Supes Vote Unanimously to Put Cannabis Cultivation Tax on November Ballot; How Are You Going to Vote?

Press release from Humboldt County:

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors today unanimously placed a local commercial marijuana cultivation measure on the Nov. 8 ballot to maintain essential county services, including public safety, environmental clean-up and restoration, and mental health services for children and families.

“Illegal marijuana grows have caused a lot of harm to our watersheds and our environment over the years,” said Mark Lovelace, 3rd District Supervisor and Chair of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors. “They’ve cleared forests, sucked streams dry and polluted our environment with toxic pesticides. Regulating and taxing legal marijuana cultivation ensures that this industry pays its fair share to fix this past harm and to protect public health, safety and the environment.”

“Hard drugs and narcotics like meth and heroin continue to be growing problems in Humboldt County,” said Sheriff Mike Downey. “The funds the cultivation measure will generate will help fight drug-related crimes, eliminate meth labs, and provide needed drug prevention and rehabilitation services.”

With over $325 million in state takeaways over the past 24 years, Sacramento continues to take significant revenue from Humboldt County’s budget. The cultivation measure would provide locally controlled funding to maintain essential services including public safety, protecting victims of child abuse, and drug rehabilitation services.

“Passing this measure locally protects this revenue so that it cannot be taken by Sacramento, ensuring that it will all be spent locally to address our needs here at home,” said Lovelace.

If adopted by voters, the commercial marijuana cultivation measure would tax commercial growers a $1-$3 per square foot tax, based on the type of commercial marijuana grow. Funds from the measure would be subject to strict accountability provisions including annual independent audits and public review of expenditures that ensure funds are spent efficiently and responsibly.

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  • Tax the bulgarians yeah right !!!!!!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Sheriffs just busted a commercial medical grow that was in the permit process……..not surprisingly, people are being lied to by their elected officials, and liars in the community support, donate to elected officials.

      Don’t ever trust any voter who donates money to a political campaign, for the donor is either in kahoots as a wannabe shoulder rubber


      The donor is incapable of independent thinking and critical analyses.

  • NO

  • Long overdue. Growers have been getting away with avoiding tax for years. Not to mention those growers that pick up free services paid for by taxpayers (medi cal, care program, wic, cal fresh, head start).only lying growers will vote no on this, which there are many in Humboldt.

    • Henchman Of Justice


      you say growers,

      but “new growers” are being taxed

      to pay for “the impacts of past growers”, hardly fair or reasonable,

      But oppressive it is.

      Further, the tax is going to fight non marijuana issues, wtf?

      Meth and heroin are separate drug issues, so supes need to legalize those drugs too so users of heroin and meth pay their fair taxes for the disruptive shit they cause.

      Please folks, if you have any sanity left,

      VOTE NO.

  • Get out and vote no on all these crazy tax measures the state and Feds are going to tax us to death so the county and cities should back off until then. There are over 200 tax raising measures on this ballot more than ever state wide. We’re getting taxed to death already so do your part and vite this election it’s important.

  • If we have to tax growers to eliminate heroin, somethings wrong.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Ya, supes forgot to put heroin and meth production/use on the ballot so those fucking junkies pay their fair share too.

  • “They’ve cleared forests, sucked streams dry and polluted our environment with toxic pesticides. Regulating and taxing legal marijuana cultivation ensures that this industry pays its fair share to fix this past harm and to protect public health, safety and the environment.” – O.k. first of all, the way this is worded makes it sound like money will refill streams and make trees grow back instantly which is not the case. Such BS…Secondly I’m willing to wager that MOST of the people that sign up are people that haven’t sucked streams dry, clear cut ETC. those people would be the cartels/ [Edit] who are not going to sign up. VOTE NO PEOPLE!! The county is already about to get tons of cash to do what they want with from the whole permitting process alone. Believe me when I say that this is a poorly written tax and is just an extra cash grab on top of the ridiculous permitting process that is already a huge cash grab. VOTE NO!!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Mark had nothing else to say since he reneged on environmental law enforcement at the local level nearly 8 years ago as the typical “make false promises candidate”.

      Stupid Arcatans though, can you blame ’em?

  • Yes, as long as the revenues are used only in Humboldt as stated.

  • “Passing this measure locally protects this revenue so that it cannot be taken by Sacramento, ensuring that it will all be spent locally to address our needs here at home,” said Lovelace.

    Sacramento is going to tax how ever much they are going to tax, this measure would just be an additional tax.

    After legalization, cannabis growers are going to gain plenty of costs associated with legal business ownership, the last thing they are going to need is the Supe’s and Sheriff’s greedy fingers dipping in their pockets for a little extra.

  • Michael Phelps death stare!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Exactly, no phantom shadow boxing pre race intimidation necessary.

      The John Gruden “Chucky” stare is to live for!

  • Thomas Edrington

    The County could have done so much better had they not run with the blueprint handed to them by Bonnie Neally and CCVH. An excise on production would be more sustainable for farmers and make the County more money long term. Better options were on the table, and they passed to appease some large donors in their districts.

    Anything labeled “cannabis tax” is going to pass in Humboldt. Farmers coming into compliance are for it, those against cannabis feel like it gives them the opportunity to punish by proxy, and the farmers who decide to stay in the black market get a competitive edge in prices. Literally no faction in the debate was against a tax being passed. The question was how we managed it, and the Supes made a bad call long term.

    • Henchman Of Justice


      Bonnie Neely is the local version of a multi-headed beast consisting of the worst traits of these iconic feminists below:

      Hillary Clinton/Debbie Wasserman Schultz/Nancy Pelosi/Diane Feinstein/Barbara Boxer

  • What if recreational cannibus does not pass?
    Will this tax apply to medical marijuana?
    How will you collect this tax?
    Is this voluntary compliance?

    • supes can go tax themselves

      when recreational gets the green light, i hope everybody plants maximum personal in their backyards and sells it dirt cheap on the side. i hope every commercial grower gets eco-groovy and refuses to pay the tax.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      This is not a recreational ballot tax proposal, just medical.

  • supes just “voted” themselves a raise. they already get over $6,000 of our tax dollars every month plus perks n pension. they can go fuck themselves. marijuana is unrefined medicinal agriculture in way more demand than supply. no other industry, let alone agriculture is taxed the way the supervisors want to tax everybody. “we need the money” said estelle fennel, verbatim. again, the supervisors just gave themselves a raise. of course they do. theyre asking for extortionary black market rates on what they unanimously agree should be legal. heck, theyre talking like it already is legal.

  • It’s suspicious that the ccvh got busted up there on island mountain buy the hartwood commune last summer huge huge grow nothing ever happened to it what’s up with that?I wonder if they are going to sign for the grow tax ? Kym do you have any info on that bust of the ccvh .anything done about it or has it just disappear buy accident .kinda like marci kitchen.

  • veterans friend

    We never hear “the rest of the story”
    Just the splashy headline.
    Many “busts” over the last year, have we heard any result? Fine? Probation? Jail time?
    inquiring minds want to know

  • Native humboldt

    You guys are crazy if you think the county will do good things with the money look at history there pension plan is millions in the hole for a start.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    It’s about freedom. What I want for the end of prohibition is simple, just eliminate all criminal penalties for the cultivation, possession, sales and transportation of cannabis, that’s it. Free the weed, this is what I and many others have been working for ever since Prop 19 way back in 1972, 44 years ago. There are plenty of laws already on the books to deal with environmentally destructive agricultural practices without inventing more. No permits or licenses are required to grow corn, peas or hay.
    Local control is minority rule, designed to take freedom from the majority, and stifles free enterprise.
    One must ask why are we letting the prohibitionists make up robust, discriminatory, monopolistic corporate rules for the rich, designed to kill the small organic farmer. Small farmers pay taxes on their crop, it’s called income tax!! Prohibitionists and politicians have proved over the last 100 years that prohibition, no matter how well intended, always creates crime, criminals and victims, and protects no one but the rich. It’s time to free the weed, free the people, let freedom ring in this country known as freedom. Just say NO to the re-criminalization of cannabis under the guise of legalization. Just say NO!

  • NO. Those who crafted this tax are way out of touch with how to keep pot $$ in our county.

  • Native humboldt

    I have found one positive to heavily taxing the industry the black market will continue to rule the county. The grower can grow 50% less tax free than there counter part that’s paying all the permit fees and the heavy tax burden. Why not tax at the same rate as the grape growers get for making booze. I’m sure there water usage and runoff is similar to mmj. I can’t even write off my expenses on my federal income taxes until it becomes legal according to my accountant. So on top of paying close to a 50% tax I pay double tax for all my costs.
    The county is trying to grab every last cent they can. I believe the county is doing one of two things trying to keep the black market going or trying to shut down the industry with fees and taxes.

    • I agree. Just signing up is such a gamble as it is, but on top of that there saying your gonna possibly be taxed even more, after you already paid who knows how much to get all the permits. It almost seems to me like there trying to encourage people to NOT sign up. I mean anybody in there right mind would look at how much all the permits associated with it cost, then look at how much of a hassle it will be to do everything they want, and then calculate how much yearly they may possibly be taxed per sq. foot and probably decide the black market is looking pretty good. I mean if the only thing I’m risking is possibly going to jail by not getting taxed out the ass and doing everything they want and the way they want it done then so be it. Starting to wonder how much the county actually knows about growing MJ. I mean I bet they think that every Lb gets sold for like 3k.

  • compare and decide

    what this release should have said is how the rate compares to other counties. monterey is going for $10-$15 per sq foot, plus a 10% tax on dispensaries, transport, etc. Lake is around the same sq footage as Monterey. Mendo is yield-based but still more than twice as much as humboldt, plus the business tax like monterey has. Calaveras and Yolo are both going to be higher than humboldt, too. every county that is allowing this is going to have a tax attached. nobody is going to be able to go lower than humboldt. i just worry that humboldt is not gonna get enough money to fund all the services we want.

    • while the 10-15$ per square foot might be true, I bet on the plus side the permitting process is nowhere near as strenuous or costly. And if it is then that’s stupid. Nobody’s gonna sign up in monterey.

  • It’s all about’ giant plant’ growers writing themselves a tax break. Or at least a not very well thought out lowest
    tax rate.
    There is a difference between giant growers and growers of giant plants. I think I know which one has more pull.

  • Tell me what Prop 172 or measure “Z” has done for Garberville and I might consider voting for it. Fool me once shame on me, fool twice is humiliating. Fool me three times is not very Goddamned likely. Only a complete idiot would believe that they are going to spend the money on anything that they say they will!

    What was the question again? Oh yeah, I’m voting NO.

    @@@@@ PIONT OF SALE 🇺🇸
    Hard to pay tax on money you
    MIGHT make.

  • Voting NO until I get a logical and reasonable explanation for how the 1-2-3 dollar assessment was figured out… seems like it should be the reverse. Indoor grows are far less harmful to the environment than outdoor; especially if organic.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Unless you go to the other side of the mud pit holding the rope in the tug of war.

      Dams, fossil fuels, are still predominately creating the electricity, while carbon credit hoax schemes are used by the polluters to offset they’re emissions that exceed the maximum release allowances set by regulatory agencies through its standard operations. This means rules are faux and that gubbamint is illegitimate.

      It is like water diversion that kills the fish in the north to aide businesses to the south…….gubbamint will kill in order to allow taxation by way of profit and business taxes, fees, charges, levies, etc….

      Sickening and unprincipled behavior.

    • Whaaa? What the hell are you talking about? That makes no sense, mr rain.

  • Taxation is Theft.

  • Hell hath no fury like a government employee without a secured fat pension.

  • When you go to the pharmacy and get your prescription , there is no tax on medicine. Food and medicine are exempt from tax, hot food is taxed but not groceries.

  • Both tobacco and alcohol mom&pop producers have EXEMPTIONS from the commercial sectors of regulation/taxation. Unless these local (and state) structures similarly apply exemptions for M&P cannabis growers, I’d vote NO too. af

  • No No !!! NO! NOOOO!!!!!
    Taxes are socialism , socialism is bad mmmmkay

  • How do you tax something that does not exist? The county should consider offering crop insurance, ever heard of mold ? Deer? Bears? And all other pests and diseases let alone thieves that can wipe out entire crops?
    These supes are greedily than any mega grower and they will give themselves appropriate raises the first non voting year if they get their taxes.
    We all know it’s unconstitutional, …
    All of their phony bologna! All of it!

  • I can’t wait to vote yes on this. I’m tired of weed. I want to punish this plague.

    • If you hate weed so much you moved to the wrong neck of the woods buddy. In sohum, growers out number the non-growers 3-1 probably even more then that I’m just guessing those numbers, sure not as many growers up north, but theres still a good amount. Moral of the story is: You will be in the minority if you vote ‘Yes’

    • Henchman Of Justice

      HOJ can’t wait until Richard is taxed out of his house and made homeless, then Richard will see the light through his hiney hole.

  • Taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized society. I have no problem paying my fair share. i like good roads, fire dept, public schools, even police sometimes.

    • you must live in a different county. In humboldt, all the tax dollars never go to any of those things you listed.

      • Well then how do those things exist then saucy? I’m pretty sure Humboldt co receives more than it pays to the state in taxes. Im happy to pay my share of taxes. That’s just me

        • good roads in humboldt don’t exist (norhum maybe?). schools? I mean ya theres schools that are run down, and have like 10 year old textbooks…point I’m getting at is, I have no problem with taxes either, I would love to actually see some improvement in the areas you mentioned though. As far this cannabis tax in general, it’s poorly written and is a plain and simple cash grab. I mean if I have to pay 1-2-3 dollars per sq foot REGARDLESS if I get hit with blight, grey mold, or it just gets chopped down by thieves or LEO’s (see blockburg caravan article) then that’s not fair. Like others have said, point of sale tax would be far more justifiable.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Ya, but Emily is a type of neo con [edit] who taxes for roads, but spends the taxes on heroin users.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      You are in the wrong country to claim civility exists.

  • Measure Z was an illegal tax, and this one will be also. If this is a tax for the purposes announced, then it needs a 2/3 majority to go into effect. So did Measure Z, but they disguised it as a general fund tax and it got nowhere near a 2/3rds vote. . Watch them do the same for the cannabis tax. I did not sue them last time, but I may very well this time, depending of course on how they present the tax since misleading presentation is the crux of the illegality. Stay tuned.

    • Ed, measure Z helped small volunteer fire departments because the small percentage of Z money was distributed fairly to them, with a few remarkable exceptions.

      Police protection in the rural areas still sucks due to under staffing. The “Z” money that Mike Downey said he would use to staff the rural departments has been grossly misapropriated. The deputies that Garberville does have do remarkably well, but they just can’t do it all.

      The chances of measure “Z” passing again is seriously diminished due to rural disgruntlement with the Sheriff’s use of the lions share of the funding. By extension, undersheriff Billy Honsal will have a tough time being elected after Mike Downey’s retirement.

      There is a chance that this can all turn around, and we will get more deputies, but I think that it is far too late. Maybe we should have screamed foul sooner and louder. We put far too much trust in promisses and the system. Hardly any excuse will work anymore.

      Sad, isn’t it?

      • Henchman Of Justice

        More deputies is not a valid solution.

        What is valid – vigilante justice, the american injustice system is inconsequential at this point.

        Violence against evil appears to be the only way now as violence is on a chart graphed incline.

    • Thank you, Ed. Measure Z was a sham. I voted No on that one, too.

      • I’ve got to say that I’m loving that my road is getting paved for the first time in my memory. The funds all came from Measure Z

        • Kym, Measure Z was a sale tax. It was touted like it was designated for public safety but the funds went into the general fund, and, then it was delegated to a volunteer committee. That is why it only needed 50%+1 to pass.
          This new measure is not a sales tax but the speculated revenue will go into the general fund, so it will only need 50%+1 to pass.
          The proposed county road sales tax measure will be much harder to pass, because it will need 65% of the vote! Sales taxes are regressive and penalize the poor.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Well, poor do add to the degredation of societies’ infrastructure and should pay sales taxes too when the sales tax is appropo.

            A road tax is legitimate only if the State cuts the income taxes and the road tax is collected at the fuel pump or automotive/new, parts, accessories purchases only.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Well, the State steals taxes and sends back less and less to locals, but some locals are ok with taxing other locals so that some locals have a nicer road.

          Problem is, we all already paid the taxes to fix the roads……years ago.

          Taxes are laundered, wasted, and the best some local people do is vote yes on fraudulant tax creations/increases.

          Ya, HOJ has a problem with such conduct.

        • I’m happy for you Kym. What are the names of the new Deputies in SoHum? Measure Z was to go into the general fund, with the understanding that the money would be spent for emergency services in the rural areas FIRST. Ask any rural area about their new deputies. You will get an earfull. Nothing is happening.

          Remember when they used to bust a Marijuana grower and take their water tanks, fourwheelers, trucks, and everything else they had. Now they bust a major heroin dealer and they are back in town the next day to pick up their car that they were dealing drugs out of.

          By the way, Garberville hasn’t seen pavement since Harry Prichard was our Supervisor. Anybody remember him? (1980’s) the exception would be that they fixed the Sproul Creek intersection where trucks were getting lost in the holes. Estelle got us that. Thanks.

          Sadly, the Sheriff’s dept. is going to kill the golden goose, throw the baby out with the bathwater, and generally ruin it for the people that are benifitting from Z.

          • Not to say it’s perfect but multiple business owners told me law enforcement’s presence has gotten more frequent with Measure Z. I wish somebody would write an article on what did happen in rural areas after the money from the measure came in then I’d have a better idea…

          • Prophetic, Ernie. I’m looking forward to your comment on yesterday’s inspection-turned-bust-and-destroy. af

    • Hey Ed, I keep hearing that this tax is called an excise tax, but is written like a parcel tax (again, something that requires a 2/3 vote). You’ve got a better head for these things than I do. Is this thing really an excise tax?

  • Like I said taxes are bad . They are not used properly . Instead private business and people who want a common goal can work together to make things happen that need to . It’s the same with private schools . Why would you send your money to someone else to take a percent then obfuscate the use of said funds . When you place your money where you need it yourself you get more value . If you think that police and fire would not exist without taxes then you don’t know humanity . There are many many fire dept that are privately funded by communities and I do think we would all like to have a police force that answered to the community it protected rather than an impersonal state or county board . That could be done privately with private donated dollars . If you believe people wouldn’t donate then again you don’t know humanity . Just look at locals in patrol . Unpaid volunteer community based and doesn’t need to arrest anyone . Costs nothing accept your time . taxes are oppression and like a disease they spread and increase through greedy politicians .

  • Why is this limited to cultivation? Why not regulate, permit, and tax delivery services, dispensaries, transporters, distributors, manufacturers, and testing laboratories? If Humboldt County only regulates cultivation, but not other value-added aspects of the supply chain, Humboldt will simply be a source county where raw materials for the multibillion dollar cannabis economy are produced.

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