[UPDATE Wednesday 8 a.m.] Clayton Fire, Day 3: Maps, Photos, More

Clayton Fire Photo by Matthew HendersonA structure burns in Lower Lake near Main Street Sunday [Photo by Matthew Henderson–for more of his dramatic views of the Clayton Fire and other news events follow him on Facebook.]

The Clayton Fire which began Saturday and roared through Lower Lake on Sunday leveling homes and businesses was relatively quiet yesterday. As of 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, Cal Fire reports it is 4000 acres and only 20% contained. (We have maps of the fire showing how it burned to the east yesterday below.)

The people of Lake County are struggling through a second fire year. One Lake County resident wrote us, ‘[C]lose friends of mine have lost their homes in this fire, it’s devastating…We’re constantly on our toes, looking out the window, waiting for the flames to just be in our backyard.”


A utility pole leans over a burning building as the Clayton Fire demolished sections of Lower Lake on Sunday. [Photo by Matthew Henderson]

Last night, community members breathed a collective sigh of relieve after an arrest was made of a man believed to be responsible. Damin Pashilk, age 40 of Clearlake is being held on 17 counts of arson “in connection with numerous fires in Lake County over the past year,” Cal Fire said in a press release.


In order to understand the fire we have several maps.

Below we posted a screenshot taken from a heat map of the fire. (You can download the large version for a 3D-type experience if you have Google Earth installed by clicking this link.  This allows you to inspect the areas within the fire closely. Please give it some time to download.)

Capture2The fire moved mostly east. We overlayed the map from yesterday with today’s so you can see the two main areas of change (circled in blue).
CaptureBelow we also have a topo map. Too small, right? Don’t worry. Just click on it and wait for a pdf map of the area to load. [Both of these maps were based on heat radiation imagery taken at 12:31 a.m. today]

CaptureThough the fire was relatively quiet yesterday, the temperatures again are expected to be in the high 90’s and the winds are expected to increase slightly. We’ll be following the story and updating as new information comes in.

UPDATE 3:41 p.m.: Lake County Sheriff posted,

The following Evacuation Areas will be opened to all traffic on 8/16/16 at 3:00 P.M. Neighborhoods east of State Highway 53 from Polk Avenue south to Cache Creek. This includes the area of Clearlake referred to as “The Avenues.” Road closures that will remain or are new: Full closure of Lake Street, south of Dam Road.

UPDATE 7:40 p.m.: Cal Fire is still reporting that the fire is 4000 acres but now they say they have it 35% contained.

The Lake County Sheriff posted,

Suppression crews made good progress today and were able to construct additional control lines. Damage Inspection Teams continue to gather damage data in the affected areas. The inspection process is meticulous and ongoing. As additional information becomes available, the numbers of damaged or destroyed structures may change. Today at 3PM, the mandatory evacuation order was lifted for the neighborhoods east of State Highway 53 from Polk Avenue, south to Cache Creek. This included the area of Clearlake referred to as “The Avenues”. The cancellation of additional evacuation orders are being evaluated based on a variety of factors including potential fire behavior and re-establishment of critical infrastructure.

For more information visit www.fire.ca.gov and www.readyforwildfire.org

UPDATE Wednesday 8 a.m.: Firefighters kept the Clayton Fire in check yesterday. It didn’t grow and they upped the containment to 40%.
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  • Any stories or pics of pot plants burning would be great .You can tell the story of some Ex convict who found his way to northern California from like New jersey to get rich in the green rush and now has to start from nothing all over again to bad after all he had all those connections .

    • Rather than being pot related. My darn fool opinion is:
      I would imagine that this creep is a serial arsonist that had gotten away with it for YEARS. The typical arsonist is between 18 and 30. This guy is 40, so he has probably started many fires. He typically chooses sub-rural areas with poor fire investigation access.

      Fire investigation is not an exact science, it is difficult to prove ways, means, and motive. This guy surely hates society and could care less about what happens to anybody or anything. In his mind he is getting even with a society that has abandoned him. Or, he is a religious extremist, which comes with no explanation.

      That’s my theory. I’m Probably wrong again…….

    • Or the story of a bitter-typist who needs something to type loud at, doesn’t matter what or why, as long as he can.

      Holy cow it could be your story.

      Then when a wildfire rips through your house and loving keypad we can hear how you got to start over without any (internet) connections.

      For someone who hates pot planting u sure bring it up a lot. Common theme with the bitter and unfocused.

    • Back Off The Little People

      You are off-base here! I’ll tell you why. I just spent an hour reviewing the burned area w/ satellite overlay and there isn’t much weed burning up. Of course there are a few greenhouses and backyard plants but the weed-grow climate there is nothing like up here. The largest commercial grows come here to Humboldt because we have welcomed them and we reward their profit motives. I do not like huge commercial grow scenes or greedy mega-grow behavior but that is what WE have- not what’s happening in this part of Lake County. Even the cheaper hill land outside of town that is burning appears to have modest homes w/ modest mom n pop-sized gardens. I hope they are all okay and can economically pull through this! Please don’t throw extra bad energy at them. I’ve been burned-out and it’s a bummer.

    • Be careful out there.

      You are a [edit]person to focus on the demise of a fictional guy from nj that is having his pot patch destroyed and losing connections when real people’s lives a being burned to ashes! What about all the winery owners that are having thier lifelong wine collection destroyed that they have worked thier whole life for? Does that not make you happy too? Because wine is an intoxiant just like pot! If your sitting in your house hoping people’s pot patches are burning up because they are a “green rusher” then shame on you. Everyone has a mother we are all humans and we all feel pain no matter the occupation or choice of intoxiant. How many cigarette butts start fires every year grown by greedy green rushers of the tabacco industry. But actually tabacco farmers are hard working farmers just like pot farmers are and grape farmers and banana farmers and so on. I’m born and raised here and I’m sick of this green rush term because my whole life and for a century before there has been people moving to California to try and strike it rich. Does that make them a bad person? Families are losing everything and you find pleasure A New Jersey connection not being maximized? [edit]

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        • So sad. Peoples lives have been ruined and all you can think of is to add your political perspective rather than sympathy for those who have lost everything. I would just like to express my condolences to those unfortunates.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        New Jersey has the best pizza, it’s real.

        Live From New York doesn’t know what pork roll is meaning they are green rush pizza slingers.

        Anyone that has been in the tristate knows what pork roll is.

        Lake should have 40-50 burn days a year. Government union sold them out and here’s what they get for not burning.

        The lighter side is all the trash, old boats, dead cars, etc. They dump down roads is getting cleaned up, but if only the fire would only effect those that collect a government check.

        Praying for weed grower Passover, where the fire skips homes growing weed, and stays to visit government worker parcels.

        If enough people pray for this it could make a statement and repeal all taxes on weed.

    • here you go assho,e

    • The weed won’t burn. It’ll be brown by today. I’ve seen weed save a house from a wildland fire. Everyone in CA should have a hedge of Marijuana surrounding their house.

    • Lake County Strong

      Don’t be an asshole. This isn’t funny my family and friends have lost everything they owned. The high school lost all of their soccer teams equipment and hard working people that struggled and scraped to build their businesses have lost it all.

  • Christopher Christianson

    What’s with the one red dot way up there near the lake?

  • It would be great to read, at least a few if not more, positive bits of news a day. Thanks

  • Great coverage Kym, as always. Thanks

  • Trolls make for good kindling, they are so full of b.s. the methane is easy to light, blowing all that stinky hot air. Thanks Kym you rock.

  • Please send who to the pot hating LOCO comment section where who can blame everyone else for every problem while sitting on their ass doing nothing productive and spewing the same old catch phrase mis-truth rhetoric.
    Next time there’s a fire I hope the cops investigate who based on inflammatory statements. Just so not helpful nor kind.

    More importantly sending prayers to all suffering huge losses, some for the second time in a year. It’s heartbreaking, I hope all pets are found and reunited.

    Let us know what we here in humboldt can do to help you lake county folks.

    Kym as always stellar assistance to everyone, thank u

  • Thanks for the detailed information and maps. It is a much better source of information than most of the news sources.

  • Seems we all can learn a lesson … no matter if you live in town or out in the country …

    Fire Safety and building defendable space around your home is a 24/7 job and something you just don’t do in the spring and call it good.

    Just a few pine needles in the gutters is all it takes …..


    • ALL CAPS JERRY is ready, just one more beer...

      Do I have to get up off my couch and come down there?! You already made me use my CAPS LOCK!

  • 4000 acres?? wow…guess it’s only a matter of time before the wind pushes the smoke up this direction am I right?

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