30 Guns, Jewelry Missing From Fortuna Home Torched This Morning

A fire at a Fortuna residence this morning appears to have been an attempt to cover up a burglary in the Ross Hill Road area of Fortuna, said Chief William Dobberstein. “We had a report of a fire at 6:07 a.m. When we got there, the fire department put the fire out fairly quickly but they discovered the house had been burglarized… The fireman discovered a safe in the back room open.”

The residents were out of town, Dobberstein said, but they came back and helped identify what was missing. At this point 30 guns, jewelry, and other items have been identified as missing.

“The house is pretty much destroyed,” Dobberstein said. “It is pretty bad…It looks like a burglar broke in,…stole items…and then attempted to set it on fire.”

An arson investigation team, is on the scene and investigating. Currently, there is no suspect.

Two other burglaries occurred early this morning at constructions sites. Although most of the stolen tools were found about 40 yards away from one of the burglaries, there are still missing items, Dobberstein explained. It is unknown whether these burglaries are related.



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