Tesla Comes to the Bayshore Mall

unnamed (1)Tesla charging stations for electric vehicles standing like spiffy robot soldiers waiting for their first use at the Bayshore Mall.

There are currently less than 300 electric vehicles registered in Humboldt County and there are already approximately 40 stations between Leggett and Orick. However, the Times Standard has an informative piece on why these additional chargers were installed. Tesla Charging stations at the Bayshore Mall Eureka 2016




  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Are these free to use or does it take credit cards?

  • “an 80 percent charge in 20 to 30 minutes” -T-S article.

    If I owned a gas station, I’d already be earning the vast majority of my income from the convenience store attached to my gas station (because there’s a minuscule profit margin for gas sales). I’d find room on my property to install a ‘fast’ charging electric vehicle station because when the future comes, I’ll make good money from customers who have an idle 20 to 30 minutes on their hands.

    I suspect the real winners will be grocery stores, which is where the latest charging station was installed in my town.. Future business districts may be partially oriented around these charging stations. Look for fast food restaurants along highways to get a clue, too. The last adopters may be gas stations, before they close for good.

  • Bob in the Hills

    Unlimited free charging is built into the price of the Tesla S and Tesla X (the SUV version).

    The Tesla 3 should start delivery in about one year. Apparently free access won’t be part of the lowest priced version ($35k) but probably will be an option. Tesla hasn’t said how they will bill drivers who don’t have the prepaid option.

    I would guess that it’s going to be an automatic billing process, drivers would need to set up an account with a credit card. Tesla Superchargers already ID the car being charged.

    At this point no other EV can use Tesla Superchargers. Tesla has invited other manufacturers to use their system but no one has taken up their offer.

  • Unfortunately, the installation of Tesla chargers, rather than industry standard chargers, is just a ploy to hamper future competition. When you go to buy a new EV, you’ll be presented with the problem of anything non-Tesla being harder to charge. So, no, Tesla isn’t doing the world huge favors by installing chargers everywhere… they’re just protecting their future revenue by flexing their current monopoly power.

    • Toyota and Volkswagen are the two largest car makers in the world. How is Tesla a monopoly? The more likely explanation is that the mall property owners (who paid to install the chargers at the mall) want to attract business from people who can afford to buy a Tesla.

    • Bob in the Hills

      There are no industry standard chargers capable of rapidly charging a long range EV. Tesla needed a charging system. Tesla built a charging system.

      Tesla has no monopoly power. Any company that wishes to build a long range EV is free to do so. Tesla even made their patents free for any other manufacturer to use if they want.

      Tesla has invited other car companies to use their Superchargers.

      Tesla is a very unusual company. Their goal is not to create more billionares but to speed our abandonment of oil in order to minimize climate change. Nothing would make the Tesla founders happier than seeing lots of other companies making long range EVs and cutting back on ICEV manufacturing.

      (The Mall paid for the installation? I thought Tesla leased space for their chargers.)

  • You know, in one of those strange twists, Edison actually invented the Tesla.*

    You can’t make this stuff up.**

    * 😉

    ** I’ve always loved that line 😉

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Until a charge can get one to San Francisco from here, there is a large need for stations every 50 miles. Tesla only appears to have a monopoly because they’re the only ones with the capital doing it on a large scale. There are numerous individual charging stations around Humboldt. But only 1 or 2 here or there and they’re first come first serve, which doesn’t help folks coming from out of the area that might not want to sit at a new car dealership to get a charge and listen to some guy’s pitch for and hour or two.

    Oregon now has an official charging “highway” along I-5 where I think about every 20 miles there are charging stations border-to-border. Our area is going to need them as it’s a loooooong haul for cars that at best, on flat ground, get 200 miles to a charge. If Tesla is filling the need, let them. Your e-car doesn’t care where the juice comes from and you have stuff to do.

  • Bob in the Hills

    GM, VW, Ford and Daimler/Mercedes don’t have the capital to install chargers?

    As of March Tesla had 613 stations with 3,628 chargers. The cost per charger is (as best as I can determine) under $20k. About $70 million spent over four years. $17 million per year.

    About the same as GM’s CEO salary.

    Ford spends over $2 billion a year just on advertising. 117x per year what Tesla has spent on SuperChargers.

    • Again, Thumbs up!

    • Actually, they don’t. The car manufacturing companies are doing all they can to switch over to battery cars, by the deadline. In the senate hearings, they begged for more time to transition. Without ample charging stations, the consumers aren’t buying the batterry cars they do have. They have taken a massive loss. Without the sale of the previous cars, they don’t have the funds for more non-selling modern battery cars. A catch 22, if you will.
      It’s good to see Tesla actively engaged in the installation of chargers.
      It will be sad to see the stockpiles of brand new gasoline cars joining the junk heap yards.
      Deadlines. Forced consumerism. Forced manufacturing. Forced transitions.
      But at least the natural resources that are stock piled will go to waste. Our fiture generations will be so proud.

  • Who’s going to park way out by Broadway when it’s pouring down rain? Not a Tesla owner. LOL!

    • Nothing an umbrella won’t fix. Especially in exchange for a free charge.


      Scroll down to see how much it costs to charge… LOL!

    • Bob in the Hills

      We’re short years away from your Tesla dropping you off wherever you’d like to spend a half hour (or longer), driving itself to the charger, and picking you up when you’re ready to go.

      Fully autonomous cars are well along the development path.

      Tesla has a “snake” that can plug itself into your car and unplug itself after the charging is done. There’s also interesting work being done with wireless charging, just park over a sender which can be embedded in the pavement.

      You could get dropped off at a restaurant of your choosing, a coffee shop, a movie, wherever. Go about your business and summon your car when you’re ready to go.

  • To bad they don’t run down the HWY like the “Slot Cars” we had when we were kids.

  • Has anyone noticed the credit you get when filing your taxes for buying an electric car OR installing an electric recharge station?
    The mall company has to file and pay taxes too. So they installed these station that for now will be used very little but the company will get their tax credit next year.

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