Large Sheriff’s Marijuana Mowing Operation Headed Out Hwy 36

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaMultiple locals reported seeing between seven and ten law enforcement vehicles headed out Hwy 36 about 8 a.m. today. Most of the vehicles appear to be Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles. One is towing a chipper so it looks like a marijuana mowing operation in full force.

One reader reports that there were “two sherrif trucks, three identical unmarked trucks, two white utility trucks…one with a wood chipper headed out 36 as a convoy.”



  • WhoAreThesePeople?

    Only in ‘Murica can a policy that has failed so miserably still be so active. Long live the War on Drugs!

  • Hopefully the growdozers don’t try to run them over or off the road
    (like they seem to be hellbent on doing to most everyone else).😬

    • Doubt it. Most likely a “concerned citizen” like yourself will try to block traffic by driving 10 miles an hour under the speed limit causing the entire covoy to arrive too late to make any arrests.

      • Quite the contrary! I drive the speed limit. It’s the a’holes in their growdozers who are in such a hurry that they figure that they can outdo anyone or anything on the road.

        • Yup…growdozers…never mind the BMW passing you at 90, or the volvo doing 50 in the fast lane trying to play traffic cop. It’s all about those big trucks on the highway…only growers speed right?! LOL Honestly, it seems like the average speed on the highway these days is about 80, doesn’t matter what you drive, folks seem to think they are in a hurry these days.

          • he’s complaining about hwy 36, it is really annoying and true. large lifted trucks with morons driving them like crazy. aka to fast around turns, cutting into the other lane, and making bad decisions on when to pass.

            • Bad driving seems to be spread among all vehicle types, and definitely not just trucks. Last week I almost creamed a small car passing over the double yellow around a blind corner…. who was passing a honda civic doing about 20mph with a big line of pissed off cars behind it. Both drivers should be removed from the road. The obstacles create just as much of a hazard as the people overly hurrying.

          • Honeydew Bridge Chump

            Do 80 on the 36, maybe after the downslope from 3 when it goes flat, cool three jumps there, before it comes out by Home depot.

            Still, 36 should only be horses, bikes, and Bulgarian Mule trains…

            Shut it down, there are better ways to Lassen.

        • What is a growdozer

      • Spot on dude. Made my night haha

  • Love your headline, Kym.😄

  • Copter was flying hard all last week on 36, especially around the McClellan Mt. area and up the Van Duzen to Dinsmore It appears to be a wild ride this year for everyone involved. Put on your seat belts. The Sharks smell blood in the water. Any update where the 36 convoy headed ?

    • Indeed, a wild ride. Someone please we need a Red Cross tent dispensing Xanax and other anxiety meds up here. Goddamn war zone up ‘hur. Worst part is even if you’re a modest sized grower it seems no one is safe. Shouldn’t the sheriffs have their hands full with the Bulgarians and other violent crime organizations that have these huge mega grows?

      • “Redcross tent dispensing xanax and other anxiety meds” – YES we need this I don’t even live anywhere up there but I will travel. We need outlets all over the county dispensing zanex. This year has been really stressful for everyone since all this waterboard and compliance stuff I think. Anyone who has there affidavit for registering with the county or anyone that can provide a parcel number within 3 miles of a recent bust gets free pills.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        I’ve got a patent on a breakfast cereal that might do well before corporations buy all the land, or it goes back to the banks.

        Whiskey Xans!
        Feel Like a champ!

        Who doesn’t like that combo for breakfast?

        You’ll grow more with Whiskey Xans!

        or some cool line like that.

        The county wants .10 cent tax per Whiskey Xan and extra fluoride is ordered in the blue box.

        It’s like an Irish Car Bomb, in a breakfast cereal.

        There are prizes in boxes, like cracker Jax…

        You might find a black tracksuit inside, some have gold chains.

        Whiskey Xans….

        Shop hard!

        • “It’s like an Irish Car Bomb, in a breakfast cereal.” — Dude im laughing so hard right now. seriously, start a go fundme to start up this cereal company. I will pledge.

      • You would think those with stress would medicate with their own organically grown herb. Who really wants Xanax? Your backyard dispensary has everything you need.

        • I got nothing against self medicating on your own stuff, but it effects some people differently. for me personally in times of serious stress I’d take a couple 500mg xanax over a joint If given the option. Smoking makes me think too much and if I am stressed and then smoke, I will becomes even more stressed because of it.

  • What Midwest or southern backwards redneck state is this in?

    • In which state is this? Never end your sentences with a preposition, Yankee. American by birth, southern by the grace of God. 😄

  • Sounds like choppers around mm 35-45. Burr canyon maybe?

  • I’m hoping they get at least some of the damned Bulgarians that are threatening even NON Growers as well as stealing ALL available water, no matter who owns it!!! Threatening families as well as children!!! But most likely it will be some Mom & Pop grow & NOT the BIG guys from Bulgaria!!! I think the Sherrif’s Orifice is afraid of them!!!!

    • Or paid by them.

      • I asked the fish and game warden about this last year, Shane told me they don’t bother with the bulgarians because they buy their land and pay their taxes. I’m pretty sure they’re paying something alright.. had a new group up on our Hill get busted last year by the Federal Marshal Service for human trafficking, they’re still there and growing even more this year.

    • “afraid”, I wonder that sometimes. Not too far fetched to think they are paid off. I can’t figure it out. I wish the Sheriff Office would chime in on why they allow such activities. Is nobody complaining? Maybe that is the issue. The neighbors are afraid to report them.

    • It Became A Farce

      The sheriff back in ’81 said he was “afraid for his life” to go down into Panther Gap. Situations like that led to CAMP which was a terrible program but it was somewhat justified by the huge and violent grow scenes in some areas. CAMP went into Panther Gap and back of Spy Rock and other celebrated areas of major criminal production before it focussed on little mom n pops, kicked down cabin doors and aimed guns at children. A properly directed eradication program could be a good thing!

      • the russians in blocksburg too, a good friend and long time resident moved cause he got surrounded

      • Isn’t it amusing…what was a huge scene then was two or three people growing 500 plants hidden in patches in the woods someplace you had to pipe water 1/4 mile. Now a huge scene is a 7 acre light assisted greenhouse in the ag lands

  • My thoughts exactly (dan fuller ) you took the words right out of my mouth.enept Downey sucks balls .

  • What Ranch Is Next?

    What do u think is going to happen after the 23rd? This is just the warm up. They are going to be very busy the next 2 months. Get this BB’s trimmed and your numbers down. The chipper is working the hill sides and no one knows who will be next.

    • Dinsmore Or Bust

      I’d say this activity is just business as usual in humboldt. IMO this year has been less LEO activity then the previous couple. Stick to what you are doing and keep moving forward.

    • I personally hope a lot of people that DIDN’T sign up do go down after the 23rd. It might help a little with the imminent price drop. Further more it would make my day to hear that the county actually has respected what they said and only went after people who have not signed up. That would be a big ‘in your face’ to all the old school farmers who encouraged people to not sign up.

      • Shame on you, wishing ill to anyone who doesn’t listen to your point of view. Shame. Mother told me that “whenever a finger points to another person, there are 3 more pointing back.” af

  • This years opp’s are getting smaller and smaller *smh* well, guess those cancer patients dont need their medicine… *sigh* the u.s. blows…

  • Always a good day when there’s a convoy going out 36.

  • A chopper flew over us and shot something out the back that looked like a mist? Anyone know what this was? Probably a dumb question, just curious if anyone else has seen that before.

    • Male pollen.

    • broad mites!

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Nano bots

      GPS tracking in 3d mapping.

      Applied to an area the bots are trackable and capable.

      It helps on a flow chart to find the chain of command in organized/ disorganized crime.

      You might have what looks like mosquito bites, but with a magnifying glass, you’ll see a small device on your skin with three antenna and two round humps colored red on the bot.

      Hot springs are good at removing them, but it’s like 5 soaks over two days.

      If you have mosquito bites look closely at them, soak in hot springs if you see them.

  • Passed the convoy leaving 36 at 2:00. They were at about mile 15 on hey 36 headed back west with chipper

  • haha no wonder the HCSO requested mendo to come help them with the active shooter, most of the crew is out chopping down today. Really ironic.

  • Chipper sure has been busy!!I hope it’s not mom and pop.

    • The chipper truck has been busy. Bet they keep the chipper washed and waxed. Probably doesn’t even work, they never seem to actually use it.

  • The pilot whizzed on…….

  • The whole thing should have been called a state of emergency years ago. Allowing it to have gotten this far out of hand has cost lives destroyed property and has disenfranchised a generation unless they turn to drugs and growing and thank goodness not all have.Hard work should be rewarded and the black market in all drugs needs to die ASAP…

  • Still no word on who got busted or if anybody got busted

  • The term “grow dozer” Is given by stupid people who are just jealous. Those are work rigs and family trucks the big bumpers serve as extra protection if you were driving around a corner and mabey a tree is in the road or if a tourist miss judges a corner crosses into your lane or if it’s foggy and you drive off the road. yeah some put them on for show but I see it as extra safety for my family. And yeah people have lives and places to be and are in a hurry to get there best to just pull over and let pass if your gunna take all day getting to where your going!

    • Yeah sure , you can dismiss people as jealous to justify your behavior. Alot of the gro dozer drivers are too self absorbed to realize they don’t own the road and have to share it. In a hurry to get where? The grow store?

    • Sorry ” mama bear ” but if you can wrap your head around simple math you’d realize that putting everybody’s life in danger by speeding doesn’t save you a whole lot of time , sure if you’re driving on a long trip going 15 miles over the speed limit will save a decent amount of time but driving to town like a moron because you woke up at 11 am isn’t doing anybody favors .

  • Pretty sure there was a convoy out off the gap a week or so ago. Taking care of business, I’m not sure people have there info straight. The sheriff’s get it done where it’s needed.

  • I’m pretty sure there was a convoy out on panther gap a week or 2 ago taking care of business. To compare the gap in 1981 to now is not the same back then it was scary and dangerous, and it had nothing to do with different ethnicitys.
    To say the sheriff’s are not doing there jobs because they are afraid, or whatever is crazy. There doing the best they can. You see them out there working non stop. Seems like a lot of folks blame the Russians, Bulgarians, Mexicans etc. Maybe because there jealous or trying to cover there own asses.

  • Mowing! Wow they just stole ours.

  • Get ready for the mower! They are coming, expect them ! If your not coming into compliance or don’t plan to do so and have been actively taking steps than you will be next.
    They have to “mow to show” that compliance is the only way it’s going to happen.
    From the central valley to the tip , EXPECT A VISIT!

  • I have a friend that lives out the 36 that was raided by DFW last week. They are registered with the county and with north coast water board…WTF is going on in Humboldt???? Watch out, registered or not anyone can get raided.

  • Hey Unacceptable, are you one of the attorneys or soil companies reaping the benefits from the “permit rush” that has been inflicted on so hum? Wake up and smell the coffee, or be like one of the medical growers in Mendocino a few years back that thought the zip tie program was gonna be awesome…don’t forget who and what you really are people.

  • Just saw the same one leaving kenmar heading south at 715 am

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