Fire North of Redway in Homeless Encampment–Again

Redwood Drive was temporarily closed when a fire burned north of Redway today. According to photographer Kim Sallaway, the fire was east of the road in a homeless encampment. “It is the 5th fire in this spot,” said Sallaway who is a local resident.

KMUD reports the fire was contained as of 5 p.m. Note that the fire crews are from Marin as crews are moved around to deal with fires in our area. Oscar 1 has just been called which means that all leave for firefighters in the Humboldt Del Norte area has been cancelled. Everyone is needed not only to check old fires and deal with the fire at Willow Creek but also to deal with the day to day small fires and medical incidents that fire crews are sent to.Firefighters in Redway by Kim Sallaway calfire_sallaway_0503 irefighters in Redway by Kim Sallaway

Discarded clothing found after fire at homeless encampment. photo by Kym Kemp



  • Fuckin bums!!! This will only get worse with these assholes live in the woods. Heroin and meth are destroying our society! Repeal prop. 47, pay raise freeze on stupidvisors, more re-habs. Bettt Chin is doing some real stuff lately. Not just putting a band-aide on cancer.

    • Wow Sharon bad day today? Check the legs on that pedestal you preach from. I agree heroin and meth suck.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Cal Fire is an agency of bums too, illegally taxing habitable structures,

      BUT not charging those who start fires using mother nature as a habitable space….

      Habitable structure versus Habitable space.

      WTF Cal Fire,

      Homeowners subsidizing homeless pieces of shit.

      Unbelieveable horror!

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        CalFire is most certainly a bum grouping, you called it right.

        Forest Service is worse and wreck more things than they save.

        Every fire has CalFire and Forest Service measuring man sticks over who is in charge.

        Amazing anything even gets done, oh wait, once a fire goes on long enough overtime kicks in and they have no incentive to put them out.

        I blame Julia Butterfly, bums in Eureka, Walmart, and the Home Depot that never was since they got hammered on some overpriced card lock gas while dragging chains driving in the hills out to Trinity Pines to sell clones to Bulgarians wearing tracksuits eating overpriced co-op food that is Chinese organic.

        Think that about covers it.

        Everyone should buy an ALL AMERICAN SUN OVEN, they friggin rock and don’t burn stuff down.

  • It would be SO much more cost efficient & safer…to get these people into real housing. If such is even possible in sohum, housing costs being out of reach & all. Eureka has proven that when they housed people in fucking SHIPPING CONTAINERS….and those people got real jobs & moved on, reintegrated. Holy shit…are you going to ignore reality til it burns down around you?

    • Good point…I was in garberville and redway 2day…

    • yes, good point.

    • Such truth. How can someone get or be healthy if they do not know where they will sleep tonight. Having a safe place aka home should be a human right, keep the services and the relationships going and most will get/want to be healthier.

    • Get them into real housing ? what do you think they would do to real housing ?
      The same they do to this housing, FUBAR so it aint gonna work.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Do you even know how many people DID NOT use Mercer Fraser’s unpermitted housing complex?

      Plenty. NOW they be camping on all those proggie liberal trails, shitting all over, garbahe from corporate food stores, etc…

      Ya, when a homeless respects mother nature …..

      is when a homeless wont get dissed.

    • No housing in So Hum. The ones I saw fleeing were young men who are not from here.

    • Who pays for this?

  • I guess fire #6 is gonna be next ,but if it was me ,and bums were camping ,and defacating .leaving garbage all over. oh and setting it on fire 5 times.I would run them out, and set deturate traps to keep them out , game cameras . Just saying .our home is getting way out of control.

    • I thought that is what the Sheriff is for. They seem a little pre- occupied.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      DHHS and Phil Crandal ring a bell,

      ~ Blondie, “ding dong, ring that bell.”

    • Only problem is they will just steal the game cameras and what good is the pictures going to do no one wants to see pics of bums pooping in the woods. If a bum poops in the woods and no one else is around to smell it does it smell.

  • You would think people would have the common sense not to burn down their own camp.
    Now I know why a bunch of dudes with backpacks and carts full of stuff were headed towards Redway Beach and vicinity.

    • The other lack of common sense is all the people objecting to actually doing something about the problem. Lock them up, put them in labor camps, ship them on a boat to a deserted island… do something! But no, people think that somehow letting them cause fires, destroy houses, rob, steal, and generally be a danger to society is perfectly ok. Destroying private and public property is their right, and for exercising that right, we obviously should reward them with food, money, and services. The fires aren’t going to go away until the parasites go away.

      • Letting them start fires? Are you serious?
        Sounds like they are running themselves out of town.

      • Then what is the answer? My view is repeal prop. 47 to start. After that, not sure. Freakin drugs are killing our county. VOTE!

      • Bushytails, you sound like a political alarmist parasite that feeds off of causing fear.

        • You sure have a lot of nasty things to say to people . That’s called deflection . Try to open your mind and see all sides . Then you will be in a better position to comment . You might even be nice .
          As to this problem , the solution is obvious . But it’s not PC .
          We live in a socialist society so go with it . Give them a card for food and a card for a shipping container which the county provides through tax money . If they don’t provide some service or labor depending on their ability then thy don’t get the stamp try need to eat or to enter the shipping container . Those that don’t fit into the system get rounded up for breaking the law and taken to jail for the night over and over. Eventually they will comply or leave . If the sheriff does the job try are here for it would work .
          There I came up with an idea now your turn . Please tell me you have ideas not just criticism .

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Denial is the first stage of acceptance, and it ain’t even a discussion about a river in Egypt.

  • Obviously they don’t care about burning down the “camp” let alone other people’s property. They just walk away then come back to it like nothing ever happened. I saw a flock of them waking out of the “camp” saying ” there’s a fire” possibly knowing who started it , not really a care in their world but as I am watching cdf flying so low and close to my home, thinking my place could burn because of these people it scared the hell out of me. Don’t cater to these people, make them figure it out that it is not right to live, sleep and/or burn other people’s property up. God, where is responsibly? We clean up after them so they have a nice clean camp to squat on? What the hell, makes it too easy for them. Arrrrrg! A HUGE THANK YOU FOR THE FIREFIGHTERS ❤

  • I’ve said it before but I’m gonna say it again…When will enough be enough??? I mean seriously so tired of the bums around here. Anyone that feels differently please take them to your property so at least the rest of us won’t have to see them.

  • With the drug idled houseless population way over 300 people in Redway/Garberville enough is enough. It’s not to hard to figure out the low level meth/heroin dealers in our towns. Hang out in front of Redway Liquor, Garberville Shell etc. You see who pulls up and are doing quick deals over and over. It’s not too hard to figure out. Lieutenant Hanson where’s your mighty drug eradication team? Oh, frolicking in the hills eradicating ’the devil’s weed’. Thanks Wanye, keep up the good work.

  • They are trespassing,starting fires,doing drugs,defocating wherever they please,and leaving tons of trash on others property.If any regular person did this they would be arrested on several charges.Almost all of them aren’t homeless from here,they have come here to do this,I call that intent.The sheriffs are well aware of their locations,they should be arrested and hauled to Eureka,then the all mighty Betty chin could change them all lol.I believe she’s just enabling them,no work required to receive benifits,at least make em pass a drug test before giving them free shit!

  • How many bum and grower fires so far? Way too many. I know , I know, it’s just not PC to get mad about carelessness and irresponsibility , like coddling these people is getting us anywhere. Didn’t the Sheriff say that the camping along there was supposed to end, like months ago? Most of these bums give less than a damn about Garberville and Redway. Yesterday evening town looked like a bum convention , tourists trying to navigate town with worried looks on their faces. It’s a sad state of affairs and our towns look like bum conventions. Don’t bother telling me I’m not PC, if you can’t see the shit-show, ignorance is bliss.

    • Its called enabling, it starts as soon as someone signs up for well fare. No conditions required of the person receiving the benefit as far as I know, drug testing would be a start. But I guess that would be to harsh or considered discrimination. Betty Chinn is helping those that want to help themselves which is why she is effective. I’m saddened to see Garberville & Redway looking like the Tenderloin district in SF.

      • And what the hell is that bum/ drug gathering on the sidewalk by Shell gas station every friggin day? Pedestrians have to walk thru the gas station to get by the bums , dogs and drug dealers parked and gathered there? Friggin freak show . I wouldn’t have a business in town for all the tea in China. I admire the businesses that you know are beyond over this bullshit yet persevere.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Shell has a history of bottom feeding for employees, did not that strike you upside the head when paying for gas and cigs?

          Shell hires many meth heads and drugees cuz they get paid minimum wage.

          • Do you even live down here? Why don’t you just worry about Eureka?

            No one in town starts anyone at minimum wage.

            The Shell stations have posters on the door all the time stating they start at 11.00 an hour and receive benefits and 401k matches/profit sharing.

            I know 2 people that work at Shell. Neither are on drugs and both make considerably more than minimum wage.

            What an asshole comment for you to make.

    • interested in finding a solution than complaining

      Yesterday I was asked by a straight lovely old All American tourist couple where Cecils was. I pointed them in the right direction and they complemented our town. Said they plan to come again. They didnt seem scared behind those smiles as they walked hand in hand down the street to their dinner.

      Becareful The Mob Mentality Hate Rhetoric is Reampant! Infesting this town like a virus from the once loving home i know. Put down the cool aid(pc)and particupate in something helpful to solve our problems than just complaining online, like an old man sittin & yellin at anyone who walks on the public street, past his porch. N if u dont want to participate, join a knitting group, you have a lot of time on your hands.

  • Yuck!!so glad I’m not I leave to get away from the maddness,and low and behold we just passed Selma and a fire breaks out.on 199.scary man when I left town I see our police chief sitting at the doughnut shop!!I’m not kidding,we all busted up laughing.this guy I really think he hates eureka!!our town is meth-ing sad

    • Henchman Of Justice

      HOJ sizes up cops…….most are obese, overweight slobs who have to put a K-9 dog in harms way just to keep up with skinny ass criminals on meth.

  • You ever see transients in Ferndale? No, because the cops run them out of town. These people are not homeless, they’re transients from somewhere else that ended up here somehow and thrive on the easy meth and heroin supply that exists in Southern Humboldt. Run them out of town, hold the property owners responsible for the cleanup costs until they figure out a way to keep the transients off their property, and be consistent with daily sweeps by the LEOs.

    • I think this was the only sane comment on here.

    • Second my emotion

      Says the person with thehandle of an old lamenting wine drinker living under he wharf asking for money. . Guess they will just fly away? Everyone’s got their story, but really?

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Ive got an idea, legalize crank and herion, and spray those homeless camps down with fish emulsion after the Marin crew leaves, then the shit show would really be happening, same time grow back nice and green next spring for the new zombie crew.

  • Second my emotion

    That truck in front of book store loomks next.. “loomk” is a new word, for looming in the shadows looking shady.

  • Harvest is just around the corner means one thing ! The zombie horde will be coming to sohum in droves it’s gonna be way worse than last year the town patrol will have there hands wishes to tara Sutherland and crew .

    • Second my emotion

      Well now they patrol with their babies, so that’s cool I guess

    • That’s right. It’s bad enough with all the asshole growers swanning around town in their overloaded gro- supply trucks driving like jerks. Get ready for the invasion of the trimigrant kids. Hopefully the growers who are perpetually hauling a trailer can haul them off by the trailer load. So sick of this shit.

    • Harvest is year round now with light deps. You must be out of the loop

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Isnt that the bookstore owners truck in front of his bookshow? Why doesnt all his cool his friends help him get it running? The fact that its facing the wrong way has got my o.c.d. really upset. Where in the hell is the c.h. p.? Are they waiting for it to get torched? Seems i remember it being yellow tagged months ago…. maybe he ought to move it up the place where they stand and protest, at least he could have a place to sit..[edit] FREE NEEDLES, W.T.F. people?

  • Our local fire resources are stretched really thin. Please be very aware when using your bbq, power tools, lawn mowers, tow chains, etc. In fact, why use them at all right now?
    This new
    fast spreading fire in Lake County is scary.
    I sure hope our homeless residents understand how freaking dangerous they are making our situation.

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