29-Year-Old Saved by APD From Drug Overdose

Press release from Arcata Police Department:

Arcata Police Department APDOn Sunday August 14th 2016 at about 5:30pm, the Arcata Police Department responded to a reported drug overdose in the 500 block of South G Street. Officers located an unconscious 29 year old male who was exhibiting symptoms of Heroin overdose.  Officers began rescue breathing and administered a dosage of Narcan nasal spray, which is a medication that counteracts the effects of opiate overdose.  Officers were able to revive the patient prior to the arrival of medical staff and he was transported to the Mad River Community Hospital in stable condition.

This is the first reported application of the drug, which resulted in the saving of a life for APD, since officers first deployed with the medication earlier this year.



  • Narcan is a way to save lives.

  • Not a huge fan of heroin users but I’m glad it saved his life. Hopefully they choose to recover.

  • As long as people are still alive, there is always a chance for recovery. Any addiction is horrendous….it’s roots run deep; feeding on self-loathing and pain.

    I am so relieved to know that our law enforcement now has Narcan. It can give addicts another chance to take different path.

    • I honestly have not seen anyone I know actually stop long term from heroin. They go to rehab and are ok for a few months after but then will start partying on everything but H for a few months until they finally end up doing H again and the cycle starts over.
      What have you seen folks do to stop this cycle that will help long term? Its that tuff call, better to let someone go or admin narcan and live longer junkie years. Nor trying to be mean just honest, addiction sux and we all have some inkling of it be it chemical, technological (online time/phone), sexual, food/drink based,etc.

      • Russell Brand has a documentary on Netflix addressing his recovery.
        Yes, it is a huge challenge to stay off these death drugs; but every chance is another possibility for change.
        We don’t even know what our own lives hold in the future. We certainly can’t predict another’s journey.

  • Narcan is wonderful for the addict and for the police. It has to be much more satisfying than watching someone die!

  • Hopefully he will take the chance offered to him. Good job APD.

  • What no charge being under the influence of a controlled substance good for 90 days in the clink

  • We used to call it Vitamin N. I would tell the paramedics as they arrived” this one needs a little Vitamin N”

  • How do they determine if it’s an opiate overdose and what happens if it’s administered to someone unconscious/shaking who is not od’ng on heroin?

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