Summit Fire West of Willow Creek Only 20% Contained; Stafford Fire 90% Contained

Firefighter in smoke

Firefighter on the Stafford Fire (August 11) [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Two large fires are burning in Humboldt County today.  We’ve got updates.

The Stafford Fire located south of Rio Dell began Thursday afternoon from multiple small fires possibly from a chain dragging or other cause which has yet to be determined. That fire is 90% contained at 24 acres.

The Summit Fire west of Willow Creek which reportedly began near a large grow on Friday is still only 20% contained and has grown to 20 acres as of 5 p.m.

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  • Butane is nasty

  • I wonder if the police delt with it , or did the fire deal with can you get any info what happened to the big grow kym I heard it on my scanner when the the fire guys call it in and there words where it’s a big one .

    • I’ve been away all day and not been able to contact Cal Fire.

    • “Big” is kinda hard to define these days. It didn’t look like a 20-50,000 plant, or a natl forest style 600,000 plant scene grow so hard to say it’s a large grow. If it was that huge we would have seen it from the air.
      The bigger concern is the actual fire and those endangered by it, as well as what in their trailer could have stared the fire.
      I don’t get why everyone cares whether it’s a pot grow, tree farm, vineyard, timber land, etc. What’s the difference, it’s a dangerous fire burning. I’ve never seen a fire where they worked to protect gardens or greenhouses, just homes and outbuildings. The cops were called in here due to the danger of folks attempting to enter the fire area. I actually hope the cops are busy helping the fire investigators figure out if we’ve got a fire bug setting all the roadside fires we’ve seen in the last week.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Yea, they should focus on finding a firebug and not be sniffing azz on someone’s garden.

        As for the people hoping grow homes burn down-

        That’s just as bad as throwing a Dallas Party where people celebrate the cops that were put down.

        Think nice thoughts.

      • Not vilifying grows of any size or anything…but the statement, “why everyone cares if it was a grow or not” is awfully naive… if it was started by careless/don’t give a shit about others giant grow scene, then the reckless actions of a few people have catastrophic repercussions for other, unrelated people…general public opinion and state law for that matter, draw a distinct line…

  • Thanks For The Updates

    Thanks for the updates Kym. Please let us know when u have more information. most interested in when they think the fire will be contained. this is a good example of how you should have some fire preparedness on your homestead/grow. get some fire extinguishers and extra water, hoses etc., especially if you are making oil in the hills. be smart. not only should people be thinking about themselves, but their neighbors as well. don’t be the idiot that had their hash lab blow up & got everyone on the hill busted. you will be the most hated person quickly.

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