Take a Timelapse Trip To Reggae

Local David Wilson shares this warm look at a Reggae on the River night.



  • Reggae on the River 2016: A Timelapse Trip

    A Timelapse Trip through the 32nd Annual Reggae on the River, August 4-7, 2016, featuring nighttime scenes from around the crafts booths and of the crowd and the musicians from inside the Photo Pit in front of the stage. If the camera was jostled a bit, chalk it up to the exuberant crowd. I left it all in. It opens with the moon setting over a vendor’s booth in the glow of the nighttime lights of the vendor “village.”

    A very positive vibe at Reggae on the River this year.

    • Reggae is possibly the biggest shit hole, full of scummy self centered people. Rarely do you wind up talking to a random person that isn’t an idiot and only here to get as high as possible and or have sex with a random girl then brag about it. I wish it would move to the city already.

      • Thank you for your comment. This is absolutely NOT my experience there. As in life, you are responsible for who you attract.

        • Yep. Idiots attracting idiots. Dopers attracting dopers. Sexual prowlers attracting sex prowlers. Glad “it’s Time” didn’t go.

          • Oh really? I didn’t realize that’s how it works. Sounds like some stupid logic someone high out of their mind would say. Go do your meth that you call Mali, and stay up all night grinding your teeth, just clean healthy fun for the youth now a days!

  • Wish there was a picture.of all the garbage they leave behind.

    • Thank you for your comment. This is absolutely NOT my experience there.

    • Obviously you don’t listen to the radio or live in Piercy… Ask someone…the trash was cleaned and recycled.. Completed yesterday.. From my experience it was the cleanest best vibe I’ve seen since the 80s

  • Pollute the SF Eel 2016 .

    They seriously need to find a new spot, inviting thousands to trample and use the river as a toilet and trash can is a disgrace.

    Jah would not approve.

  • Hey It’s time, it’s time for YOU to move to another city. Please do. I wouldn’t want your bad attitude to taint all the nice environmentally conscious people I met at ROTR this year.
    Mogtx, since you seem familiar with “all the garbage” down there why don’t you go take a picture? You know what, don’t waste your time because the volunteers already picked up all the garbage. But you would get a nice picture of the clean river bar. Share it with me!
    On a positive note, this is a great example of excellent photography skills. Love the time lapse!

    • Oh okay, Sorry for having an opinion and exposing the majority of people’s attitude’s at reggae. Do you even realize how messed up the matteel is? Just making money off the community, at the locals expense.

      • The Mateel spends all the money raised on programs for children and the community and obviously to pay staff as well.. You must not have kids or take part in your community if so you would see where the money goes… I’ve been to a board meeting and seen the financials they are tapped to the wall.. Thanks David that was awesome

        • Well since you assume things, I’ll assume your blind, in the whole percentage of money being profited not even close to a quarter of it is going back into the community. Those “financials” you saw taped to the board arent the real thing. Go to another bloodsucking meeting and have the balls to ask about it.

        • Then tell us why the kids sound proof room is no longer used for the kids at the mateel ? And it’s just used for storage now.

  • I saw a great deal of positive energy at Reggae on the River. It far transcends, and makes a far greater positive impact on our world, than the negative commenters who post the same negativity on virtually every topic. Boy who cried wolf… your constant drone minimizes your words.

    The nattering nabobs of negativity just cause a background of white noise and even pollute a post that shows some of the local creativity that is catalyzed by and abounds at and around Reggae on the River. Complain about everything, and I lose all interest in you.

    Stay positive. It WAS positive, and IS, and WILL be.

    Now… Continue nattering?

  • KIDDZ— a full scale concert on either side and IN a fragile river system is not cool, its not meant for that sort of man made abuse. Don’t see any large concerts w/ thousands trampling and doing who knows what in the river in Yosemite on the Merced or any where else in the state. Even tribal stomp is set in a large field away from the river. I just feel its a bad setting and is damaging the river and for what a 3 days concert that could be held in a more eco-conscious area. We need to wake-up and take responsibility.

  • Spot on no quarter.

    Pretty disappointing these so called “environmentally friendly” people are destroying the environment and destroying their organs and brain cells, I guess it’s two birds with one stoned.

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