Sheriff’s Office Headed Up Alderpoint Road Today and Where They Were Wednesday and Thursday

Marijuana raid by Robin Collins

HCSO with woodchipper on a recent raid. [Part of a photo by Robin Collins]

Multiple readers tell us that the Sheriff’s convoy with a chipper headed up Alderpoint Road earlier this morning. Sightings started at 6:30 a.m.near Rio Dell and the most recent stated that approximately 8:20 a.m. a reader, “Just saw a convoy of 5-7 vehicles with woodchipper headed up alderpoint road at windy gap.”

Yesterday, we spoke to Lt. Wayne Hanson about this Wednesday and Thursday’s raids. (He wasn’t at the office but he kindly gave us a quick review. We’ll catch up later for a more comprehensive look.) Wednesday’s raid began some time after midnight when deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and members of CAMP headed to what he characterized as a Drug Trafficking Organization out Hwy 36. The growers had planted several 1000 plants. The SWAT team went with the convoy because Hanson said that the Sheriff’s Office believed the growers to be armed and dangerous. “The officers don’t know what they are going to encounter at sites like these,” he said, so they enter early in the morning. While the officers did hear voices, they were not able to capture any of the growers.

At the time we reached Hanson yesterday, he wasn’t able to speak of the raid that was ongoing then. He was only able to confirm that there was a raid Thursday out Hwy 36. We’ll request more information today.



  • They heard voices?
    I think counseling & possibly medication can help…

  • They were along the Klamath river near Bald Hills Wednesday, also…

  • Is the sheriffs dept selling mulch?

  • Why didn’t they save some gas and stay in Rio Dell, every time I head that way it stinks from the old eel river mill all the way to scotia.

  • I heard it was a large force. If someone takes photos and doesn’t want to post them, they can email them to

  • Dyerville Loop Rd. On top

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Looks like a copter buzzing Rancho.[ from the road to kettenpom looking east]

  • better not hear that ANYBODY that had there notice of activity form in gets there stuff cut today. There will be riots in the street if what happened in blocksburg wasn’t truely a ‘unique’ event, and continues to happen.

    • Or what?
      What are you going to do?
      Is it wise to make threats to authority?

      • What threat was that? Our Constitution demands us to curtail (change!) a government which no longer serves us.
        Our Constitution can be a very, very scary read if one is unwilling to accept the personal responsibility to defend it…against ALL enemies from without and WITHIN it. Good read, and I recommend it along with “Points of Rebellion” by William O Douglas, past member of our Supreme Court. af

      • Cops commenting on a story about cops. So funny, so rich.

      • No we should submit to all authorities since they are so wise, honest, and of impeccable morality.
        Get real. Grampa Wayne Hansons life work of grow raiding is coming to an end. Wayne is dumb as a rock and hates weed, yet is in charge of making dissicions relative to medical vs. non medical mj. Get real. Also shows how worthless fat boy Downey is for appointing such a disgrace to lead these raids.

    • Haha, you mean riots around the keyboards. Most people will barely look up and say I told you so.

    • I’m totally happy if I hear of any garden bigger than 100 plants getting popped. Those permit applications are bullshit- could be filled up w/ any info correct or not, contact info all misleading…It’s the latest scam to submit the first application w/ bs info and then say that it protects your over-the-top 1000+ plant gardens because you’re “coming into compliance” as you squeeze out a couple last years of a mega-grow. I think the sheriff is finally realizing the scam also! And really- isn’t it this kind of strategized greed that ruined it all?

      • Ever think some people may WANT to pay taxes and be as legit as possible.

      • You are clueless.
        Dessert hot springs has permitted over 70 8 acre grows. The time of small farming is over. If Humboldt is to hold on to some of the market this is how it must be.
        You must limit tomato farmers to 100 plants too right?

  • The 36 site is rumored as sex trafficking site.
    Help them.
    You know who they are.

  • sex trafficking site? Or just topless trimmers? tells me to demand topless trimmers.

  • Hugo Phuckurselph

    Those big riots in the streets today over the DEA not reclassing marihuana from a schedule 1 drug are getting out of hand, we better call in the National Guard.

  • Where are they busting the bulgarians probably not would be nice if they were busing the Bulgarians.

  • sidebar: We have heard some seriously exaggerated estimates over the years BUT
    ……..KIEM reports “DEL NORTE COUNTY- Over 52 million dollars worth of marijuana was eradicated during an operation in Del Norte County………….
    Nearly 2,000 marijuana plants were seized that ranged from 3 to 6 feet tall.”

    Do the math, those plants have an estimated value of $26,000 each!

  • ” The SWAT team went with the convoy because Hanson said that the Sheriff’s Office believed the growers to be armed and dangerous. “The officers don’t know what they are going to encounter at sites like these,” he said, so they enter early in the morning.”
    Doesn’t sneaking into grows in the morning hours put rhe deputies and the farmers both at risk of being shot. Who cares about arrests if the arrests for cannabis put officers and our communities cannabis farmers into harms way…. It is better to first alert the growers of an impending raid, and let everybody get away and just eradicate the plants rather then have a violent confrontation or possible firefight. Its only a plant, and nobody deserves to die or get shot, not over zealous law enforcement or cannabis farmers who planted too many plants. This is just violence by oir Counties Sheriff Department against our community members, cannabis farmers or not. These aggressive, clandestine, violent, confrontational raids are going to kill or seriously injure someone. Its only a plant for christs sake, farmers are not murderers or robbers, they are just farmers.

    • Not cal local spok the truth. These people are upstanding community members. There are families in these places. It’s a matter of time before mid night raids lead to accidental violence. Ripoff and intruders claim to be police. Cops don’t come in the middle of the night, it’s not safe! Someone women could believe her children and herself in danger of harm and try and protect themselves. How is it alright to terrorize a whole community. This makes the families in these areas want to leave. Why is this even a question our county should change our spending to aim to clean up environmental issues provide addiction services and other things that will be needed for this changing economy. Not to tear apart the community that could be set to have a booming economy and ample services if managed correctly. But there is to much greed. And I mean greed on a county level not the farmers. In what farming industry in California are you charged so highly or limited like this. It’s quickly killing what use to be a unique and great community.

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