Car Chase, Foot Chase, Car Chase With Photojournalist….

Gold 4 Door

This vehicle was abandoned by its driver on Linda Road in McKinleyville after a remarkable chase scene. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

A little after 7 p.m. law enforcement attempted to stop a gold SUV 4-door on School Road in McKinleyville. According to local photojournalist Mark McKenna, the driver of the SUV apparently jumped out and raced off on foot. Two deputies chased him.

The vehicle was left touching a fence. “It was starting to slowly roll back” when McKenna noticed it. At that point, “the driver followed by the deputies came around the cinema,” McKenna said. “One slipped and fell.”

The driver/suspect ran after his rolling vehicle. When he gets to it, “he jumps in the car and peels out,” McKenna noted. The deputies had to run back to their cars so McKenna followed the fleeing gold SUV. Eventually, the driver got onto Linda Way where the road came to a dead end. The driver again abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot.

McKenna called 911 but to the best of his knowledge officers were unable to locate the suspect.

We’ll update when we can but likely that will be tomorrow. With the standoff in another part of McKinleyville, law enforcement will be difficult to reach tonight.



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