Leave Time If You’re Headed South on 101, One Lane Controlled Traffic From Richardson’s Grove to Twin Trees Bridge

Caltrans District CTCaltrans spokesperson Eli Rohl tells us, “…Garberville Maintenance is doing some routine mowing north of in the Grove today. Because of how narrow the highway is, they had to use a lane closure to move equipment and personnel around safely.” Traffic control begins about one mile north of the Grove and will be in place until around noon.

UPDATE 11:15 a.m.: There will be work in the area until around 5 p.m. One lane of the four lane will be closed until then.



  • You were right back in January 2015 about LoCO and there Country Club and Thunderdome now it’s just one big cluster f**k.

    • Disappointing and frustrating, isn’t it? I am all for blocking the blowhards to make it a more pleasant experience for myself and other friendly commenters. Separate the wheat from the chaff, and let them thresh it out without us.

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