Fortuna City Council Meeting This Monday

City of Fortuna BlurThe City of Fortuna will be holding their regular monthly meeting, this Monday, August 15th, at 6:00PM, in the Fortuna Council Chambers.

Items on their business agenda include:

A.  Public Hearing: Amendment of Fortuna Municipal Code Replacing Section 17.06.190; Traffic Impact Fees, of Chapter 17.06 of Title 17: Zoning to Establish the Authority And Procedure For Adopting A Traffic Impact Fee. Second Reading of Ordinance 2016-727; Adoption of Resolution 2016-XX, Adopting a Traffic Impact Fee.

B.  Declaring the Existence of a Nuisance and to Require the Abatement of Weeds on Private Property; Resolution 2016-38

C.  Report on Costs Associated with Weed Abatement for 1972 Kenmar Road and Set Public Hearing Date

D.  Designation of the City’s Voting Delegates for the Annual League of California Cities Meeting Appointment of the City’s Representative and Alternate to the Board of Director’s for the Redwood Empire Municipal Insurance Fund (REMIF)

E.  Approval of $35,000 Budget Adjustment and Provision of Staff Direction to Enlist a Professional Recruiter to Identify a New City Manager



  • When no pesticides are used, weeds have important medical & nutritious value.
    Tall dead grass, not so much value unless you’re a grazing animal.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Taxing & fines are in the eye of the greedy.
    Asking citizens to help create extremely low cost lawn care for those who cannot afford to hire others, who have been too sick or laid up to do it themselves, or for those who have been away from home for extended periods of time, should be considered. (Hospital, job, visiting & helping sick relatives, incarceration, )
    The schools could apply extra credit for valuable hands on experience for landscaping, care of the elderly in ways that health officials ignore, or many other avenues of helping citizens to merge happily back into society’s authortarian lifestyle, but without stress. Schools could perform studies, showing the before & after levels of the citizen’s individual happiness for helping & for being helped.
    Taxation & fines are theft.

  • Last night’s meeting was an eye opener. The four women couldn’t agree on the $35,000 to utilize a head hunter agency for a manager replacement. They woosed out and want to do a touchey feely local person who knows Fortuna. Are you idiots??? Time is running out and you want to hold hands and discuss? Regan could care less when he leaves. You on the council have got to grow some vajajas and decide which of the 4 agency packets are the best choice to start the search.
    Where’s Sue’s input? You went thru this process 4 years ago, but stayed silent last night. Why? What are you up to? Is Cheryl on your mind? Nuts!!!!!

  • Can someone in this world please explain why a volunteer organization needs Battalion Chiefs? Has our fire chief lost his mind? Maybe he should consider just having enough volunteer fire fighters to make his department respectable. Calfire needed a crew from Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department to cover their headquarters this past weekend but no one stepped up to help cover where is this great volunteer staffing program that the citizens of Fortuna will now pay for on their property taxes? Where we’re these new Battalion Chiefs that were introduced at the city council meeting last night? With no volunteer staffing as the great Chief promised the PD had to leave a call to assist with a child who had fallen and hit his head where were the new Battalion Chiefs for this call? How about we enforce the new Weed Abatement ordinance on the new Battalion Chief whose house and yard looks like a sub station for Eel River Disposal on Rohnerville road? I hope the City looks at his place soon?

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