[UPDATE: Wednesday] Cannabis Caravan Near Blocksburg

We’ve received multiple reports of a large caravan headed into the Blocksburg area. A reader tells us that at 8 a.m. approximately 10 vehicles had staged at the intersection of Homestead Road and Alderpoint Road. One of them had a chipper, he said.

We’ve also received a report of a helicopter in the area.

We received a report of another 10 vehicles headed south on Hwy 101 by Loleta at approximately 8:20 a.m. We’re not sure if they are headed to the same place or some place different.

UPDATE 10:20 a.m.: According to a resident, they came and left to the Larabee Creek subdivision and reportedly went to a ranch above Blocksburg.

UPDATE 10:55 a.m.: According to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, There are “easily 12 plus vehicles in the area” and a helicopter. Officers from the Sheriff’s Office as well as CAMP are doing both open field searches and serving multiple search warrants in the Alderpoint and Blocksburg areas. Hanson said there are around six search warrants being served and all “are within three or four miles of each other as the crow flies.”

UPDATE 4:50 p.m.: We have confirmed with Robin Collins of Green Road Consulting that his clients had filed papers with the County and were as far as they knew in compliance with County Rules when he and one of his clients was detained in handcuffs while the plants were cut down and chipped up. We will be filing a full story soon.

UPDATE Wednesday: Civil Engineer Says He was Handcuffed and Plants Were Chopped During Planned Walkthrough of Grow During Permitting Process



  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint


  • I’ve always known it as the Larabee Ranch subdivision, not Homestead Rd, although I know it contains Homestead Rd.( and a few others.)

  • Bye-bye Bulgarians,their here for you.MORE TO FOLLOW

    • Sounds good.

    • G-ma I usually like your comments and find you pretty nice and level headed but don’t you think that comment is somewhat racist? I mean there are all colors out there tearing it up including many long time families that have been here for generations. Just a thought.

      • The Bulgarians aren’t all that frightening. I’m more scared of white, English speakers. Take a look through history and see what terrible things they have done….

      • New to the thread, but how is G-ma’s comment racist, Sasha? Because he said Bulgarians? If you want to be the PC police, thats cool. But don’t just call someones comment racist when he’s correctly talking of a group of people in that area.

      • Bulgarians are not a race, so Gma is not racist bozo. But, there is a Bulgarian mafia. The only racist comment is from Poop Daddy.

      • I agree with you.but most folks who live here care about their land and these people come here and poison our lands.

      • @Sasha – In my opinion the families that have been here and ‘tearing it up’ for multiple generations have more right in my opinion then the people from whatever country that decided to move here illegally, and in some cases use scare tactics to get people to sell there land to them so they can do the same thing.

        • What about the natives who were eradicated by white settlers ? Everyone should quit bitching about “outsiders” unless they are of local native heritage.

      • and it’s They’re not their .

  • Don’t they have until 8/23 to register. Or maybe this is not about cultivation…

  • I think they should caravan around every morning, just pick a new spot to drive to everyday, don’t need to do anything but drive around.

  • I sure hope there asking people if they have there paperwork indicating that they signed up for CCLUO before they cut everything down.

  • While the state Leo is asking to see paperwork, the federal Leo is chopping, quite the predicament. Welcome to the land of bureaucracy, but don’t worry, just keep working 18 hrs a day 7 days a week and you can stand proud that you are supporting this nation

  • [edit: no names until law enforcement names them please]ranch blocksburg. The 22 million dollar dope ranch.ahahahaa.

  • I just Google Earth AP the whole town has a grow .depo after depo .

  • Nothing on the bust on 36 yesterday.

    • I’ve got a request in for more information from the Department of Fish and Wildlife who was in charge of that. Sorry, I’m not getting answers.

      • A Concerned Engineer

        Sucks, one of our clients who was going through the permitting process had their plants chipped. I’d like to know who thought that was a good idea.

        • How far along were they? Had they submitted an application for the Humboldt County permit?

          • A Concerned Engineer

            You’ve heard the story now, I’m sure.

            • Everyone is a Consultant

              We haven’t, please tell us. Everyone is trying to tap into the grower’s pockets as a “consultant” offering services for thousands of dollars. Some seem more qualified than others. I admire them for wanting to protect the county and I especially admire the fearless growers wanting to take this head on. This situation does not appear to help the cause. But let’s be real, it takes a lot more than getting registered with the County to be compliant. A simple interim form means nothing and does not over write other land use violations or federal crimes that are unresolved. So as the “concerned engineer,” can you confidently state that a fully comprehensive plan to the county has been submitted, including state agency permits that cannabis cultivators are expected to file for?

              • A Concerned Engineer

                Read the story. Grading permits are not cheap and never have been. Getting them after the fact is even more expensive. Many people build ponds over protected wetlands and along streams. Compliance is not a cheap process.

    • Where was it?

  • They cut a permitted state grow that had all stamps and regulations in place!!! Not a huge confidence builder!!! Don’t register or they will cut you!!! Is that the message you want to send!!

  • Concerned Grower

    This is so very, very sad. Outraged! They have worked so hard with the county to keep everything in compliance. This is not good for the rest of us who are trying to be state legal. I could see a fine or two if something looked wrong, but to take it after all the hoops they went through. Bad humboldt county, bad bad bad.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    It’s about freedom. What I want for the end of prohibition is simple, just eliminate all criminal penalties for the cultivation, possession, sales and transportation of cannabis, that’s it. Free the weed, this is what I and many others have been working for ever since Prop 19 way back in 1972, 44 years ago. There are plenty of laws already on the books to deal with environmentally destructive agricultural practices without inventing more. No permits or licenses are required to grow corn, peas or hay.
    Local control is minority rule, designed to take freedom from the majority, and stifles free enterprise.
    One must ask why are we letting the prohibitionists make up robust, discriminatory, monopolistic corporate rules for the rich, designed to kill the small organic farmer. Small farmers pay taxes on their crop, it’s called income tax!! Prohibitionists and politicians have proved over the last 100 years that prohibition, no matter how well intended, always creates crime, criminals and victims, and protects no one but the rich. It’s time to free the weed, free the people, let freedom ring in this country known as freedom. Just say NO to the re-criminalization of cannabis under the guise of legalization. Just say NO!

    • Perfectly put Jorge. Excise taxes on alcohol tobacco and cann. are simply disgusting. All have godly powers in their natural state. Two have been bastardized in the name of cutting cost to overcome excise tax. Imagine the cannabis of the future. We already have shit like spice and iso extracts to drop consumer price. I see cigs stuffed with paper shreds marinated in cheap chemical extracts and synthetic cannabinoids. The true prostitutes are only for “legalization” because we need the tax revenue. Decriminalization without taxation is what we demand.

  • how is this a trespassing grow? the land owner knew what was going on.. he allowed them to go through his locked gates on a daily basis.. maybe he’s bitter because the sale of the land fell through with the “bulgarians” after he took their 1million dollars… this family has been shady as hell for the past 10 years…. wish they would just move away

    • Agreed This is great news for the true organic growers. Many people who know these false pretenders for who they really are also wish they would move away. Unfortunately, removing the Donkey Dingo trash has proven to be a very difficult task. Hopefully this latest development will help them along their way. Highly likely that if the audience knew of the atrocities this despicable family have committed they would be on the side of the men in brown. My faith in the system has been restored!

  • Glassy. This whole thing seems glassy!?

  • hey kym.. why don’t you follow up with a story from the courthouse regarding the current lawsuit on this property 🙂

  • The landowner has been so greedy. To lazy to do any work himself….lease it all out….try and sell for 22 million. Then get your growers busted when the deal falls through….. seems glassy for sure!!lol wow. Guy should be ran outta town.

  • Ronald Weasley.lmao!!!! Glassy to the end.

  • So confused. What the hell is “glassy”? Usually thats a good thing.

    I can say if a grow had been registered with the county and it was cut, there is more to the story.

  • IF THEY REALLY HAD ALL THE CORRECT PAPERWORK: I don’t see why they couldn’t file a lawsuit against the county. I mean if it was the FEDS that rolled up and chopped everything down then it would be justifiable. But for the local LEO’s to do this IF they really had all the correct paperwork then that basically means that the county has failed to honor there side of the bargain. I mean the only thing signing up REALLY does is make it so the cops can’t come take your stuff. If this trend continues, I can pretty much promise someone sues the crap out of the county. I don’t know much about laws, but something tells me a good lawyer would win a case like this.

  • no this is a new lawsuit anonymous… he already screwed over the family

    kym.. glassy is a no pun .. minus the y… first name ron

  • Landowner had them raided. Nobody trusts that guy. Been a snake forever.

  • The guy applied for 65,000 sq ft in existing grow. It’s public info .

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