Investigation on Suspicious Death Includes Search for DNA and Fingerprints

possible homicide Eureka August 6Today, two Humboldt County Sheriff’s detectives and two evidence technicians will be searching the vehicle driven by a man who was shot under “suspicious” circumstances in the outskirts of Eureka on Saturday evening, according to Lt. Wayne Hanson. While the death could be a suicide, Brials Nelson McCutcheon’s death is being treated as a possible homicide. The deceased man has lived in Petrolia, Arcata, and Eureka.

“We’ll know more after the autopsy on Saturday,” Hanson said. “We’re ruling out all the possibilities…We’ve got two full-time detectives trying to figure it out.” Hanson explained that the evidence technicians would be searching for fingerprints, DNA, papers and other evidence found on both the outside and the inside of the truck.

The community should not expect immediate results after the evidence is gathered. Hanson said. “It takes awhile to process.”

UPDATE 1:54 p.m.: Well, this was quicker than expected. Suicide Ruled Out; Public’s Help Sought Catching Saturday’s Shooter

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  • Turn the whole thing over to the chp to investigate this scenario lol

  • Homicide being a felony, wouldn’t this fall inder FBI jurisdiction?

  • Referring to the POS Marci Kitchen POS fiasco that has yet to be brought to justice!!!!!!!!!!?????????😬

    • A Real Ma Grower

      I think she is devistated beyond comprehension! Quit being such a hater. Justice will be forthcoming! Absolutely the worst accident I’ve ever heard of…

      • Her comments on here, under various aliases, don’t indicate any feelings of guilt, but seem more like the pathetic pleas of someone trying to play the victim in the situation. At least it sure seems to read like there are comments by Marci on here. Only a complete tool would try to defend anything about that horrid woman.

  • They still haven’t caught “killer mom marci” very sorry for the family.ive had to write that phrase so often it just pops up,THAT’S SAD

  • @marci kitchen “all in good time my dear, all in good time”

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