Reggae on the River From Above

Reggae on the River aerial by reader

A view from above Reggae on the River [Photo provided by a reader]



  • Give us a shot of right after they leave garbage and tents left behind galore .

    • Our poor poor rivers. So abused and misused. I thought hippys loved earth…not so much. Shit and piss all over. This is a delicate ecosystem already in steady decline. Have a festival, sure, but in a concert setting. Things have changed since reggae started. Fertilizer run off, more people stomping all over the land. I can’t be the only one who feels this.

  • Poor Eel River? Actually from the overhead pic it makes it look organized and clean. Does anybody know if they put containment barriers in downstream? Seems like a great idea.

  • It’s very organized and cleaned. Tons of volunteers do the job. I saw it today as I passed. Hardly a thing left on the river bar that wasn’t being moved.

  • More like reggae on the riverbed

  • drove thru looked very well organized and minimal impact on the river. Good for the economy. Minimal carbon footprint for such a crowd over 3 days. Nie-sayers are lonely judgemental losers . A good event that brings people together and there weren’t any serious issues. That old river bed has seen 10,000 years of floods and human occupation so those claiming environmental damage are just being drama queens. Go confront Target or Vern’s furniture if you want to do something useful and help the environment. Geeez…. whiners just stay away cuz’ they’ll be back next year and are welcome and your not.

    • seconded. internet commentary is 90% shut-ins to begin with. if you listen closely on a quiet day, you can hear the collective sound of their cerebral arteries hardening.

    • Yup. I was there. It was a really good Reggae year. Great vibes, and it seemed to be well-run.

      The Earth abides moments like this. This is but a tiny moment in the history of this location, and isn’t going to make a difference in the eons of time.

      But the good vibes from so many people coming together DOES create good, and it’s a powerful good that will go far beyond this weekend. And it totally transcends the constant nattering of the nabobs of negativism that populate these comments, no matter WHAT the subject is.

  • Really Looses Money Every Year

    Another non sold out event money looser for the community .Our local non profits wont participate due to exorbitant cost .They could make more money with donations with out oil on the river bar

  • E Gads! Godfry Daniels! Stay away from that water!

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    How about ‘CARS ON THE BARS”?

  • Like I said show a picture of the mess left behind ,so the volunteer s .can clean up the crap .not a picture after its cleaned up .

  • Anyway,who the hell wants algae poison on you.seen what it can do on your skin,not pretty.and it kills animal’s.why are they on the river bar??wow how did they get away with that??oil,gas,diesel is there till the river comes up then it’s in our water!wtf

  • The most vile thing is piss ing in the river,lazy lazy lazy!maybe to stoned,nah lazy.makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up,

  • i know from experience

    i go to reggae every year and I’m surprised at all the people who comment about how much we are damaging the river but they have never gone. reggae is the cleanest festival i have ever gone to. after every show, volunteers and 20-30 paying guests always pick up the trash just out of the kindness of their hearts, they are very strict on not using any soaps or chemicals in the river and you can’t even use unnatural soap in the showers. they even have eel river awareness and protection booths. you can never stop a festival from happening but you can make are they do their best to be respectful when it does happen and as far as i can see, reggae is the only festival i have ever gone to that tries their hardest to reduce their environmental impact. people say we are dirty hippies pissing and shitting everywhere but if you look at the picture you will see most distinctly the many lines of portapotties that they clean out every single morning. people comment things like “show a picture of what they left behind” but i can tell you i have been their many many times and every time i go there is nothing left over. and the mateel community that puts it on is a local organization
    that’s goal is to better their community, they make frequent donations and are a big part of the economy and county.

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