Civil Engineer Says He was Handcuffed and Plants Were Chopped During Planned Walkthrough of Grow During Permitting Process

Marijuana raid by Robin Collins

Chipper and law enforcement vehicles during Blocksburg raid yesterday. [All photos by Robin Collins]

On Tuesday, Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies as well as CAMP raided a cannabis farm raising heritage CBD plants (strains of marijuana designed for their medical properties which have very low THC–the chemical that makes a user high.) The property had received an affidavit from the county planning department showing they had submitted their paperwork. The growers who were leasing the land and their permit consultant and civil engineer Robin Collins with Green Road Consulting believed they had made the necessary good faith steps towards getting a permit. Those steps, they believed allowed them to grow legally before getting the actual permit.

They were not alone in this belief. Other growers, attorneys, this reporter, and even Humboldt County Undersheriff William Honsal believed the same thing. Honsal was quoted as saying, “[P]eople who’ve applied [to the permitting programs] don’t have to fear as long as they are abiding by environmental laws and ordinances.”

Roughly a week prior to the raid, Green Roads Senior Environmental Planner, Kaylie Saxon, met with Deputy Kyle Holt from the Sheriff’s Office and the actual landowner, according Collins. This was confirmed by Saxon. “We went over all the paperwork with them,” Collins said.

(The affidavit from Humboldt County was issued August 4th. Saxon said she also spoke to Steve Santos of Humboldt County’s Planning Department on August 5. “I was assured that we did have the proper paperwork in,” she told us.)

Marijuana raid by Robin Collins

These high CBD plants were all chopped down, according to Collins. CBD flower would not normally be used for recreational marijuana consumption. It would be used to make medicine.

Deputy Holt, Collins said, told Saxon, ‘We will probably stop in on Tuesday.’  Collins said, “[T]he landowner gave them a key and permission to come.”

“There was nothing illegal going on,” Collins said so he and his client were ready to meet with officers on Tuesday to look at the grow. “I was looking to shake their hands,” Collins said. Instead, he said, he spent two hours in handcuffs.

“They drove up and they stopped a ways a way and pulled their guns,” Collins recounted. “They told us to put our hands up.” Collins and his client were detained for hours and the grow of high quality medical strains was entirely eradicated.

“I’ve had problems with permits before,”said Collins. As a civil engineer he works on building projects as well as on helping growers get the needed permits to be legal cannabis farmers. “I’ve brought Fish and Wildlife [officers] and the Water Board to many cannabis farms. If something is wrong, we figure out a solution and a timeline to fix it. Standard engineering stuff…This time they put me in handcuffs in the sun for two hours.”

Marijuana raid by Robin Collins

The bones of a greenhouse with the remains of marijuana plants heaped on Smart pots.

Collins said he told the officers he had the affidavit but when he told them he had it electronically on his phone, they said, “You don’t have the paperwork.” Because it was all in email, they wouldn’t even look at it, said Collins who explained that it is a normal part of his business to use electronic devices to show paperwork. But the officers would not even look at it this time. According to Collins, they also said, “It wasn’t approved by the Planning Commission. Until they are approved, they are illegal.”

Neither Collins nor his client were arrested. They were free to leave in the end. There was no warrant left at the property and no environmental problems cited. “They told me they were doing open field eradication,” Collins said. The property has no residence on it and open field searches do not require warrants.

When asked what he thinks caused the Sheriff’s Department to raid this property, he said, “I think there is some miscommunication between the Sheriff’s and Planning Department; otherwise I am at a loss.” Collins said there were “over a 1000 plants.” But, he said, they were quite small. “It was a really late start. The plants had been in the ground maybe three weeks….We were working with the Planning Department. The property owner didn’t want things to happen that were illegal.”

Collins said he knew that bringing grows into compliance with new County and State rules would have “some bumps” but he didn’t think he’d end up in handcuffs. “I thought I was on the right side of things.”

Collins is hoping “this was an anomaly. I’m hoping to hear this is not how they are going to proceed in the future.”

Marijuana raid by Robin Collins

Officer walking past a marijuana garden whose plants were chopped down by machetes.



  • SO will stonewall this one.. Does that look like resposible grading.?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      No more or less than your home site being graded or the farm animals grading the whole site…….your point is what?

  • The sheriffs should have listened to reason.The grading does look good i see straw .maybe need some rock on the roads

    • Yes…listening to “reason.” …Because we all know that no one ever ever lies to law enforcement! Right?

      All these “medicinal” MJ grows bring guns, violence, large cases of cash, and people who do not care about this community other than what they can get out of it. Disregard for the land and the environment.

      • Ignoring the fact that everything you mentioned is a direct product of the black market…

        • Have you not read about ask the hit and runs lately? How did the black market have any thing to with that?
          Children being ran down because people want to be high all the time… And we sit back and do nothing..

      • You know that for sure?

      • Henchman Of Justice

        We all know sandy saferide copies and pastes the same comment over on other mj blogs.

      • Disgustedwith ignotance

        You are so wrong and ignorant. Or is it you’re just making this crap up for your own personal agenda. Instead of blanket statements which are inflammatory and defamatory, how about some specifics instead of concocted nonsense. How about this one? Statistics show that people who opposed lawful farming of cannabis are child molesters. Furthermore I’m quite sure your anti 2nd Amendment yet you make no mention of the excessive force and use of firearms and I’m sure SWAT, to enforce at best a code violation.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Tar chip seal is what the county requires often, is that what you want, oil leaching into ground water?

      Cement, blacktop or paver stone.

      Dust is the devil.

    • sharpen your pencil

      [edit] This person was leasing the land, the person leasing the property didn’t respond to the cops asking him to return their call. Instead he ignored it, when the cops contacted the owner, the owner told them that if they weren’t legit, to eradicate the crop. So eradicate it they did.

      This idiot only submitted his papers after being flown….. Having papers turned in that were incomplete, and with false information isn’t the same as being approved! LOCO has the update with facts. This “civil engineer” is making a statement in an attempt to not allow this to harm his “business”….

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Maybe next time the grower should hire an attorney instead of a “permit consultant”.

  • I would want to know absolutely for sure, in writing, if I could put in a garden prior to my application being approved. It would probably be the first question I would ask.

    • As I understood it. Grows were to be grandfathered in. But, this proves otherwise. That isn’t even that big of a grow.
      Government is crooked as shit

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Exactly, start, stop, start, pause, go backwards, start again……………but voters put these people in place, so whatcha gonna do except resort to removal or violence as a way to combat the crookedness. As cops are being pinpointed by lonewolf types, so too will be politicians etc., sadly because as humans, it is shameful that to get rid of the evil is to be unpopular and ridiculed.

      • This is the problem with the planning department “allowing” folks to continue to cultivate while they work to “get legal”. The planning department has no authority over the penal code, health and safety code, fish and game code, etc. They are giving growers the preception that they will be left alone by these other agencies (SO, Cal Fire, Fish and Game, etc) when they may be in clear violation of these laws. MJ cultivation for profit is still illegal. Very illegal. The county should have instructed growers to not cultivate while getting their properties in compliance. then only those who had no intention of getting legal would be getting busted, we would not have so much ambiguity.

  • They paid huge bucks to an engineer for grading, it was all legit. They tried to follow the rules.

  • Food for thought

    And this is why this all will never work as long as it’s federally illegal. You’re all wasting you time and money. Nothing protects your crop. What a bunch of pansies to chop down a cbd crop meanwhile the bulgies are thumbing their noses at them. Sleep well knowing you chopped down someones salve stock.

  • Seems as though they were racing to get permitted before the caravan showed up, didn’t quite make it.

    • The time line doesn’t support your theory, Don.
      “Good faith” agreements with government feeders mean nothing.
      I’ll bet $5 this is a spin-off of (Mendo) Sheriff Allmen’s hosting the YUGE coordinating drill on Lake Mendocino last month. It was for “Safety” in the event of…….make something up.
      Playing games with Big Shot law enforcement will never work. Here’s proof of the deception. af

      • So he is permitted on the Thursday and raided following Tuesday, good luck getting any government agency to talk to another in that time, with my past experiences 60 days is a good starting point, the consultant should know this.

        • The agency is only there because of the permit that was filed for . They weren’t there because of an investigation. No one will file for permits now . Thousands of mega growers that were ready to bring their money in are all saying fuck you . No one in their right mind would trust the county agin after this .

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Consultants don’t know jack shit when the “consulting consists of fly by night” profiteers playing off a gubbamint sponsored permit process meant not to protect the environment, but to collect taxations and fees.

          There is tangible consultations……and then there is just complete and utter bullshit to create faux jobs that steal from Peter to pay off Paul.

          Ya see, Paul is a dependent, can’t or won’t fend for herself because she was reconditioned politically to only receive, not to give back.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Or, they applied, knew it was not approved yet but did not want to miss out on the grow season, so everyone including the owner make up bullshit cover stories when caught.

      Yet, when it is a back to lander’s unpermitted house, sheriff’s and building inspectors don’t rip stuff out, tear down the house.


      Tax dollars on a fixed asset attached permanently to land, another asset.

      Sheriff’s could have issued a citation, not remove pot and grower could pay the fine, similar to illegal timber harvests when timber company has no permit but claims the process was underway.

  • So what’s the timeline here: Law passes in the 90’s then after more than two decades gets some sort of legal framework and millions of arrest in the meantime. At what point is law enforcement going to say “Oh actually we were wrong and all along this really should never have been a crime.”

  • Wow , so the cops went to the persons property who was trying to be compliant with all the necessary paperwork instead of going to one of the hundreds of mega grows on that hil that have no paperwork whatsoever ?

  • Go Home Green Rushers - YOU SUCK!

    rule number 1 to growing in Humboldt County: Build A Cabin Or House. You need to create curtilage. They paid the engineering firm probably 10’s of thousands of dollars. I’ve been told people are spending $50K to $100K to the engineering firms to get compliant. – The freaking dumb asses didn’t remember the 1st rule to growing weed in Humboldt. Create a living space. Open Field Searches will still happen if you don’t build a cabin and put the grow near the homestead. Don’t be a dumb ass. Build a living space. For this bit of info. please just make a donation to a local charity instead of giving more money to the real crooks in this whole scenario, the engineers. They lobbied the shit out of it and are now making millions, but they aren’t even advising people to guild a home. Shit you could just park a trailer and put up a fence. This is old school shit. You newcomers, green rushers deserve to get busted. You are ruining for everyone that has alreay lived here and have raised families in Humboldt County.

    • Well put!! And correct!! Live where you grow….

      • How about that state license you will need spending 70 thousand will not guarantee a state of ca license to grow

    • Not The First Rule

      Really????? Tell me one time that a dwelling saved someone from getting busted or plants cut? All they do is get a warrant. First rule????

      • I’ll give you eighteen. Eighteen years ago I came out of the woods guerrilla growing. Instead of camoing trails and waterline, buckets in trees, I spent my time weed whacking my yard and planting orchards. The new Camo. The U.S. Supreme Court made this happen with Sinoway and Pearlston. So eighteen years ago they came, hovered and left. We grew with the old rules, and changed with them. Not sure where you came from, but we lived by rules these newcomers just don’t get.
        Like taking care of our roads and donating to the fire departments.

        • Not The First Rule

          Getting flown doesn’t count. Plenty of grows with no structures have been flown without getting busted or cut. The only thing the curtilage does is keep them from walking right up on your house. They can go past gates and walk all over the place, its called open field. Then when they make it to your curtilage, they stop right there and call in a search warrant. Happens all the time.

        • Great observation and story! Amen to the point about roads and local fire departments. There’s a difference between committed resident farmers and those who are here just grade, grow and grab.

        • thank you original dankster! Rod Deal and the I Deals is still here and alive in our hearts man. Helicopters are flying just like bee’s overhead, Helicopters violating our constitutional rights….and then Ty just kinda goes on a jam….Thank you for the code. I live it in Lake County. I breathe it in my community. Thank you for the rules of life…..:D Dab on brother of the herb.

  • Don’t do permit process!!! It’s just a list with all your personal info for the cops to use. Obviously it’s BS, there are plenty of huge water diverting scenes with poison piles, tons of weapons, lots of illegal people (bulgarians) & plenty of $ to steal. Why not go after them? Are the feds not letting local cops or are the bulgies paying the cops top dollar to leave them alone? Anyone who thinks the HCSO aren’t for hire and corrupt, get a clue. They were MAXXAM’S henchmen the whole time that horrible company was here.

    And to the civil engineer welcome to pot growing in humboldt!!! This is what folKS have been talking about for 30 some odd years. And this sounds like the sheriffs on good behavior! Now you can imagine what they do when no one “official” is around. They were probably super bummed you were there then they couldn’t take money and property illegally like usual. Its big money for them and they will milk it til they can’t anymore.
    Keep outlaw culture alive, don’t play their game

  • Wow, where does one get water for all of those pots? Some of us struggle just to have enough on hand for NORMAL household use. Good job LEO, whack ’em all.

  • I agree with Duh They flew and drove past 1000s of Bulgarian plants and hammered these folks. Makes no sense. I’ve heard these people have been working with the county since April to come into compliance. They were considered a model grow. They have been commended by water quality etc for their work up there they were totally transparent with SO Fish and Game everyone. Including any concerned neighbors. This BS will set the permit process back. I see 400 some odd names on a list on Lost Coast outpost today. People it’s a hit list. Yesterday proves that.

  • Soooo……. they didnt actually have a permit in hand…. just proof that they had applied!
    It seems like ALL permits that are required for hunting, driving, building, cooking ect. Have to be approved before you can do something. Am I missing something here?

    Also….. being from Blocksburg and knowing how the hillsides can be very unstable, it seems that this gtow site should have been terraced to prevent coluvium*spelling* shifting. What is going to be the outcome of this hillside during the next few winters when the ground gets saturated?

    • Actually a very few have permits. I know of two.

    • Katrina, that sums it up for me too. It doesn’t look like a grandfathered grow either. It looks brand new.

    • Ignorance is bliss

      You are definitely missing something. Have you seen the application process and paperwork? There are standards and procedures for new and existing gardens.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      The gubbamint cops are not tearing out unpermitted homes, so that application of a building permit process is bogus.

      A citation and penalty fees would have sufficed, but tearing out the fixture to land was bs force by fear.

      Why would anyone want the cops to have jobs when they pull this rubbish.

  • Perhaps officials believed the grower ‘jumped the gun’ and was too far ahead of being legal. Get legal then grow? A 16 year old gets pulled over by the CHP and says “it’s OK I’ve applied for drivers training and my passenger helped me with the paperwork”. Probably won’t suffice.

    • What about what Under Sheriff Honsal is quoted as saying, “[P]eople who’ve applied [to the permitting programs] don’t have to fear as long as they are abiding by environmental laws and ordinances.” Most attorneys, consultants and myself believed that as long as the grower had an affidavit, the plants would not be cut down until there was a review and evidence of the grower egregiously breaking the rules.

      • Both the Sheriff and the Planning Department have said that registration of the activity, which is the first step of getting the county permit, would be enough. The sheriff said he was going to raid people who were not in the process. The facts in this case so far show a major breach of trust by the Sheriff.

        • Yes we need more facts in this case exposed. That alone will aid everyones understanding as to why such good upstanding growers of our community were unfairly raided. Why haven’t these people done an interview yet? Many of us are curious about their viewpoint on organic and sustainable gardening practices. If they are experts on legal growing then they can share the secrets to their success up to this point. I’m curious as to why they haven’t come forward yet just their engineer.

          • Possibly being handcuffed for several hours while months of hard work went down the drain had a dampening effect on their desire to go public about growing….

            • Any new coverage on this story kym? have you reached out to the sherriffs office asking for answers? I’m just wanting to know if there is more to this story then what has been said. If these peoples were targeted because they were in the process of coming into compliance then I’d wager it would be one of the most popular articles ever written on your website. Thanks kym and keep up the awesome work like always.

            • Henchman Of Justice

              Not to mention the waste of many resources because the sheriff was complicit in non conservation practices.

              A plant takes and gives back.


              Taxes paid on grow operation……. laundered.

              Oxygen regeneration……gone

              Fossil fuels wasted……

              Air pollution……

              Time and energy…..wasted

              So much waste when it was not necessary.

              • HCSO did a commendable job. Thank you for cleaning up the neighborhood. Intervening on these criminals masquerading in the community was necessary and prudent. This group is filthy and needed to be put down. If any one of you lived near them or had the unfortunate experience of knowing their family and their gypsy clan, you would be applauding HCSO. Broadcasting a fantasized legacy built with lies was eventually going to catch up to them and it finally did. Take home here is disrespect, lack of integrity, and complete disregard for the environment will not go unpunished.

                • You will never get the last word

                  Oh Angel, you are going to be so bummed when the truth about all of this comes out. Wish I could see your face. 🙂 I hope all your hatred towards a group of people who has literally helped save lives, shows your true colors to all these bloggers that you are hoping will back your slanderous comments. If you want to start talking about lifestyles and destroying the planet, I have a lovely little arsenal with your name on it. We’re fighting the same war…don’t divide us.

      • By “saying” that, and it not being in writing would be entrapment, one would think. Maybe it was a set-up.
        After dealing with the law most of my life, I don’t trust much on spoken words. Even then the legal system twists the law.
        Get it in writing, preferably in legal jargon before setting up house.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Writing don’t mean jackshit either Katrina, get a reality check by going to an attorney, get involved in a legal matter, you’ll chirp a different finch whistle.

      • Kym, apparently you haven’t dealt with many government “officials”. They do what they want when they want, and there is very little recourse for the average joe.

      • one agency making sure or multiple agencies making it muddled? I say they are making harder for people who are not big marijuana with deep pockets. In Washington state you cannot even home grow at all. Fuck that, Keep it wild and free. A lot of us will die without that ability to feed our families on our little home grows. I take care of a few folks, without them I wouldn’t eat. I treat them as such too, like pony boy said “Stay Golden man.” or was that California? Either way this scares me, I will not go into any government sanctioned compliance. Popcorn Sutton would say, as would Brownie Mary, ‘May the Federal government be damned!”

    • Henchman Of Justice

      The gubbamint cops are not tearing out unpermitted homes, so that application of a building permit process is bogus.

      A citation and penalty fees would have sufficed, but tearing out the fixture to land was bs force by fear.

      Why would anyone want the cops to have jobs when they pull this rubbish.

  • Oh man, now I’m nervous…..but there’s an important lesson here: POST PAPERWORK on site, on the gate, and in your vehicle. It’s just like driving….if you get pulled over and say “It’s OK officer, I have my registration and insurance online”, they won’t appreciate it. Keep lots of 215’s handy, and try to comply as much as possible.
    But the handcuffs were hardly necessary (I know it’s routine procedure, but still….).
    This will probably become a landmark case of some kind.

    • I say build multiple fences and stage areas for passage onto property. I have 3 myself. With multiple areas of detection and a good security system in place a lot of time can be bought for a grower. People can move safely, and also a raid like this would be harder with multiple gates, obstructions ie: cow grates doubled up. and also we try to use horses, if possible army or police horses who are retired or vetted out due to inability to perform duty. These are truly the best as they are mean, chase you for a good mile or so, sometimes more. And are loud and kinda scary. I say prepare for the war, make them use a chopper to drop nazi cannabis morons in, make them pay for the privilige of terrorizing farmers. Plant farmers. Wine growers have guns and drugs too(meth anyone?) i say kill the grapes!!!!!!

  • Oh and look Loco just decided it’s a good idea to release all the names of folks who’ve filed for permits. They redacted addresses and parcel numbers but still, they just published a huge rip off list!!! Thank loco, i know you started as a way to put picturez of folks busted for pot out everywhere but ur hate for growers has gone too far.

    • I saw one of my elementary teachers on there. She’s elderly. I know it is public knowledge. I can even sort of see why someone might publish it but it worried me for her–a very sweet woman.

      • Efficient. Fake a “legalization” program, publish the addresses of those poor fools who bit, and thieves will take care of the problem while the permit money goes in the bank. Nifty! af

        • except thieves don’t need someone to tell them addresses. There’s a thing called google earth. Secondly, I personally would not refer to the people that have signed up as ‘fools’ I would call them ‘Risk takers’. only a fool would not be able to understand that times have changed and there are people that as of right grow weed LEGALLY and make a good amount of money doing so. (Do some research of the legal growers in colorado/ oregon) If you like being a closet grower fine, but times have changed and in november recreational pot is more then likely gonna pass. And the people that have already been approved for growing commercial medical, will more then likely be able to very easily transition to the rec. game. And even if recreational doesn’t pass, by 2018 all the dispensarys will only be allowed to purchase from commercial medical growers. Granted the black market will still exist if that’s the way you want to go.

          • Saucy, the exact same bait-and-switch was pulled off down here in Mendo.
            Individuals, co-ops, and dispensaries were set up to think themselves legal, and CAMP and the Feds showed up. And our Sheriff was right in there with them.
            This may have been before your time, but it happened. It’s a part of our history that we need to learn and remember. And if we do this, we might stay solvent and free. af

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Feds say no person is growing “legally”.

            The Feds are “correct”.

      • Oh Kym…I feel dumb even pointing out this obvious thing…Many of the names on the applications are not actually the people doing the growing. As we speak people are being recruited and paid to act as the “licensee” or “licensed agent” by organizations that want to stay one step back from the government. Indeed, you might get a few of these people on the list being hired by one organization that wants to keep their full involvement a secret. This is how organized crime operates and yes they are here and yes they are taking over this industry. Your elementary teacher may be getting permits for herself but again- she may be a front for somebody else. Somebody who probably approached her in a very friendly fashion with a stack of money and a proposal that sounded sweet to her. Probably even told her that she’d be helping sick people. The corruption is all around us but some good-hearted people refuse to see it. And so it grows… And no this is not a paranoid comment. The sharks are here, some are home-grown but all are grabbing at the remaining prize and have no community concern other than as a tactic to sucker the innocents…it happened with dispensaries and it happened in CO and it’s happening here.

        • That could be true and…like many of my elderly neighbors, she could be supplementing her income with marijuana.

        • EyesAreEverywhere

          If this is the same person I believe it is, she is the one listed because she legally owns the property. Her two sons, to my understanding, are the ones running the operation. It’s been common knowledge in the area for a while that they grow.

    • If you apply for permits its public knowledge. No sympathy for sneaky growers.

  • They are having a local drilling company put in 200 foot deep wells. Less obvious draining of the water supply.

    • You make it sound like it is dishonest to dig a well, They are draining the water supply ? Whos water is it ? the well is on their land so it is not stealing. probably comes from an aquifer. What is your problem ?

  • Not The First Rule

    Whats weird about the photo is a bunch of plants are wilted.

  • Yes you are missing a lot Katrina. The county ordinance states you must be working towards compliance to grow on your proposed site. With preliminary paperwork (registered with county) in place.

  • Maybe the Second Amendment people can deal with this, I don’t know…

  • The “landlord” that leased it to the growers made the complaint and asked LE to come get the plants. Word is the growers were growing WAY more than they told the ” landlord”

    • Speculation is one thing....

      Haha, no he didn’t. Silly Rabbit. Speculate, don’t state information as fact if you have your head up your rear end. And the garden size was within the counties standards with the “landlords” knowledge. Anything else?

      • I have seen landlords take money as an option for the yearly lease of their property, than call the cops , get the people evicted and keep their down payment.

  • What part of growing weed being illegal don’t you law abiding citizens understand? Are you really that over educated or just unlucky at thinking (ie: STUPID).

    • Federally illegal. If this was a federal raid I don’t think so many people would be so up in arms. With the new territory of Humboldt county trying to bank on the cannabis industry that has been here for so long, they are having people work with the county prior to submitting the applications. Meaning, if there are corrections or other permits which need to be applied for, all that work is done before getting county approval, but an applicants name is still on the list as “coming into compliance”. When this all started, there was supposed to be a 1-2 year window for growers to be completely in compliance because of the new territory. The biggest thing here, is that, that garden would never have been there had there been any inkling that there were issues. The HCSO dropped the ball on this one big time. A rogue sheriff not in contact with his boss, took an agreed upon inspection and used it to his advantage.
      Wonder if he’s gonna cut down all his families gardens too? SMH.
      I want to see this go to court. That garden was gonna help a lot of sick people.

      • Sherriff is sworn to uphold all laws; federal, state and local. It’s definitely a conflict, I remember when Chris Giaque was arrested for giving away medical mj and this issue came up with the sheriff at the time (I can’t remember his name). Did they ever find Chris g?

        • Unfortunately then, due to their own press release, they’re liars, and I have to agree with a comment on a different thread that this was entrapment.

  • That’ll teach those Cartels … wait what?

  • Calm down people. This is 1 grow that we have heard about that supposibly had all the permits and got chopped down. If or when Alex moore’s farm and the other 800+ Farms get raided, then I think it’s safe to panic. Rumor has it guy that owned this piece may have had something to do with this happening.

  • Meanwhile people who are not willing to comply or file any form of paperwork are getting away with greenhouses lit up like luxor las vegas. How is this going to get the people who want to comply and file paperwork to do so? The paperwork seems to be just making us a target. This is totally unjust and needs to stop happening! Meanwhile there are real crimes that need to be solved! The only thing they are doing by cutting down the plants is hurting the local community who these farmers support!

  • Glad you liked it, Eric.

  • As Saucy stated when others are unfairly raided then we should be concerned. Until then let the greedy fools get what they deserve. HCSO was on point here folks, Bravo Sheriffs Dept. @ WTF?! these are real criminals who have committed real crimes which have gone unpunished for way too long. As well, they support nothing of community, they pretend they do. These clowns thought they could just keep chugging along their merry way and continue to hoodwink everyone, but justice prevailed. There are facts of the matter that most people don’t know regarding the character and behavior of these enterprising rip-offs. They should be running out of the original CBD strains soon enough. It will be extremely difficult to continue to produce high CBD strains of quality because they never created them in the first place. [edit]

    • Ignorance is bliss

      Was something posted releasing the names?
      In regards to CBD genetics, I am sorry Angel, but I don’t believe you know what you are talking about in this situation.

      • Ignorance is bliss. Ok. May I respectfully correct you and remind all concerned that based on your above statement you clearly don’t know the facts and history of this situation. Possibly because ignorance is bliss for you. This type of rebuttal is expected and foreseen. As well, it is not in anyones best interest to concern themselves with what you believe. The truth and facts are what will be supported and maintained in the end and no one can ever change that, regardless of what is purported.

        • Ignorance is bliss

          Sorry Angel, I should have been more specific. My comment was only in regards to
          “They should be running out of the original CBD strains soon enough. It will be extremely difficult to continue to produce high CBD strains of quality because they never created them in the first place.”
          This statement shows, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Your history has nothing to do with current affairs.

          • The history I speak of has everything to do with these plants and this current affair. My comment is directed at the specific history and creation of all the high CBD strains here in Southern Humboldt County. I’m referring to the original seeds of where these descendant plants came from in this specific case. These Seeds have been claimed to have been created by these people, but were only procured. Often times when a story is repeated and people believe it, it is accepted as fact. Problem with many people who follow is that they accept anything they hear and do very little fact checking. Don’t need to debate it Ignorance is bliss, when you know the truth no one can sway facts with one sided opinion based on false claims and projections. I was offering some insight into everyones shock at this bust. You can’t operate filthy, degrade the environment, and claim notoriety for masterful achievements you did not attain and then expect no repercussions.

            • Ignorance is Bliss

              I had never once heard that the genetics used were claimed to be created. The new creations were claimed to be created though, as they should have been. Sounds like you are holding a personal grudge against people who aren’t even the people you have a personal grudge against. This doesn’t really have anything to do with this raid however. There was no filth or degradation to the environment in these photos. It’s ok though, I just hope for you that your name is not on one of those 6 warrants to search. Enjoy the view from up there, because whether or not you have registered with the county, they’re coming to get ya!

              • You are clearly are a newcomer to this arena ignorance. High CBD isn’t created in a couple of years by fellows who can’t even sex a plant. I was hoping that interjections into this thread would be reserved for those who know what they are talking about. I refrain from commenting on articles here unless I have knowledge of the issue at hand.

                • Ignorance is Bliss

                  Haha, since when are interjections on threads ever reserved for those people who know what they’re talking about. This is a public thread, not a private sector.
                  Yes, I must clearly be a newcomer, because I am speaking generally. I would love to continue this debate where I could speak openly. Not the time or place. You are confusing a few things though. I know who you are. You do not know who I am. You believe someone took claim of something, because it was stated that way in newspaper articles from excited journalists. No quote ever stakes the claim you are so upset about. You can not always believe what you read. Don’t get me wrong, I know you guys had your problems. However, it is unfair to continue that grudge onto people who do not deserve it.

        • Man, that is a lot of words & still says absolutely nothing. [edit]

          • Unfortunately you could not comprehend clear english veterans friend. Possibly you can enlighten everyone as to why this ultra compliant grow was raided.

            • Ignorance is Bliss

              oh, it will all come out. I usually have the cops backs. On this one though, they opened up a can of worms for several people to not want to jump on the compliance bandwagon.

    • Justice never prevails.

  • The world needs more Civil Engineers.

  • Tragedy- I would say the only person that broke the law is the deputies that “took” the legal cannabis from a compliant farm. We need better and more consistent behavior befor we heal our community!

    • I think it’s good that the sheriff is keeping people on their toes. I’m not happy with the big messy grow scenes going on everywhere, it’s the cause of all the regulations and it’s killing what used to be a great lifestyle in the hills of our county. Green rushers suck

  • Hugo Phuckurselph

    From the pictures it looks like they need a better engineered garden fence. I think someone needs to go to fence building school.

  • 1. Is there any chance that law enforcement officials are being bribed to pay attention to one grow and not another?

    2. Permit consultants are sharks.

    3. Are we braiding the rope that we will hang by?

  • Is there ANY chance that ANYONE in county govrrnment will be made to answer for this short of a lawsuit?
    I thought not.

    • Haha, no lawsuit will happen. As usual people get all up in arms when they don’t really have the facts. I don’t know how many times I’ve had the real story on an article and the comments are hilarious in their inaccuracy. Pretty entertaining.

  • …the landowner had already taken a big cash down from the Bulgarians. Pulled out on them….kinda sounds like he did the same with the new growers. Whole thing sounds like a pain in the glass!

  • U don’t kill a deer or cut wood… and then go get a permit. Haha. Nice try. Stay underground…

  • “over 1000 plants” just seems like greed to me getting busted.

  • Interesting and complicated if the original landowner had this filed. › sites › › the files reminds me of the williamson act except they are forever. Look up les fearrines on Google. Its a pdf on the first page. I can’t seem to get the link to copy correctly.

  • colormeskeptical

    Having read the account on here, and the sheriff’s dept version over at LoCO, I think what we have here is a classic case of “the truth is probably somewhere in between.”

    Yeah, it seems like they only showed any intention to get legal after they got flown. On the other hand, so what? Don’t we WANT people who get flown to show up at the permit office the next day to start the process of getting legal? Yeah, better if they had started the permit process earlier, but it does seem like they were making a good faith effort (if a belated and imperfect one) to come into compliance.

    This seems like a pretty serious mis-fire by the sheriff’s dept, all but certain to lead more people to avoid the permitting process entirely, on the basis that if you may still get busted anyway, better not to also be out tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) on consultants, engineers, permits and mitigations.

    Well, a mis-fire unless the whole idea is to undercut and sabotage the county’s permit process, thereby maintaining the flow of money and sweet, sweet overtime for LEOs engaged eradication efforts. Nah, that couldn’t be it…

  • Both sides are misleading in some way or the other. It seems the cops took things that were said while detained and turned them to their advantage, like yah we went and submitted the papers after the fly over, but not mentioning the multiple times they had tried to get it through before.
    Why would they give a list of employees, that’s just dumb. It seems they were detained, not under arrest, so can their words really be used against them in the press release. The engineer guy said 1000 plants, whoops, how would he know anyway, the plant count isn’t supposed to matter now right? It’s the square footage you are allotted. It was supposed to be a friendly walkthrough. They showed up with a chipper. What else Is going on here? I will say this though, as much as people are bashing this civil engineer, he was there to defend what he though was right. So, issue or not with paperwork, he showed up.and was cuffed right there with them. Good job man.

    • I agree with everything you said. people are bashing these consultants, like they are scammers when in reality they actually know all the legal steps and in which orders they are to be done in. That’s what your paying them for. Willing to bet the average joe wouldn’t even know where or how to start ‘coming into compliance’ But if your brain is far superior then the average joe feel free to attempt to navigate thru the mess of rules and paperwork and deadlines by yourselves folks.

  • It is well understood by many that this country must have a black market for the economy to continue as a debt/slavery system. Just as there must be criminals to have a justice system. The MAN will discourage people to go into legit business with Cannabis just like the poor are left without affordable housing, because chaos produces corporate and state control. Welcome to the Orwellian world of double speak.

  • Hey I was wondering if any one had an opinion about lOCO posting the names and ( now retracted) the addresses of those who recently applied for permits. I am refusing to visit their website and was hoping to see what people might think. I honestly am upset that some people’s jobs and safety might be affected by this blatant invasion of privacy. I feel like the website has been irresponsibly publishing private information for far to long. Like posting pictures of car accident victims on stretchers and the weed or no weed game. Personally am not affected because I have lasting complications from injuries sustained by an intoxicated driver that have always made my medical marijuana legal to me and have never had an issue with my own use and cultivation. In fact many people I know are encouraging their clients and business relations to pull their adds from the website.

    • My personal opinion, what loco did was seriously F’d up. I mean technically anyone who has applied for a permit can be looked up because it is ‘public information’ however, I doubt many people would have taken the time to look into who all is signed up by themselves. But since loCo made it easy for everyone and posted it all of course people looked at it. Really lame on there part and I’m sure more then a few people were not happy about it. It would be funny if kym would post the names of all the people involved in the loco websites name on her website. Not sure if it is public information but if it is would sure be funny. Do it kym! Do it in retaliation for what they did. We got your back.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    130 comments! I think that this story get medicine folk more riled up than murder in the first degree. DONT TREAD ON MY WEEDS!

  • So did they use the chipper, or they think it just looks cool to tow around?

  • the bulgarians own half of blocksburg, almost all of the gap and honeydew, much of the 36 corridor past bridgeville, 8mile ect.. bands of locals try to keep them from buying into their neighboorhoods by buying out the neighbors first. they grow thousands upon thousands of plants at each site, they are heavily armed, and have plenty of cash, they grow no CBD, they are all scripted in the minimum and are lightly affiliated with quasi-legal bulgarian owned collectives down south…so in light if this information we all know to be true we must ask ourselves one question.
    if all this is common public information, then why and for what reasons are they not being busted on the regular? they are the biggest, baddest period.
    maybe sheriff Downey or his elect could spread some info on why?

  • IN CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW!! As of August 11, 2016 …..The DEA has just announced that it will NOT reclassify marijuana. There will be hefty jail terms and fines handed out for those who defy Uncle Sam… so at this point why try to make it legal. I would much rather deal with the state vs the feds.

  • The “Black Market” is an important element of capitalism. It’s the bottom of the bottom line. As such, it stabilizes our local economy and allows us to look ahead to order our supplies and plan ahead for out goals.
    The economy of our area (NoMenSoHum) is as dependent on the Black Market as the little (skimming) tourist turn-outs on the 101. This dependence will not change.
    Does Humboldt require an economics’ degree for county employment? Probably not. (Mendo doesn’t.) More’s the pity. Perhaps We the People need to pay more attention. Perhaps we should be teaching our children about this. Perhaps. af

  • The cops may or may not have messed up this situation but boy am I having fun watching all the growers getting their panties in a tight bunch over this! Rip up your plants quick! You are gonna get busted! Hahaha. They are hiring at McDonalds, all locations!

  • this is a practice comment

  • Keeping your paperwork on your computer, cell phone, i.e. no hard copies is the right thing to do. It is covered by the 1995 Paper Source Reduction act.

    CBD’s is like when penicillin was discovered big pharma see’s the benefits $$$ and now its a class 1 drug in the sane category as Heroin, cocaine ect.. Really come on.

    With CBD’s going to big Pharma it will be years before it is on the market at the pharmacy.

    It is a SAD state of Affairs.


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