Man Arrested in Clayton Fire

Damin Pashilk

Photo of Damin Pashilk dominates this evenings news conference [Image tweeted by State Senator Mike McGuire]

Today, Cal Fire personnel announced just a short time ago that Damin Pashilk, age 40 of Clearlake was arrested on 17 counts of arson. Pashilk is now in custody at Lake County Jail.

Damin PashilkBelow is the Cal Fire Press Release:


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  • Whoa! This guy is Dead Meat. Thanks, Kym! af

  • Wow! I’m speechless….17 counts of arson.

  • I am sadden, that someone could do this to people who have been through so much already from last years fires..why?? Not that it will make it better..I just gotta ask..why? So saddened 🙁
    My grandson is a hotshot..I couldn’t bear it if he or his crew were hurt in fire that was man made..thats not why he risks it all…

    • J. Worthingham Fatback

      the way it reads, he might also be responsible for LAST YEARS FIRES AS WELL! Is that it, Kym?

      It states “17 fires over the last year”

  • That was fast! I realize they probably already had their eye on him, but to include the latest fires in the charges against him makes me think somebody was watching him at the right time.

    • They reported on an earlier video from calfire that they have been investigating him for a year now. Just FYI 🙂 I am so glad they found out who was doing it. There was just so much loss whatever time they give him will never be adequate.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Well, suffice to say, the investigation was shitty if the guy was able to still go around committing arson.

        People, do you really believe your tax dollars go to effective investigations, think again.

        Cal Fire is a shill agency administratively.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Wow, great work! Super-fast! Maybe the Fortuna CHP and FPD could do an in-service, ride-along with Cal-Fire and the LCSO so they could learn about police procedures, interviewing suspects, analyzing evidence and such. Oh, I’m sorry, I guess the two dead Fortuna teenagers is a cold case now; leads have dried up, no suspects. Sigh.

      • The press release says it took about a year to gather enough evidence on this aronist to make an arrest.

        Would you rather the CHP make a quick arrest in the Fortuna hit and run double manslaughter case without the evidence to make the charges stick? Just to appease the public?

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Or, how attorneys knowingly fuck with the injustice system.

      • FPD are slackers. A vehicle of mine was stolen several years ago- I put an add on craig’s list asking if anyone had seen it. Someone called who saw it on the street in Fortuna. I called Fortuna PD, gave them the serial # etc and they said they checked it out and it wasn’t mine, wasn’t the same plate and hadn’t been reported stolen (It WAS reported stolen- 2 weeks or so before).

        One kind soul who knew the vehicle called me- I told him the PD had checked it out. He called bull- had seen it and knew it was mine. Same serial number etc. etc. So… he pulled up with a tow chain, verbally fought off the thieves and “stole” it back for me. Yep- same exact vehicle. Good job FPD!! WTF was THAT about??

  • Thank you Cal Fire. You are THE BEST!

  • They should cite and release him.

  • Just like the growers it’s catch and release bet there’s a few Growers now that wish different..

    • Omg please go away with having to mention growers in association with horrible events. Growers are not usually catch and release, it’s catch til we get you to sign over your land and vehicles to us then maybe release. People still go to prison for big pot grows. Do some research, and shut it about growers. There are way more insidious things going on. Like this.

      • I have asked many times for some followup on what happens to people involved in the bigger busts….so far not much info. The woman who just got a year federal time was convicted of enviornmental crimes not pot

    • Firebug

  • Growers don’t kill people or take others homes. Justice will be served 1 way or another. Lake county Strong! We protect each other not harm each other.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Some growers kill Guatemalans, Mexicans or Bulgarians…….of course all illegal immigrant pieces of shit raping our public lands.

  • Maaan that’s messed up, you are toast buddy! 17 counts and if anyone was injured or killed he’ll be charged acordingly, what a complete a-hole so many lives affected!

  • To hell with this firebug !!!( assumed innocent until proven guilty)
    Sounds like they have a solid case.

  • What a friggen sicko!!!!whats the motive? God, unbeliveable. Unfortunatly, due to prop. 47, nothing much. Dear God help us.

    • Prop 47 does not release arsonists like this crazy, but you know that already and choose to play dumb.

      • Thank you silver lining! Its,amazing how folks luv to attach certain things like prop47, growers, etc to all our problems without even understanding what they are talking about.
        The state moving prisoners to county jails is why catch and release happens, they filled the county jails up through an assembly bill to attempt alleviation of over crowded state jails that were being looked at by amnesty international for bad treatment of prisoners.
        Stop bichin and call ur rep if u don’t like it but please stop with the mis-information.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Would he be a sicko if he targeted evil people instead, like gubbamint officials, judges, attorneys, etc….me thinks not!

      In fact, If californians continue to be abused by its leadership, burn baby burn will be the catcalling.

      Disgruntled, abused people are to be feared. Society better learn quickly that too many wolves in sheeps clothes are leading California politically to its undoing and the abused man, woman shall cause mass problems and concerns, like fires.

      Welcome to the deterioration of our society, get out, get away, or live to regret the procrastination.

  • Maybe he just needed some free Miracle medicine or the smoke from it. Afterr all it’s all peace and love right.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      What a brilliant analysis. Terrific strategy. Anything goes wrong, any crime, it must be the weed.

      • very corrosive isn’t it ??

        • Kym can we get ‘who’ blocked on this thread? & any fire related thread?
          Very unnecessary and I’m sick of it & the need to insert trump style negativity.

          • Oh yes Kym, Murp wants to censor people based on a judgement of character and the content of his posts. Let’s please remove this person’s First Amendment rights… SMH.

            Murp if you don’t like the trolls don’t feed them, unless they are slandering or somehow infringing on others rights or freedoms there is no cause or right to censor them.

            Now back to our regularly scheduled program, the @$$hat [edit] for what he may have done to the residents and business owners of Lake County and the surrounding areas. What a sicko…

          • And Murph, you’re about as ridiculous and pious with your condescending tump remark as “who” is with his weed correlation. Self righteous prick.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Americanized Life aint positive more than negative, but folks want to avoid the negativity as if possibly turning a blind eye.

          • Kym only blocks people who criticize CALTRANS

      • He looks kinda Bulgarian to me…

  • Fry his ass !! The amount of destruction this dipshit has caused is beyond belief. Rot in hell asshole !!

  • I hope they stack the charges for length of time to be served. POS like this make life more difficult for everyone, especially the firefighters.

    • Understanding is more important than getting even.for prevention.notice the wars are turning chemical and biological.hard to predict.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Understanding, then vigilantism, way past slaps on wrist punishment by a lackluster gubbamint get up.

  • The owners of the house that was blamed for the valley fire (bad hot tub wiring) are claiming that reports of a suspicious truck leaving their property were not properly investigated. They are appealing the wiring ruling…

    I’m sure wondering now if this guy who was arrested for Clayton fire was there, and responsible for 2015 lake co fire woes. Seems abundantly possible.

  • 17 counts arson,1 count murder .my head says,this guy needs [edit] my heart says,I can’t believe a human being did so very sorry for all the people affected by this horrible praying for relief fast.god speed please be safe

    • Why did you edit a sentence in my comment.other folks said they same.i was just wondering because I wasn’t using names or threatened no one . curious? ?

      • It’s been awhile so I don’t remember but I think you advocated non state sanctioned violence against someone (ie death penalty stuff is okay. Beating someone not.). I don’t allow that. Sometimes stuff slips through (yours was up for awhile before I caught it I believe) let me know if you see something you think I should pay attention to.

        • I don’t advocate any violence.just that he should face the folks he did this to.pardon my attitude.just was wondering.maybe you think I’m someone different I apologize.ive been in tears since these fires started,spent my childhood their on lower with my g-parents.meant no disrespect

          • You are right kym my hubby agrees,I was out of line.sometimes when it’s close to my heart,I’ve been in 3 house fires I know what it feels like,I lose my thoughts.when I’m wrong ,I’m wrong.I apologize thanks for on this

  • If he could not own a house, why should anybody else, that is the liberal view of the world. Am I correct ? vote for a person who will have common sense, Trump

    • Interesting perspective.thanks.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Plenty of suitor types like attorneys, judges, gubbamint officials, etc… dont deserve what they have because they had to steal from another to create the wealth to buy their house.

      Yes, some people deserve to have EVERYTHING taken away because it was stolen from committing theft.

    • Patriotinwillits

      When will Trump have common sense? Does he have it now? Obviously not. If not now, when?

  • I hope he spends a very long time away.

  • I was thinking to myself last year and especially this year that it seemed awful strange all these fires popping up. Especially with so much damage and in different areas all around lake county at similar times. Thought to myself it seemed like the area had a “Trashcan man”

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Me 2, and the fact that Cal Fire uses arsonists to charge any property with a habitable structure an illegal tax to fight fires predominately caused by arson.

      Natural fires never warranted the Cal Fire illegal tax, otherwise the tax taking attempt would have occured decades ago.

      Bigger gubbamint using arson as a tool to grow gubbamint even bigger, partly using the illegal tax gains to pump up Californias Economy by using stolen money to buy consumer products.

      Economies fail when depending on consumption for which the product purchasing proceeds to consume were stolen illegally.

      • Henchman. That tax money is not used for firefighting. It is used for “education”.
        Calfire never really addressed what this tax was intended to be used for. You do not receive any extra fire protection from this money.
        It would be very interesting to see the budget for this tax.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Why would he do this? Did he have a bad grow and go into a rage? Was he mad about the new regulations in Lake County over growing?
    I just can’t see why beenbee doing this?
    Maybe he was a firefighter?

  • It is so sad and disturbing to see Lake County going through the horrific and senseless destruction yet once again. My heart and prayers go out to all of the Lake County citizens! I, among everyone else are grateful for the arsonists arrest!

    Kim, thank you for your excellent reporting! I’m so happy to be able to still follow your reporting and clean writing style!

  • It is sad to see this fire was started deliberately and caused by a person who probably can’t even afford his own lawyer. That just means we (tax payers) will be not only paying millions for fire suppression but also bed and breakfast for this scumbag for the next 25 years. At least when a utility company is at fault they step up and pay, tragic either way but at least victims receive some sort of compensation. Not the case here..

  • I believe if he is the arsonist that’s been terrorizing this county he is responsible all the way back to the wye fire in 2012 and the fires lit in 2013 on highway 20 and the rocky, Jerusalem, and valley fires not to mention the fires lit just days before in Anderson marsh and siegler canyon. All the fires were started around the same dates each year. As a Lake county resident who’s had to evacuate multiple times with my animals I hope he gets life in prison forget the death penalty and all the millions of dollars in appeals it’s sickening the terror and heartache that who ever has been doing this has brought this county and surrounding counties

  • what the article doesnt say and i heard it on tv last night , he has one count of setting new fires WHILE BEING CONVICTED OF ARSON IN PREVIOUS 10 YEARS

    • Has anyone looked into the possibility that this guy was paroled here via the City of Clearlake’s policy/program of receiving paroles? What are the details of this?

  • Enjoying the rain

    Lock him in a house on the firepath

  • Does it occur to anyone that this man may have severe, untreated, mental illness, that has gone on for years!?
    I do not, in any way, condone what he is accused of having done; but when there is absolutely no system to sequester ( and hopefully treat) people with severe illness before they commit crimes of this nature, we get carnage. That is when the ‘for profit’ prison system steps in.
    If this is the person who set these, and other fires…there is a long untold story here.

  • Obviously, a person that sets these fires have some type of mental illness whether it’s a sexual fetish need for attention or some type of control issues. There’s definitely something mental going on in the background. I also did some research and it said that 55% of arsonists are juveniles so this is also a very interesting case because not many adults are arsonists anymore tends to be children that play with fire. The situation of mental health lacking in the entire United States is very, very sad and there is going to be a lot more terrible things happening by mentally ill people because there’s just nothing that can help them at this point our services as far as that area go suck nationwide.

  • Eerie how large they made the photo. Proud of their haul perhaps?

  • You guy’s amaze me! You post this shit, but don’t goto the leaders and make suggestions. Just sit here on some useless Social Media ( Kym Kemp???? Really)… The majority voted for prop 47 and that’s why ol’ boy will be out having a beer in no time, in front of his Fire place. Wasted tax dollars definitely!! Wasted breath on Kym Kemp’s blog??? Without a doubt.

  • This whole comment section is a complete catastrophe…

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    A friend who moved out of Lower Lake last year pleaded with folks on face book to withhold judgement, as the arrested man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. She said from her personal experience in that area with LE was horrid and inept. While I commend her valiant plea, folks who have lost their businesses and homes are suffering from the actions of an intentionally set fire. Mentally ill or not, if the man in question has been under investigation, my anger is at not arresting him before this fire. I am not a cop or an investigator so I really have no clue as to the process, but as a citizen I am appalled. Yes, policing is hard. Yes, being a DA is hard. But what is harder is having no home to go to.

  • That guy they arrested for arson, is a neo-nazi hater. A real ugly sicko. Guilty or not we are all much safer with him locked up. Check out his facebook page. 17 counts and they spent a year… watching him start fires and trying to gather enough evidence to get a conviction. I hope they did their jobs right.

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