Big Rig Hits Stalled Vehicle on Hwy 101 Just North of Garberville

scannerA big rig hauling a 45 foot trailer struck a stalled Dodge Durango just north of Garberville. According the California Highway Patrol Incident page, the vehicle was reported stalled about 8:54 p.m. but wasn’t struck until 9:20 p.m. No one was injured but the semi is reportedly leaking anti-freeze.



  • I’m soooo glad everyone is okay. ..soooo many accidents this year

  • Wow somebody is lucky today!!

  • Good thing the tuck was empty , if this would have happend full of a few tons of comercial pot everyone would be calling this a weed related crime….

  • With all the CHP on the road around here, how the heck was that car allowed to stay in the middle of the freeway for over half an hour.What the hell do the cops do around here?

  • A couple years back a safeway semi hit an abandoned car just south of Eureka and flipped. The car was partially in the traffic lane, and had been there all day. Could be there was no tow trucks available, or the owner said they’d be right back to move it.

    If your vehicle dies, GET IT OFF THE ROAD. Even if that means having to push it, drive onto terrain you won’t be able to drive back out from, coast down a hill backwards, or find someone with a tow strap. If you have a manual transmission, and the problem is only engine-related, use your starter motor to get out of traffic.

    In an ideal world, people would be paying enough attention that they don’t hit stopped vehicles. Sadly, thanks to cell phones, weed, alcohol, the insistence that people be allowed to drive no matter how senile they are, priuses and other vehicles with touchscreens or digital dashboards, and plain bad drivers, this is not the case. Don’t ever leave your vehicle in a traffic lane.

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