Alderpoint Man Died From ‘Asphyxia by Neck Compression’

Hugh Duggins

Photo of Hugh Duggins from his obituary.

The death of a Southern Humboldt man whose body was found near Alderpoint Road has been ruled a homicide–Humboldt’s first homicide of 2016. Hugh Duggins who was well-loved in his community  was found dead January 12.

At first, the remote area and winter season raised questions about why Duggins would be found without a vehicle out of comfortable walking distance from his home. However, the autopsy seemed to reveal nothing indicating a criminal reason for his death. But, Humboldt County Deputy Coroner Trevor Enright said, some signs sent the pathologist searching for more clues. Enright can’t reveal what the signs were but he was able to say that Duggins appears to have died from “asphyxia by neck compression.”

Enright wouldn’t speculate but throttling with the hands or using some kind of ligature (cord/rope) can cause this kind of death.

If anyone has any information about this death, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

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  • That sort of sounds like homicide

  • So sorry to family and friends.bless you all

  • So sad! Does make the count 8?

  • So very sad. Hugh was a man with friends not enemies. My best wishes to his family. And, while there may be no connection- sorry but curses to the weed greed that has uglified what once was a beautiful SoHum.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Trevor is really a great investigator and is not shy from pointing out facts that become important to the issue at hand.

    May Hugh rest in peace and his killer caught.

  • Trever Kenda homicide hunter

  • Well, in a weird kinda fucked up way that sounds better than my greater fear, that he had lain in that ditch for hours or days slowly dying. A good death? No. But hopefully quick.

  • Duggins was a nice guy. I can’t imagine that he would have an enemy.

    I’m sure that the investigators are doing the best that they can, but crucial evidence spoils and disappears fast. Why did they wait until now to do an investigation and press release?

  • Hugh was, in a way, an innocent, he picked up every hitchhiker. He was like a hero to many, skilled in many ways, always willing to help. So it sucks. Big time.

  • Well its about time!!!!!! its been forever.The gal who was living with him was never interviewed Or questioned. she was selling his things the next day. Law enforcement completely failed our community on this one .Its funny how hum county never wants to investigate crimes in the hills “Downtown Alderpoint.” .Almost like hill folk don’t matter.
    Seems like everyone knew something was fishy reports were made yet no investigation.
    The meth addicts have won again.

    rest in peace Hugh

    • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

      Go Trevor, lets bring this into the light. We are so glad to know that someone cares.Hugh deserves some justice, he was a good fellow. Who was the girl hitchhiking from the area where Hugh was found,the next day ,clutching her precious weeds?

    • How do you know that she was never interviewed?

    • Do you know this women’s name or have any info on her? She has been talking to a friend of mine and I am worried she is up to no good. I just want to for sure confirm this is the women. And have they ever found put what happened to this man ? Sounds like it may be this women’s mo?

  • This is so sad, it breaks my heart! I loved this man from the moment that I met him in 1984. He was a wonderful soul. I hope they figure out what happened to him.

  • Trevor, Good work, you are doing a bang up job, better than the police investigator.
    There should be a Citizens Reward Medal issued to all outstanding persons who have contributed to the welfare and care of the general population.

  • I have never met the man ,but it is one thing I’ve read in this blog is a good man . sounds like he had only one enemy was the man that murdered choked him to death .I would have to say is a transient his Live in had her boy friend choke him ,and rip him off .like a previous blog er said she pealed out oh there . This is just my opinion. ,so with that being said turn yourself in if you’re reading this blog about what you did .do us all a favor throw yourself at the mercy of the court ., but you probably don’t know how to read or write .
    I hope for the best but like marci kitchen ,it will be a long time I fear or if ever they find a good man’s killer .

  • Man, it’s becoming more and more apparent no one is safe in this county.

    • No one is safe anywhere, it’s your responsibility to protect yourself and loved ones always be aware of your surroundings and people you interact with and you will be one step ahead, Hugh will be sorely missed by all he touched he was a great person and cared for all I know he is in a better place and I hope the scum who did this pay dearly.

  • Sad. The late local bluesman Buddy Brown’s brother.

  • Duggumz wuz uh gud guy.

  • No one is completely safe anywhere, Texas Phoenix, but statistically, way less than 1% meet these terrible fates.

  • Anybody else find it disturbing that with both Hugh Duggins and Stephanie Gawboy the sheriffs initially came out and made statements that there was no evidence of criminality in their deaths only to reverse that position? Why do they do this? Why don’t they just keep saying they don’t no until they do? Why make an incorrect statement, which only discourages those close to the victims from continuing to help solve the crimes since that makes them think 1) there is no murder to solve, so 2) No one else is at risk from murderers on the loose?

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