Redway Beach Has New Metal Sculpture…(Truck in the Water)

Truck in water

We don’t know who provided this lovely sculpture for Redway Beach. It looks quite expensive but…maybe it should go home now?

Photo by Laura Lasseter.



  • Is this truck another one of those lame ford raptors that always end up in the water ? Too much money and not enough brains , I hope the owner gets major fines for the environmental damage .

  • There needs to be extremely high fines for the people that keep doing this in our rivers and oceans. The same idiot put a brand new truck in the river on dutyville two years in a row. These extreme litter bugs need extreme fines.

  • Looks like a Tacoma to me

    • Fish and game Wilder1993

      It is a tacoma and let me ask everyone this how do you think we get our supplies from over seas by a boat that has oil, gas, and other liquids if a truck got stuck and sank it would provide a habitat for fish and other river dwellers besides oil and gas float which means it float to the ocean or lake and be absorbed by rocks trees and soil it returns back to mother earth everything does at some point

  • Could have given it to me,I don’t have a was nice.smoked to much and thought he took the boat out

  • It really does not mater what make or model of truck keep your rigs out of our rivers stupid git I hope thay fine the crap out a this ass hole

    • Local who's seen this WAY to much

      Agreed! I’m getting fed up with all these idiots doing this thinking there is no harm done!!
      Idiots!! I hope they fine the owner too!!
      Big time for harming/polluting the River and environment!!!
      Ass hats acting like this is no big deal!!!
      That truck is leaking all kinds of crap into the river!!!
      Thanks again jerks!!! Morons!!!

  • amimissingsomething

    Why in the world should anyone be fined for crossing a river. WTF did they do before there were bridges. Hwy 36 used to have almost 40 river crossings before the bridges were built. People should quit trying to get everyone to follow the path of the chosen one whoever they feel is the chosen one. PC bullshit just to put your name down as a River defender. If you think crossing a river with a vehicle is bad then don’t do it….just don’t tell me what to do asshats

    • Local who's seen this WAY to much

      They should be fined not for crossing the River but for leaving their truck IN the river to leak fluids and God knows what else!! Regardless of whether or not you believe this happens it dose and it’s not cool!!

    • That reminds me of a story. Years ago I was talking to a friend’s grandpa. He asked where I lived and when I explained “off of Hwy 299 in Humboldt county, he said, oh yeah, I drove across 299 once, boy that was a dusty son of a gun.

    • Because there are summer steelhead and salmon spawning this time of the year and the are driving over the Redds.

      • I agree with Fishman! Fish need clean water!

      • fishman the eggs have hatched by now and the smolt live in the deep cold pools.i am born and raised here-we have been crossing the river for decades.that is a fairly new truck and it more than likely doesn’t leak a person said ealier its just stuck and i doubt its still there.they went to get help or it was pulled out already and the photo was snapped for a fraction of the time its was people believe you’re polluting by spitting in the water-grow up people.

  • Don’t worry. All the toilet paper and tampons floating down from reggae on the river will soak the leaking fluids up.

  • Do reggae women use tampons, thought they were all about being natural, and toilet paper , highly doubt it, leaves and pinecones. Thought we are in a severe drought but still enough water in river to swamp a vehicle, maybe global warming weather will dry that truck out .

  • I’m a little surprised he wasn’t able to make it across that spot where he tried to cross is super shallow. He must not have crawled across.

  • Just another dumbass!

  • Funny how everyone is complaining about the environmental impact but nobody says anything about the dozens of quarry trucks that cross rivers and leak oil all over the watershed every year 🙂

    • Thesongremainsthesame

      Good one Bill, not just trucks, cat’s and other track equipment that they don’t want to put on a trailer, its easier just drive it across the river, i.e. case and point, down across from Tooby Park in Garberville they do this every year, from above the bridge to below the bridge and back. You can see the tracks in the river where they cross. I’m sure NO oil comes off them either. They are the same people who advertise on this blog too…

  • Vehicles aren’t just spewing out oil at all times. Get a clue guys. You think because it touches water it automatically starts leaking fluids? Lmfao

    • No, but vehicles pick up lots of oil and other residues from the roads we drive on. Do you really want all that crap in the river water?

    • Generally vehicles will lose fluids in quantity any time the water is over about 2/3rds up the sides. The axles, transmission, etc have vents, usually rubber hoses clipped to the frame, firewall, etc. Once these hoses go underwater, water starts going in, and the oil floats out. Submerge it more and the dipstick tubes will do the same thing. A bit more and the engine oil will float up the pcv system and out the intake. The evap system might contain the fuel for a bit, but it’ll still start coming out through the charcoal canister vent. Where the various vent lines are routed depends on the vehicle, but… short version: Don’t submerge your vehicle without properly preparing it first!

      That truck doesn’t look far enough under to be losing lots of fluids, and I don’t see an obvious oil slick, but the photo isn’t sharp enough to tell much. My guess is it died when the corner dropped into a hole and it sucked up water. Engine might be ruined, might not be.

      If you want to do deep fording, get a snorkel, and route all your vent lines back to the engine bay and tie them into the intake. Depending on the vehicle, you may also need to waterproof dip sticks, the ignition system, and electronic modules.

  • I want to know if it was a automatic or a clutch.

  • Jesus came back as a pot grower and tried to drive on water he found out walking was easier .

  • amimissingsomething – Yes, you are missing something. The river is not a highway. The river is home to endangered species like the yellow legged frog and northwestern pond turtle. This is vital habitat. The oils from the truck can be toxic to these sensitive species, not to mention the leaking fluids get into the water that people swim in downstream. So, yes, it should stop. There is absolutely no good reason for anyone to drive across the river. We’ve got perfectly good roads and highways for our vehicles.

    • Driving through rivers doesn’t actually add any more oil to the environment. Unless submerged, vehicles leak oil at the same rate whether they’re on the road or in the river. The only difference is the leaks on the road go through the extra step of runoff water before they end up in the river, but all leaks still end up in rivers. If you’re trying to prevent oil from entering rivers, maintain your car well. And then there’s the issue of the billions (literally) of pounds of tire rubber particles that enter the environment every year as people’s tires wear down (as your tires go bald, where do you think all that rubber went?), which is increasingly being shown to be harmful as they leach out all sorts of fun chemicals…

  • What happens to the Eel river during raggae is way way worse than that pickup in the river .if anybody should be fined it’s the raggae on the river just saying .

    • The Mateel spends thousands of dollars and jumps through many hoops to get the required permits to hold the festival. They are watched very closely by many government agencies. Please back up your comment with facts Mogtx.

      • Thesongremainsthesame

        notmycircus ~ if you believe that, then you also believe climate change or global warming is a hoax, not man made and fracking is awesome, right? That the Willits bypass is fantastic and we need to widen 101 through Richardson’s Grove, right? Because Big oil and Big natural gas company’s say what you just said to defend themselves. And those same “government agencies” get paid to provide those permits. The MCC spends thousands of dollars from public donations and tax exempt funding to make even more money from Reggae. They say Reggae is a fundraiser to support their programs and the community. You have no idea what degrading damage is caused by Reggae, would you drink the water down stream during Reggae? Reggae alone is not degrading the So Fork Eel, but its not helping either, it’s all cumulative. You do not see the wind, however you see the effects of the wind and the same can be said for Reggae…

        What Reggae does is externalize the cost & internalize profit. Have you seen their tax returns? So if the MCC is a “non-profit” and Reggae is a fundraiser, then why does all the entertainment leave with money in their pocket and the community is stuck with the bill…

        You need to stop listening to propaganda and open your eyes. just say’n…

    • I guess you have never been to Reggae to see just how clean it is.

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