen including trip money, ID, cards, etc. So there’s no way for her to drive the bus back to wherever. She reported it to the police but they weren’t too helpful, can’t really do anything about the stolen items. Driver is staying at the hotel across the street or next to where it’s parked. Someone came and tore the mirror off on the meantime. Who knows if the story is legit, maybe partially. Maybe it simply broke down. Just a rumor at this point.

    • I saw it there a couple times, thinking it odd, and if correct, I got the rest of the story.

    • A broken mirror.cant be fixed on site.he was robbed week before.his personal bag grabbed by bag grabber ,never found.interfering with interstate commerce.serious 20 years in prison.means ten?

  • I saw it on a tow truck on Tuesday, the 16th.

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