[UPDATE 8:57 p.m.] Motorcyclist Down, Can’t Move

scanner iconA solo motorcycle crashed in the area of Wilder Ridge Road and Saddle Ridge Rd. The motorcyclist is injured and can’t move.

“Possible broken back,” reports dispatch.

Petrolia fire is on the way. Reach Medical aircraft which was headed to the gunshot victim is being redirected to this call.

UPDATE 6:36 p.m.:
Because this is such a remote area, it is taking awhile for ground units to reach the victim. The helicopter is now saying it is going to “self-land” which means they are going in without land crews to guide them.
UPDATE 8:57 p.m.: The CHP is now calling this a major injury accident.



  • Saddle Mtn Road??

  • That’s Honeydew Fire and Telegraph Ridge Fire responding. Petrolia Fire has its hands full with gunshot victim at Mattole Beach.

  • At least no one ran him over, but maybe someone did, not like people stop and take responsibility these days.

    • it's the booze usually

      Your diligence in brilliantly bringing every discussion back to the hit and run in Fortuna (and redcrest) is to be commended. Or ridiculed not sure which.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Sorry to hear about all the injuries. Such a beautiful area. The local volunteers, Honeydew Fire Co. And others are such wonderful people, the salt, spice and herb of the earth. Back Roads get marginal from Wilder Ridge to the Greater Garberville-Redway metroplex. Ran him over? Bit quick on the draw, Sheriff. I hope the rider is OK, but plenty of ‘cycles go down on local roads due to a variety of circumstances, including reckless riding or driving. We’ll see if there is an update.

  • kings peak road and wilder ridge ???

  • Years back a good friend of mine was riding home from redding on his bike with his buddies came around a corner and his kick stand had fallen down and struck the pavement over ing turning the bike and of course he was thrown and killed.so there’s lots of reasons bikes go down.Praying for you!!!

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