Nobody at the Scene of Salmon Creek Accident

White truck crashed

An airbag was deployed during an early morning crash on Thomas Road off of Salmon Creek Road. This white pickup, however, had no one around when a local resident snapped these photos.

Hope the folks involved are alright.

This occurred just past Swinnockville and before HideAway Hills as you head away from Hwy 101. IMG_20160810_070831276 IMG_20160810_070814209_HDR



  • That looks like the [edit] that sits at the bottom lol . Those guys are the end of peaceful salmon creek . They are ready to bury you in a second and they don’t respect borders , Laws or life .

  • Ignorance is ignorance not bliss.

    It’s really weird this made the news. When is there not an abandoned wrecked car on these roads. I can’t even count how many fresh abondonded wrecks I’ve found living here. The funniest one was a brand new $75,000 Ford F350. There was blood on both airbags and when I opened the door beer bottles fell out. There was car seats in the back so I started screaming into the woods that they better not have those babies with them. A car pulls up and I inform them some POS drunk driver abandoned the truck then she replied “That’s my husband.” The babies were safe with the mother and another drunk driving white local escaped. It’s speaks volumes about the other commenters that they quickly got racist and blamed outsiders. Wake up!

    • It made the news because the vehicle is sticking out in the road and I got photos that made the incident clear.

    • It’s not racist . That looks to me to be the same rig as the guy who sits at the bottom of the road and he is a fucking Bulgarian . Get a grip . I base nothing on race . I know he is a Bulgarian . He can hardly speak English and they drive that road like its a race track .

      • YES !!! you are right, He sure is !!! No race cards pulled here, but i know 1 when i see 1….. ran into a few out in Hydesville and Dinsmore !!! Get them outta here and send them pretty boys wearing ,TRACK suits and NOT so pretty Shoe P.O.S outta here

  • Driver’s side door wouldn’t open so they got out on the passenger side.. Maybe CHP will follow up.. Maybe not..

  • I’m pretty sure it was a Bulgarian that was the second shooter in the grassy knoll. And while we’re at it, I bet they are the ones responsible for the chem trails. Bulgaria should probably be looked at a little closer for global warming. Miss anything?

  • I hope everyone is ok. I drive our road a lot late at night because those are the hours a musician works. Frankly, everyone I see is driving carefully during those hours…unlike during the day, when I regularly pray I don’t end up in a ditch or smashed by someone coming around a blind corner in the middle of the road way too fast! I wish there were a way to convince people to drive better before someone is badly hurt. Nothing is so important that you’ll feel ok about hurting or killing someone. I’m just sayin’….

  • Chances are they were high as kites.didnt want to get caught.was it reported stolen??

  • I’m supprised no one has whined about the diesel tank in the back? Hippies must still be hungover from reggae

  • Why are so many people sticking up for the Bulgarians? It does look like the truck that a Bulgarsin guard sits in every day, with a hoody on, at the maple hills bridge, however this truck is not as new. But the reader who suggested that it might be, was not being racist, just stating a fact. And let’s be honest this race is here in our small community and they are doing the following things, this is not racist, they just happen to be foreign and making a really bad name for them selves. I’m sure are some great Bulgarians in Bulgaira, but the ones here are for the green rush and it’s not doing the locals any good. . These are facts:
    They are illegally growing,
    They are not applying for permits, do you see any Foreign names on the permit applicant list?
    They are carrying guns, people see them doing this a lot.
    They are infact threatening people over water.
    They don’t care about the environment
    They are backed by huge foreign banks, helping them purchase huge chunks of land, talk to a realtor.
    They are making locals feel threatened and uneasy as they show up as your new neighbors on a hill your family has lived in for decades.
    So keep sticking up for them and calling us ignorant and racist and wait until they buy your neighbor’s parcel, and the water runs dry.

    • Ignorance is ignorance not bliss.

      Lol, ya white locals don’t do any of the things on your list. I don’t grow weed so I’ll never afford more than a rental, so no worries for me being stuck next to white or Bulgarian mega grows. When I lived on Rancho Sequoia it wasn’t Bulgarians I was terrified of FYI. White people stole my trashcans, spread my trash everywhere and tore down part of a neighbors yurt for wood. White people committed the three murder that happened my year living there. Stop looking for a scapegoat when we never solved our own white locals issues. P.S. I’m also white, work two jobs and want there to be zero mega grows in this county, I don’t think anyone has ever stood up for the Bulgarians and I’m not either. I just think the blame game is useless and everyone behaving the same way deserves to be held accountable, and not a scapegoat.

    • You need to educate yourself.[edit] you sure act like you know a lot. This community has always been about excepting difference. I feel extremely sorry for you [edit]

  • I know for a FACT that these guys are Bulgarians. I deal with them often enough as they buy enough electrical supplies to wire a small town, and have seen them in Costco with two or three flat carts loaded to nearly falling off, AND paying cash pulled from huge wads of dough. Of course, I am sure there are some decent and good Bulgarians…

    • Ignorance is ignorance not bliss.

      White people in Humboldt never do that, how dare those different colored people come ruin our prestine, zero mega grow, low crime county!!!!

  • I don’t stick up for them!!!!!they all got to go.yesterday I saw 20 greenhouses,the year before 4!!!not hiding what so ever.i remember years back running for our lives when we heard the chopper such a shame,my N.Y family ask me what happen to all the amazing land around here??she cryed when I told her

  • Worked out there yesterday. Everyone drives like a buffoon. Even the soccer mom’s in their suv’s drive like idiots !!!

  • Not a accident ?

    O.G. Hill jack smoking some V-town crack now wishing he was a hippie in a kyack stuck in a insane asylum saying quack quack quack.

  • I don’t want anything I say anything that might put Kym at risk, but I wish that some out of the area would shame our HCSO by revealing to a wider public that there is indeed a real Bulgarian greedrush going on here. If a coffee shop afficianado can accumulate knowledge of two Bulgarian grow properties on Old Briceland Road, at least two in greater Whitethorn, at least two in the Ettersburg area, two up Salmon Creek, one on Chalk Mountain, at least one in Blocksburg, the two decade old nest on the east side of Bull Creek… if I know of 11 how many are there? There are no doubt many more environmentally heedless greedster carpetbaggers who aren’t Bulgarian blowing it up here, and xenophobia is easy to fall into, but these Eastern groups are organized crime. Ask the HCSO and they go mum/dumb or suggest that they are complaint driven, as if they expect neighbors to ra out heavily armed thugs . C’mon journalists who are at a safe distance, there is an amazing storyline here. Sensational.
    Use this at your own discretion Kym, please.

    Use this comment only if you feel safe to Kym.

    • It’s kinda funny that’s people are bitching about the Bulgarians and not one persons is mentioning anything about the people who sell there property to them

  • rat out, not ra out

  • You all gonna dye from starving if there are no bulgarians, serbians and mexicans. All stores like Dinsmore gonna be closed . The reason why the economy of this state is still moving is because this people are here, and they working for you

    • Yeah, it sounds like the locals are used to the easy money that rolls in, and don’t like when “outsiders” wanna come try to make a buck.

  • Ignorance is ignorance not bliss.

    The day that the Bulgarians are the ONLY ones around here doing the things you complain about then I’ll join your “Bulgarians go home bregade” but there’s not one thing y’all have said about the Bulgarians that isn’t also true about white locals here including your precious born and raised gods.

  • I happened by the accident when the kid was still in the truck.
    He is a field hand for one of the growers near by.
    He was OK, just a little banged up.
    He came around the corner to fast, over corrected and went over the bank.
    The reason he left was because he had no insurance, no license and no registration.
    Just one of many young (19) kids driving to fast on a road that they don’t know.
    One of the bad things about the County somewhat fixing the road, is that I have noticed that the speed of many of the vehicles has really increased.

  • Seen that guy in gville before with that old rig and the lame brake light bar under the tailgate,..he skipped out before getting a dui,… but hey it would take hours for any errors to figure this out and actually get the law involved

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