Here a Chopper, There a Chopper

Multiple reports of low flying choppers circling areas from Leggett to Myers Flat. The video shows one in Benbow this morning. This one is reportedly dark green. Another is reportedly white and black.




  • I saw the dark green one circle twice near the Giant Redwood RV Park in Myers Flat in mid-afternoon. It didn’t stay around long.

  • Hope they are looking for cartels ,but I doubt it .the area they are flying are just mom and pops .to my knowledge

  • Last week I got a text from PGE saying they were starting a gas line safety study in the county. Maybe????

    Pre- Harvest Anxiety sounds like a good 215 diagnosis….

  • I couldn’t miss the black one flying low in Benbow. It didn’t look like it had a particular destination & made several circles throughout the valley. Was definitely looking for something…

    • So will they set up at the state campground for Hammer Time. ??
      Hit anyone they need with in 7 miles of that L. Z. Maybe they will clean up on any grow site on a slope 15 * or greater. Maybe if the grow is on a 3 acre convention ? but maybe not if it was converted before the county stopped allowing them for cultivation. Or maybe it’s to get people to run for county planing dept.
      So in that bird? Do they have a GPS LOADED with all the apn numbers with info on xxxxx. Oh wait ???
      The GREEN DOT APP.
      I was told there is a map with green dots. Right. BE A GREEN DOT. Only 5995.95$
      Well this will be interesting.
      In past history. You get the circle or two then a week later—-you get landed and chopped down.
      Time will tell.
      I feel if you have full ap. in and didn’t change or ADD, double , triple size you are just fine.

  • I saw it in rio dell – fortuna area doing circles.

  • dark green one over garberville today about noon very low maybe 100 t0 150 feet circled twice and left

  • Silvery chopper riding low over Whitethorn Valley this morning, headed toward Paradise Ridge. Late afternoon, it came back through the valley.

  • Black one flying LOW circling Miranda to Myers and back and back again

  • Getting flown under 500′ at dinner time, 1/2 a dozen times? WTF? For a 1600 square foot medical garden.. Humboldt please wake up! mom and pops are being unfairly pressured. Sprowel creek is dry again not from the community, but the drought. Ask Chris Carrigan head of the water board. But if you are lucky enough to live in that water shed you better pay up while the biggest and baddest get a free pass. Do better LEO!

  • That seemed a little intrusive.
    Maybe they were considering stopping by the
    Benbow Inn for lunch.

  • Maybe they were looking for marci kitchen. Ya right!!!!!!

  • I have been very surprised at your silence on the Eureka City Council Coup. I thought it to be a quiet but sinful coup.

    • Me?

      Sadly, I just can’t cover everything and LoCO seems to be doing a good job.

      • You do A great Job giving us information .How about an article about the ruling on Tuesday about how the feds can no longer prosecute medical sellers and growers as long as the follow state laws . This is response to a law suit by the justice dept in response to congress passing a law saying leave MM growers and sellers alone .

        • I am so far behind at this point that I think I am going to have to leave that to larger outlets.

          • Love your accurate and up to date reporting. Any new info on the raid on McClellan Mt last Thursday ? Heard it was a big bust and the second in a row in as many years. Believe it was the same one that was featured on Loco last year with pictures of the environmental damage. No respect for the land !!! Hope the Sheriff’s Office hits more land abusers and passes on our clean farms.

        • This is going to spark retaliation from the Clinton run DOJ. Registered growers will meet the chipper with no prosecution. Hillary runs the Sinaloa cartel and only needs to shred the competition, not necessarily incarcerate. Dispensaries have dealt with theivery by the feds since day 1. LEGALIZATION=REGULATION DECRIMINALIZATION=FREEDOM

  • 6 sheriffs trucks and 1 chipper pulled over on Lord Ellis 4pm. All suited up.

  • I have it on record from hydrologist and biologist that the data on Sprowel was not based in science. But overzealous individuals.. Look into it before you judge.

  • If the mattole disjointed multiple times in the 2005 till 2010 cycle. How come it never got labeled dried up? We have pools over 6 feet deep. Till this day in Sprowel on our place. This community needs to come together. It is the only place in the world people are fighting over growing herb. Don’t you remember divide and conquer? Don’t fall for it. Stand up for your rights! No more neighbor against neighbor
    Lead by example

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      This is true.
      Kentucky has no medical and plays hide and seek.
      It’s chill scene, unless you get caught.

      Most of it gets picked up by Boone and taken to Cuba to be sold to tourists.

      Either way, people are happy for the gig and respect their land.

  • Let’s move beyond what has been spoon fed, what was huge is now small. WAKE UP

  • Raid on kneeland yeaterday, seems like they are hitting it harde then we had thought they would be. Not much media coverage on the convoy with fbi trucks that went to bridgeville last week.

  • We saw it in Fortuna by the Newburg Exit. It almost looked like it was having problems and trying to emergency land! Scary, but then it flew away!

  • I too have heard that the FBI was involved in raid out 36 last Thursday past Bridgeville.. Sounds like someone is in deep do-do or may have just forfeited their property ? Do the Feds still have the power to take the property in Federal Court? FBI involvement is a huge game changer.

  • Priscilla Galvin

    Yesterday. Live in Myers Flat and saw the big black helicopter flying in low and circircling over town

  • Chopper was flying the waterways in bbow garb n mf. Looks like they were spotting water violations on eel and E Branch. Happened same time last yr. Fish creek. If yer suckin you suck.

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