[UPDATE 4:45 p.m.:] EPD Serving Warrant in McKinleyville?

Eureka Police Department K-9 vehicleWe got word at approximately 3:10 p.m. that there was a law enforcement raid being conducted on Haven Lane in McKinleyville. EPD searching a vehicle Photos by Bobby KroekerOur reporter, Bobby Kroeker, arrived to find officers searching a black Toyota Tundra. The K-9 unit pictured above has a City of Eureka insignia but other black sedans are unmarked.

Kroeker spoke to Neil Hubbard of the EPD on the scene. Hubbard stated that officers were serving a warrant. He said that there were two people and drugs found inside one of the apartments. The two suspects were wanted for possible arrest in regards to a couple cases, Hubbard told Kroeker.

13956988_1785485748375694_879019377_nUPDATE 4:20 p.m.: A second vehicle is now being searched.EPD searches vehicle and apartmentUPDATE 4:45 p.m.: One man was taken to jail. One person was released.
EPD arrests one photo by Bobby Kroeker



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