Detectives at Residence in Redway After Woman Found Deceased

Humboldt County Sheriff HCSO badgeA woman was found deceased today at a residence in Redway. Detectives are on the scene. Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t confirm the name of the deceased yet. Nor would he say who found her and why detectives are on the scene. He explained, “We don’t even know if [her death] was criminal or not.”

We’ll update when the Sheriff’s Office is ready to release more.



  • From my heart to yours

    I am so very saddened by this. She was an amazing, loving person. I grieve for her family–her beloved daughter, her mother, her siblings–and for us all. And, I hope that the truth comes to light sooner than later…

  • Is there any more new info about this yet?

  • If this turns out to be murder, the community will come together for our beloved friend, and have full justice. May she dwell in joyous rapture among the faires and forests she loved so much. R.I.P.

  • How sad. R.I.P. prayers to all family and friends.

  • I will miss her! Always a stimulating conversation, filled with passionate information from Stephanie! Her activism on one hand and her loving touch, through massage on the other, our community is less without her! Her endless energy for environmental and health issues were her passion. She shared her life with us all, for many years. The Niece of the amazing, but sometimes controversial, Hulda Clark, who also passed a few years ago. She will be missed! My heart goes out to her daughter and her family!

  • I am so sad about this. I got little sleep last night after hearing about her death. Stephanie and I were friends and co-conspirators, who had been through thick and thin together. We met in the efforts to preserve the Headwaters Forest and after I moved here, we fought side-by-side for 7 years together for the ‘Stable Slopes Forever’ project and so much more. She helped me through some very personal struggles and I was there for her in some of her own personal struggles. There were few people in my world as intelligent or loving. RIP Dear Stephanie. I will love you always. [I will be checking back here for updates] .

    • Yes, I first met her painting signs for Stable Slopes. We were joking around and decided our theme should be “Unstable Folks for Stable Slopes”. Two nights ago I dreamed about her, I was walking through a city scape and she was across the street and gave a wave. I’m sad. RIP Stephanie.

      • That was Stephanie, saying goodbye… It is easier for spirit to come through to us while we are sleeping.

    • Interesting co-conspirators so it seems one of the Hypocrites have passed and at the hands of someone possibly in her own game.

  • She was a sweet, giving, caring person. I only had the pleasure of meeting her a few times but I’m still in shock. I pray it was natural causes and no one hurt her.

  • Poor suffering soul.
    Talking to her last week all she had
    Was negative things to say
    About politics.
    She was obsessed, tormented (?)
    By all the bad in the world
    No difference between
    Hillary or Trump she said.

    “Focusing on all
    this negative, can you still
    have a good life?” I finally asked.
    “Yes,” she said.

    What a shocker.

    • Wow you seem the only suffering soul in this scenario Mingo. It takes all kinds, those who feel ignorance is bliss, and those who are wise enough to know otherwise. Being conscious has oh so many benefits. RIP. She was spot on about all that she graciously shared with you, regarding Hillary and Trump, and that you can both have a “good life” and simultaneously be aware of suffering. It is people like you who think government/hegemony serves you somehow, those who do not act, but to serve business as usual, you who torment the soul of any deeply rooted activist, and it is people like you who inhibit any lasting effective social change/species survival. Do not fool yourself Mingo- instead of so grotesquely shaming a sensitive, conscious, active, generous, wise woman at such a delicate moment in her story, you should be forever grateful to have known her and have her share such wisdom with a deeply asleep person. It is devastating to me that she wasted her sacred time here time trying to help you to see more clearly, and have a more fulfilling and free existence. Why such resistance? I’ll never understand. RIP dear sister, may your life only inspire more and more lovers of life to continue to act in your honor, in honor of freedom, justice and peace.

  • This is horrible. A caring and interesting person; a mother, a healer and fiercely independent woman. The thought that she may have suffered is awful. Who could have done such a terrible thing? We mourn.

  • I am appalled at the way KMUD told the story of this woman’s demise. They did begin with saying this is graphic, but graphic didn’t even touch it. Why did they have to tell us about the condition of her dead body in such detail? to me it shows little respect for her and her loved ones. May she rest in peace.

  • No one has any class anymore. I would be mortified if a loved one was murdered and all these “fake friends” decided to post the name publicly without any regard—if you’re willing to go to that extent, your not a grieving, respectful, loved one, you’re just trying to make people aware that you knew the person and are trying to get some attention. Why else would you post a name before it was released? Damn.

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