Motorcyclist Seriously Injured During High Speed Pursuit

High speed lights

Image By Paolo Neo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On August 6, 2016 at approximately 7:16pm a Trinity County Sheriff’s Deputy was on a traffic stop on Big Creek Road north of Highway 3. While conducting the traffic stop the Deputy noticed a motorcycle driving at a high rate of speed and driving recklessly. The Deputy motioned to the driver of the motorcycle to slow down.

Due to the reckless driving of the driver on the motorcycle the Deputy returned to his patrol vehicle and attempted to pull the motorcycle over. The driver failed to pull over for the Deputy for approximately the next 4 miles.

When the vehicles reached the intersection of Big Creek Road and Forest Road 32N23 the motorcycle began to lose control and ended up in the ditch. The Deputy’s vehicle came to a stop in the air over the ditch. The Deputy exited the vehicle and found the driver identified as Ryan Cookriddle, in the ditch needing medical attention. Fire and medical were dispatched to the scene where they transported the suspect to Hayfork airport where he was flown via helicopter to a Redding area hospital.

The report has been routed to the Trinity County District Attorney’s Office for filing charges.

The California Highway Patrol investigated the crash.



  • Chased him into a ditch and then rammed him into submission, scary times we live in

  • Cop should be cited for reckless endangerment

  • “The Deputy’s vehicle came to a stop in the air over the ditch.” Wow! Those are some LIFTERS! af

    • The patrol car hovered in the air over the ditch until Wile E. CHiPey *looked down* then looked into the camera and waved goodbye.

  • He has a broken collar bone and ankle, fractured pelvis and had surgery on tuesday.

    Sad because he has so much goung on right now with his mom being in the last stages of cancer, his soul mate just recuperating from surgery and two small children.

    Prayers to the family that your path starts smoothing out.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Why didn’t they just fly him out of the forest service chev marked lz at the crossroads nearby, than heading back to the ‘fork.

    Doesn’t make sense…

  • Wow rubbing is racing,the Ole bump and run-over lol.hope dude is going to be ok But next time just pull the hell over.when the law says slow down pull over,ahhhh duh.

  • so hey, this man would never hurt a soul, and just thought about getting home to his dying mother and had no idea he was being pursued. ever rode a 400 ? officer trujillo will be charged for this crime! and no vehicle can hover

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      If it’s anyone it’s him….

      Kim works in Trinity title and prolly passes Intel to dog boy.

      Whitman, ketch the 911 erased tapes pom, won’t do a thing.

      Mark Potts needs to get elected and sweep the dirt out.

      C’mon, Mark! Run, run, run….

      North Korean Constitunal Sheriffs don’t have a place in TV.

      Building code violations are fine there, but not at peasants homes.

      Please, Mark-

      Run and deport these commies.

    • Police need to be held accountable for what they did, just like you or I, someone needs to answer

  • I know Ryan very well he’s a good man and has been working hard to improve his life . He has a wife and two little ones! His mother is stage four bone cancer. He has been taking care of her full time for the last year!!! The facts are that he had a helmet on and the bike is incredibly loud. He did even know the officer was behind him tell it was to late! He could have been killed! This officer needs to be held responsible!

  • I don’t get why people are saying the cop is to blame? Am I misunderstanding the article?

    • Read the article while you think and you might begin to understand

    • What the reporter didn’t mention is that the chp ran him over to stop him! It dam near killed him!

      • This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department as such, it reflects their point of view. Also CHP is the California Highway Patrol which is run by the State. The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office were the ones involved in the chase and they are employed by the County.

  • You say the driver of the motorcycle is a “nice guy” Lots of criminals are supposed to be nice guys. The Law Enforcement Officer you say is wrong, for what. doing his job correctly.. I think not.. The motorcycle criminal driver is just that, a Dumb Criminal and needs to go to jail, once he is done taking care of his mother.. An yes i know how that goes, since i took care of family in the same situation as his mom.. If the criminal motorcycle driver was doing that, he would not be out committing crime and endangering the nice citizens who are law abiding. Thank you Deputy for doing your job and keep us citizens safe… All lives matter!!!!!!

    • Excuse me? How is it a crime to ride your dirt bike on a dirt rode in Hayfork? I have grate respect for law enforcement but when mistakes are made we all need to be held accountable. It’s my understanding that this isn’t a isolated incident. This is not the first time the officer has used this technique on a civilian. It is never ok to put someone’s life in jeopardy ever!

    • I feel so sorry for any family you took care of, and they were sick to? Shame shame on you.

  • Slow down, seems logical. had he done so.. no one would have been pursuing him. let it go..

  • Having been witness to the apitomy of incompetence from EVERY LAST DEPARTMENT,of any kind, WHO OPERATES UNDER THE SEAL OF TRINITY COUNTY my entire life, this incident is just one to add to an infinite list, orchestrated by a bunch of unqualified liabilities that somehow found their way into positions that form how we as a county are views by the rest of the world. Per capita our murder rate dwarfs almost any other place in the nation. Placing a small amount of priority on real issues that need dealt with and a whole lot more attention to individual conduct by those who are supposed to be setting an example ,should be made mandatory to consider keeping the TCSO in operation. I know the victim personally,he’d be the first one to acknowledge the right for others to have safety, he was unaware of there being anyone trying to get his attention. So, have some respect for an otherwise healthy, contributing member of our community,unless u want me to come give you a reason to beg for the assistance of a trinity co cop.ask and yee shall receive!

    • You people contradict yourselves. If he didn’t know that the cop was following him, you should be grateful that the cop followed and got him medical assistance for his bad decisions. I call BS, he knew the cop was after him. Don’t to the crime, if you can’t do the time. He might be a great guy and all, but still made a bad decision.

  • So it’s the cop’s fault that the dumb ass would not pull over and tried to outrun him? Pull your heads out of your asses and show some accountability for your own bad decisions, people.

    • It sounds like some folks above are implying the officer actually ran into the guy and caused the accident while in pursuit of someone who didn’t know they were being followed..

  • Very easy way to determine what exactly happened, May we view the dash cam video, officer Trujillo?

  • And for all those non believers, the officer in question is still very much on patrol, perhaps your brother or your baby’s father will be the next person he attempts to practice parking on.

  • Don’t hide behind your email address and refer to any of my family as “dumbass” especially when he’s still in a hospital bed.

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