[UPDATE 9 p.m.: Mendo Sheriff Deputies Responding to Assist] Shelter in Place, Shots Fired, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Warns Residents of Part of McKinleyville

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office just tweeted,

UPDATE 10 a.m.: A Margaret Gundersen posted on the McKinleyville Community Watch, “Sutter Rd from Central Ave to Park Rd will be closed to traffic due to a active shooter/barricaded subject at Redwood Creek Apt. Residents in the area will receive reverse 911 to shelter in place. Will advise further as develops.”

UPDATE 10:10 a.m.: According to a reader who sent in this photo, “They have sherrif , chp, state parks, fish n game, several unmarked leo, life support, etc.”

McKInleyville active shooter august 17, 2016

Law enforcement on scene [Photo by a reader]

UPDATE 10:12 a.m.: The intersection of Central Avenue and Sutter Road in McKinleyville is closed.
intersection of Sutter and Central blocked by Law enforcement McKinleyville

UPDATE 10:25 a.m.: According to a local, those leaving Sutter can do so by Azalea to North Bank Road.

Mckinleyville active shooter

Photo by Bobby Kroeker

McKinleyville shooter

UPDATE 10:46 p.m.: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office states, “Sutter Rd from Central Ave to Park Rd will be closed to traffic due to a active shooter/barricaded subject at Redwood Creek Apt.”

UPDATE 11:08 a.m.: According to Selena Zorrilla-Mendoza spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, deputies from her department responded this morning to a report of shots fired at the Redwood Creek Apartment in McKinleyville. “While we were out there, the suspect shot towards the deputies,” she said. “The deputies returned fire and the suspect fled into an apartment.”

As of 11 a.m., the suspect is still barricaded in the building. “We are in the process of evacuating residents,” said Zorrilla-Mendoza, “However, we want them to shelter in place until contacted by the Sheriff’s Office. We are evacuating the apartment complex.”

The California Highway Patrol, the Eureka Police Department, the Arcata Police Department, and State Parks are currently assisting, she said. SWAT has been deployed and mental health representatives as well as hostage negotiators are on scene. “We’ve requested assistance from Mendocino county Sheriff’s Office.”

UPDATE 11:15 a.m.: Law enforcement vehicle with bulletproof vest in its window.

UPDATE 11:16 a.m.: A reader tells us at 10:42 a.m., “Just saw at least 6 sheriff vehicles and a tan armored SWAT? Vehicle fly through Laytonville sirens and lights on. 2 at a time about 5 mins apart. Hearing more sirens now.” We believe this is the requested response from Mendocino.

UPDATE 11:45 a.m.: The CHP helicopter has been requested. The bomb squad trailer just arrived.

UPDATE 12:52 p.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office tweeted, “McKinleyville Family Resource Center, 1450 Hiller Rd is available for those who have been evacuated from their residence.”

UPDATE 12:55 p.m.: A helicopter is circling the scene.


UPDATE 1 p.m.: Information released by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

At approximately 0900 hours this morning the Sheriff’s Office received a call of shots fired at the Redwood Creek Apartments on Sutter Rd in McKinleyville. Deputies arrived on scene and set a perimeter around the apartments. The suspect emerged from his apartment and shot at the deputies. The deputies returned fire and the suspect retreated into his apartment. The suspect has barricaded himself in his apartment. Deputies were not injured during this engagement.

Crisis negotiators and Mental Health are on scene along with CHP, EPD, APD, State Parks, and the HCSO SWAT team has been deployed.

Residents in the area please shelter in place. The Sheriff’s Office is in the process of evacuating residents, but do not evacuate without being contacted by law enforcement.

bearcatUPDATE 1:43 p.m.: According to a press conference held on the scene, several residents of the apartment building where the alleged shooter has barricaded himself in, have been evacuated with the assistance of the Mendocino Bearcat armored vehicle. Other residents are still in the approximately 40 apartments and being told to stay in place.

Law enforcement hasn’t had contact with the alleged shooter, a 55-year-old male at this time nor have they attempted to contact him.

UPDATE 7:55 p.m.: Although initially negotiations with the alleged shooter appeared to be going well, Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey reports that the man has not responded recently to attempts to contact him.

UPDATE 9 p.m.: Law enforcement is using a bullhorn in an attempt to talk to the suspect.

UPDATE Thursday 1:46 a.m.: Shots fired. Click here for more.



  • It looked real dangerous with the Sheriff wielding that automatic-looking weapon!
    …….Then I notice the guy in the back in the Humboldt tyedye standing there looking on. Can’t be too many shots coming back that way!

    • Make no mistake a sheriff standing there with a loaded SBR is not an inert item.

      • Looks like a standard carbine not an sbr, when I opened the picture and looked closer. Still nothing California would want a civilian to own ha

    • Cop is standing in the middle of the road not letting people go toward the incident tie dye is on the public side

    • That guy wearing tyedye is on Central Ave. where they are stopping traffic.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Ya, overkill by gubbamint pigs to “make a scene look worse than it really is for tax funding purposes.”

      Lives being protected, really…..bullshit. Cops take over THC’s parking lot as a “staging area” unnecessarily because the whole street was shut down and is a staging area.

      Cops in THC’s parking lot were not wearing body armor and obviously were not scared of a sniper attempt, so why can’t cops allow customers inside the store when the supposed threat is way down the street?

      Who does THC send a big fucking bill to for over half a day of lost business because cops play these melodramatic, overkill games with society……if cops were not pulling up pot gardens, maybe they could actually accomplish some community oriented goals that are tangible. The melodrama is embarassing and inconvenient to reasonably minded folks……..and lots of people are saying this about Humboldt’s law enforcers and their attempts to “trump up the scene.”

      It appears yet again, a psycho piece of shit not taking his meds.

      So, anybody with a rational mindset……”how does a psycho pos on meds have access or own or have in its possession a firearm AND when the psycho was prescribed meds, WHO FOR THE LOVE OF SATAN CHECKS ON FIREARM STATUS?

      Once again, gubbamint, doctors, lawyers, cops, etc…..all aid and abet clusterfuck psycho, gun toating pieces of shit…….and to understand the psycho was already known by law enforcement is further incrimination of the retardation of law enforcement, its policies and procedures aligned with “The Police State.”

      Cops think they are bad ass, but really, obese in the belly, obese in the head, and if cops were a car part, they’d be the dipstick.

  • Thanks for keeping this updated. I live next door and have family on that block, but I’m at work at the moment. I appreciate the news coverage!

  • screw the negotiations. It’s time for a pre-emptive armed drone missle attack.

  • Wow park rangers too.!!! to bad they didn’t have all these cops looking for marci kitchen.

  • 1 person barricaded in an apartment and they need help from mendo? Gas him or send in the dog.

  • about the 11:16 update – Really? they asked request for mendos help? I mean mckinlyville is nowhere close to mendo…

    • Henchman Of Justice

      True, overkill by thuggish pigs.

      How else is Downey gonna lobby for yet another “equipment request funded by taxes.”

      Armored vehicle request.

      • They used the armored vehicle to extract the remaining residents. Without the armored vehicle this extraction may not have been possible. Do you still have a problem with this use? Doesn’t seem like you think things through before commenting.

    • See my comment above as to why mendo is responding

  • We have less than 150,000 residents in this county and the crime and whacky shit equals that of a populated area.

  • Eureka few mins ago

  • So glad my daughter and her fam.moved from their.its a harsh place to live.and we still have no arrest of ” killer mom marci”yet.HUMBOLDT is falling apart at the seams.could this be another mental health issue?we are in need of good doctors here,folks need help.sad

    • Clearly they lack adequate evidence right now. I think her time will come. Someone will come forward. Hard to wait though. ..

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Or, just competent people in a sea of Humboldtian misery.

      Humboldt sucks because its leadership sucks, it is that simple.

      Name any problem in the county and chances are it goes back decades.

      Humboldt is a broken “Time Machine”.

      It is so bad, Eureka elections are reaping the trash……few people give a shit any longer.

  • So many of you folks have no idea what you are talking about. “Send in a dog?” Are you aware those dogs cost in excess of 10,00 dollars by the time they are trained? Send in the dog to be shot on the spot! That is not how it works.

    Yes, other communities come in to help, all the time. No matter that it may take two or more hours to get there. That is called “outside support”. and it is what those who risk their lives for us everyday do!

    You folks should support your local sheriff, police, they are trying to save lives today, and one of those lives might be yours.
    I live in Redding and and am so thankful our community supports our guys and gals and dogs too. We love them all and show it!

    • You’re right…Why waste a Humboldt dog…Send in one from Mendocino

      • Keep the dogs for their jobs, send a MAN to do the job. All that metal and machine. They probably have 15,000 rounds among the law enforcement officers on hand, body armor superhero belts and 0 explaining to do and nobody can go in???? There are 19 year old warriors hunting men on the other side of the world and this is what our protection at home takes for one 55year old in a trailer.

    • Well then send in the robot, I know they have one wtf

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Unnecessary outside support used to pad the costs of law enforcement so gubbamint chumps can attempt to steal more money from the private sector by claiming false needs.

      Ya, hip hip hoorah.

  • There must be more to this story to have the bomb squad called in, and a helicopter, plus resources from Mendocino, they are hours away.

  • Help from Mendocino just flew by the honeydew exit.

  • Woah, take care everyone. Stay safe, please!

  • hcso should keep a supply of rabid skunks to throw thorough windows of barricaded suspects, doubt they would be barricaded long

  • Anything in the scanner archives?

  • Can’t help but wonder if the return fire from law enforcement may have rang true. No contact with suspect. Hopefully this situation comes to a close with no loss of civilian or LEO lives.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Local cops could not hit the broad side of barn, but at point blank range, they’ll be sure not to shoot a leg, but to kill!

  • Y’all always call mendo when your crack head population gets squirrely. Humboldt is the home to the worst people from around the country and mendo is happy to help quarentine the problem. Stay put hunbolt county.

  • “Law enforcement hasn’t had contact with the alleged shooter, a 55-year-old male at this time nor have they attempted to contact him. ” – well what the hell are they waiting for then? isn’t there negotiators on scene?

    • Waiting make sure all inocents are clear from area, grow up, there is no rush here, he is not going anywhere.

      • it takes a full day to get the area clear enough to nab this guy? what are they evacuating the whole city of mckinleyville? I think it’s safe to say if this situation happened in L.A. or any other big city this dude would have been arrested or in a body bag, around 8 hours ago.

  • They barely waited to charge into that poor woman’s apartment in eureka years ago and shoot her dead for holding a flare gun. Feeling bad I can’t recall her name, cherie I think.
    It’s pretty weird to pay to have mendo send their armored vehicle! Can’t they use the ones at natl guard armory in eureka?

    • Pay? Its already paid for.

    • So your upset that they “jumped the gun ” in Eureka a few years ago. Now your upset that they haven’t done the same thing with this guy. Now you want the government to enact the national gaurd for their armored vehicles. That way you can cry about militarized police maybe?

    • Mendo equipment gets more money into the “local” economy. af

    • Maybe just maybe they have learned since that woman’s incident and are doing everything they can to ensure this deranged man is not harmed or any officers. Geez. What the heck is the matter with people. Bitch if something terrible happens and bitch when something doesn’t happen. What do you want? Frankly I think there are just some people who like to be critical and nasty no matter what.

    • I think that was Epd, there the most trigger happy by far

  • Can’t believe what I heard from bystanders. One guy said they should use a grenade launcher. Some said they should check to see if anyone is in the house/apartment and if he is alone then fill the place with lead. Shoot first and ask questions later. I asked if anyone had seen the guy fire AT the police. A woman said with the police response he must have. He’s guilty! I felt like many in the crowd would like to see the guy shot dead. What the hell has happened to us? Has the life of a distraught citizen have no worth? Obviously they want to resolve the situation. But literally a hundred police officers armed like they were ready for taking on ISIS in Syria. Is this what we have been reduced to? Four officers could have taken care of this. And one with a bullhorn. This reminds me of the guy in Blue Lake with a plastic rake threatening four sheriff’s deputies and they shot him four times. All of the officers had Tasers and pepper spray. The first bullet likely killed him. It was determined the victim was mentally ill and off his meds. Overkill is not the answer. This reminds me of the first person accounts of Batista’s police. They, the police, became the executioners. If we don’t change the police response we might as well allow them to declare marshal’s law. Were not that far away from it now.

    • WhoAreThesePeople?

      I agree. These people are disgusting, aren’t they? They want so badly to see someone killed. Too many movies and video games. F**kin’ zombies, they are.
      Their turn is coming. Karma never loses.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      True, overkill by thuggish pigs.

  • I bet Epd wants the mrap back

  • Elizabeth Frankis

    They appear to be taking their time, calling in reinforcements and making sure no innocent bystanders are harmed. Sounds like excellent police work. I think Humboldt County cops have learned from their brethren’s mistakes. I appreciate our police forces and what they do daily. This sounds like a sad and scary situation that the cops are taking seriously and proceeding cautiously, good for them. I hope no one is harmed today and the situation ends peacefully with an arrest.

  • Domestic fighting!!!

  • Any updates?

    • Only that they are finally talking to the gunman. My Mom lives next door to him. I hope this gets resolved peacefully 🙏🏼

    • IKR, wtf is going on? are the police setting up a camp site? why haven’t they attempted to make contact yet, as said in latest update.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump


        HOJ has a crop and is counting chickens before they hatch.

        It’s not crazy if the died muffs are standing there.

        It just is what it is, and if you can sell at a profit….do.

  • WTH Cops shoot someone and kills them you hate the cops. Cops try to do the right thing you hate the cops. What the hell do you want them to do? Let them do their job.

    • Their job is Not to kill citizens. Their job is to Protect and serve. That means everyone. And why is it in McKinleyville if your house is broken into the Sheriff’s Office sends you paperwork to fill out? Through the mail, No officer shows up!! Yet when a person is seen with a rifle they send in the entire army. Sheriff. EPD, APS, HSU cops, and even the gun toting park rangers. But no one if your home is violated.

      • Seriously, you have to ask this question? Bit of a difference between a break in and someone with a firearm who is shooting at people don’t you think?

      • There job is not to protect and serve anymore it’s to enforce the laws, when was the last time you saw protect and serve on a car? It’s been awhile I noticed, now Most say professionals in law enforcement or some crap, check it out I didn’t notice until it was pointed out the me

  • I don’t understand why a cannister of tear gas isn’t lobbed through one of this shooter’s windows? Wouldn’t that put an end to this situation so the poor neighbor’s could get back to the business of living their lives & law enforcement could get back to enforcing the law all over Humboldt Co & not be camping out for hours & hours on end in McKinleyville?

  • like i posted in a comment above, I think it’s safe to say if this situation happened in L.A. or any other big city this dude would have been arrested or in a body bag, around 8 hours ago. I really do hope it gets resolved peacefully, but I mean is there a time limit for how long they can try to negotiate for? I mean I could make small talk for a couple days if i had too.

  • This violent moron is asking for hot lead & I compassionately hold space for him to receive it. Shall they send him cake & flowers instead?? Get real all you bitter-critter cop-hater commenters on here, local Sheriff’s deputies and CHP are surprisingly mellow given the multitude of brain-fried whackos with weapons they have to deal with on a daily basis.

    • Hey buzz your not even human your an animal in people’s clothing . you hope a mentally ill human being gets killed ?? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU ???? that man is some woman’s son some ones brother , you are an unfeeling pos

  • Suicide by Cop….He ended up dead.

  • Quote: According to a reader who sent in this photo, “They have sherrif , chp, state parks, fish n game, sev…

    “It is not the role of the federal government to control our rural or municipal affairs; yet, the President has now established federal councils for both rural affairs (Executive Order 13575—Establishment of the White House Rural Council June 9, 2011) and municipal affairs (Executive Order — Establishing a White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities May 1, 2012). Russia called these councils the “sovyet” and they are the final building blocks to communism. It is not the role of the Federal government to be the people’s nanny.”
    KrisAnne Hall. http://krisannehall.com/executive-orders-and-the-new-american-sovyet/

    Strong cities network warning:

    Heads up.

    • Sounds like exactly what the Donald [edit] would do. Trump is insane like the guy who allowed the local armed forces be his executioner. Cops got the wrong guy.

      • You lost me. This isn’t about politicians, it’s about the Jarrett & obama act that bribes local sheriffs & govt employees into wearing more than one hat. A federal takeover of local police. They’re also doing this through the HUD BLOCK grant.
        Your local sherif is now a federal sheriff on your tax dollar. The local sheriff is supposed to be stopping federal over reach, not aiding it.

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