[UPDATE 9:40 a.m.] Truck With Large Missile-like Thing Parked in Garberville


So, hey, this truck parked in Garberville across from the Best Western Humboldt House Inn is carrying this missile like thing.

Texas Travel Project with missile

Texas Travel Project truck carrying a missile like object parked in Garberville yesterday. [Photos from a reader]

We’ve got a call into the Texas Travel Project asking what’s up. But meantime…

Truck…missile thingy…Garberville…seemed worth wondering about.

UPDATE 8:40 a.m.: Local resident Will Johnson checked out the two (!) objects. He reports they are “2 large auxiliary under wing aircraft fuel tanks.” He said they even say they are fuel tanks on them. Not missiles but aircraft fuel tanks.

Now we wonder where they are going.

UPDATE 9:40 a.m.: According to Mark Frimmel who is the owner of the Texas Travel Project, “They’re for the United States Air Force. They’re wing-mount fuel tanks–unused…The Air Force is transporting from one place to another.”



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