[FOUND!] Stolen F250; Please Keep a Lookout

Toyota truckFOUND!

Original post: Early today (Tuesday), this vehicle was stolen from a private owner while it was at the Arcata Lube Zone. It’s a black ’99 F250 7.3 powerstroke was stolen out of Arcata Lube Zone’s parking lot early this morning. It has the license plate: 8X93265. It doesn’t have the exact same lights and grille as the pictures below though they are similar and everything else is the same. If you see it, please contact the Arcata Police Department at (707) 822-2428.
image1Ford F250image3

UPDATE Thursday: The owner messaged us that the truck had been located!



  • Erm growdozer?

    • Far from it. I’m a 21 year old girl with a local full time job (Eureka) and I worked extremely hard for this truck. This is financially and emotionally devastating and I want to find it.

      • Bad things happen to bad people 🙂

        • You can think that all you want but in my case I think my family, friends and the support of the community would say otherwise. I hope your negativity turns positive soon and you don’t have to deal with someone taking something you’ve worked for from you.

          • I’m sorry that’s a nice truck hope you get it back in one piece, they don’t make 7.3s anymore

          • I know how you feel,I’m sorry I hope you get her back soon and in good condition.we work hard everyday just to pay the bills and food and last week all our work tools were stolen.out of our locked truck,in our front yard.im sorry maybe you’ll be lucky and she’ll be back home,GOOD LUCK.and remember it’s not you or what you did wrong,it’s the assholes who think their owed.

          • Im truly sorry this happened to you We were out on the North side of North Jetty on Tuesday approx 10 AM saw a truck like this with a young couple maybe in their late 20’s driving it, not saying it was your truck but sure looked like the photos you posted Good luck finding it, and getting it back, its a sweet ride!!!

          • Charlotte McDonald

            How sad that not only have you been emotionally and financially devastated, but now find yourself defending you. I’m sorry that there are so many jerks commenting. Stay strong, don’t waste your precious energy on lowlifes, they don’t deserve it (they’re probably Grown Men on Bikes and jealous) .. I’ll pray and keep good thoughts for you. 🙏👍💖

        • We can only hope. Sincerely hope you get your ride back, kid.

        • Bad things don’t happen to bad people ,don’t be a negative person ,if she’s asking for help Then help and not put people down,I hope she finds her truck good luck

        • Well sounds like you have personal experience with that jerk.
          Bad things happen to everyone.
          Please go away

        • Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people rick soy ds like you know something

        • [edit] She’s a damn kid who lost a nice truck that she bought on her own. If you have nothing positive to say or anything that can help her find her truck then go away and find something else to do.

        • How rude!

      • Way to speak up!!! 😊Hope it finds its way home soon.

      • Black tail addict

        Don’t pay any attention to these idiots kid. I really hope you find your truck unharmed.

      • Don’t know you , but way to stick up for yourself and show class …….some people respond with out knowing shit …….your response to that D@#$% was classy, hope you find your truck …….

      • Love the 7.3 nice truck.Glad you got it back.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      It’s a ’99 not a 2015. Slight bit of a price difference, even heavily customized. No reason to think somebody working full time without a ridiculous amount of bills can’t afford this truck and not have to grow weed as some of you are implying. Now go help find her truck.

    • Use to be a growdozer before she bought it I seen it In the hills all the time few years ago with tons of soil and pots

  • Check with the Bulgarians. They need vehicles, too.

  • You aint popping unless you got haters!
    Guess what , people tend to get jelly when they see others and the nice things they have no matter how you got it. You obviously got your hustle on one way or another!
    Welcome to my life! Was nobody jelouse of the hard work and sweat and backpain to get there. While they be chillin… suck it folks, step up your game and get your own! Work hard play hard!
    Don’t leave out the work part though!
    Hope you get your truck back! Looking good! Hope they catch the tweeker that stole it too!

  • Proabably works at the lube or knows someone

    Bet it is just parked in eureka somewhere. Scum bags.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Were the keys in it, or were they taken from inside the lube joint?

    Hope you find it, do you have comprehensive insurance on it?

    • Keys weren’t in it. They were locked in the shop. I have comp but only up to 1k in after market parts so I’m SOL.

  • I would think the Lube shop’s insurance would have to cover it?

  • I saw a very similar truk on sprowel cr rd outside Garberville twice yesterday with a woman driving

  • I hope you find it. She looks nice, even for a FORD 🙂 my daddy was a FORD man, I’m a Chevy gal. I’ll keep a look out here in the inland areas.

  • Any anonymous tips can be emailed to me: katelynmarring@yahoo.com or contact Arcata Police Department.

  • Saw a very similar truck on Field brook Rd yesterday at about 11am. Though that is not an uncommon look.

  • Do you have an ex , good place to start, but hurry before it shows up burnt.

  • It was found Wednesday night by a Orick residence. Thanks to this and Facebook, she recognized it immediately and contacted CHP. The only damage to the truck was the door locks and the ignition ripped out. We recovered it just in time. Thank you everyone for the help!!!

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