One Dead After 19 foot Boat Capsizes and Sinks At South Jetty

Coast Guard from Humboldt Bay were called out to the South Jetty this afternoon due to the report of a 19 foot boat that had hit the rocks and was taking on water, with four subjects on board. The Coast Guard helicopter and a lifeboat from the Coast Guard Station Humboldt Bay responded. Emergency crews from Loleta Fire and three ambulances from City Ambulance responded, as well as Sheriff’s Office.

emergency vehicles South Jetty

Fishermen on the Jetty who spoke to our reporter, Bobby Kroeker, said they had yelled to the four men on board to get away from the Jetty because of the large waves.   They further related they had warned the fishermen about another boat, which had earlier in the day, been in same area fishing and was eventually washed up onto the beach after being swamped by waves. The witness/rescuer Bruce Adams said that he and “a crew” had rescued two of the four boaters from of the water; with one staying in the water to help get the fourth boater out.  The fourth boater had become lodged in the rocks and was being covered by the surf. According to Adams, the group spent about seven minutes getting the man out from the rocks as the surf continued to strike them all. He realized after getting the subject out of the water and performing CPR, his efforts were futile and that, “the man had passed.” Scanner traffic stated that two of the survivors had suffered from hypothermia.

One of the rescuers Bruce Adams spoke with reporter Bobby Kroeker:


The Coroner’s Office responded to the South Jetty. Debris from the shipwrecked boat could be seen in the water as well as fuel from the ruptured fuel tank of the boat.

debris of boat

[Photo credit:  Bobby Kroeker]

debris from boat 2

[Photo credit:  Bobby Kroeker]

This was the second boat that had run into problems on the South Jetty today. Earlier in the morning, another boat was in the same area as the boat that capsized.  This other boat eventually washed up onto the beach. It has since been removed from the beach.

second boat on beach south jetty

Witness and rescuer, Bruce Adams, tells of seeing the first boat get into trouble, earlier this morning.

Bruce Adams ended the interview with support to the Coast Guard and all the work they do.






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