One Woman Dead, Three Injured After Friday Rollover in Del Norte County

Crescent City Accident fatal August 5

CHP report on the crash.

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On Friday evening, August 5, 2016, at approximately 1926 hours, a 1996 Dodge pick-up truck was traveling on a dirt/gravel road, within the Pacific Shores subdivision area of unincorporated Del Norte County, with four occupants. The vehicle rolled over, causing injury to all occupants, including one fatal injury. [The victim was 21-year-old Forest Clayberger of Crescent City. She was a passenger in the vehicle.] It appears at this time, none of the occupants were wearing their seatbelts. The investigation remains open regarding the sobriety of the occupants.



  • Sad story, It says he is a she on the paperwork, no driver?

  • This is 2016 and these people still don’t get the whole wearing a seat belt saves lives?

  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    do the police know who was driving? all are checked as passenger on the report.

  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    A question of sobriety again? The Darwin pool knows no bounds…young, old, intelligent, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children, parents, but no one seems to get the picture – EVERYONE thinks it always ‘happens to the other folks, never to US!’

    STOP GETTING LOADED AND DRIVING! Do NOT get into a car with someone else who is high or drunk!

    This is just another sad testament to the lunacy that happens on the road!

    • I know the women that died she was a bartender and she had a few drinks the other people in the vehicle were also drinking then add not wearing seatbelts it just spells disaster. So sad but I mean come on people make smart choices so you don’t hurt yourself, others and in this case (like many other cases) a person’s family is now torn apart. I don’t understand why people drink and drive I don’t understand why people still don’t wear seatbelts….

  • Was last weekend some sort of holiday?

  • They were probably speeding. The Pacific Shores area is infamous as a place where people party and drive wildly. It is sad that there were injuries and a fatality.

  • Sorry for the loss of life.prayers to the family.PLEASE wear your seat belts.the key never turns till I hear the clicks

  • Seat belts are a test of intelligence, and Natural Selection was at work here. I can say (in honesty) that I’m sorry for the families of those who do not meet the standard, but I don’t think the bar can be lowered any further. af

  • This was devastating, skyy was my best friend all thru highschool and actually tried to have a baby at one point, she was such a kind and good person,its so sad to know I’ll never see her again,its damn near unreal

  • Get your facts straight

    Got news for you Fatback and Anon:
    She was drunk driving? Not only does her death certificate state she was a passenger (which could very well be a mistake- apparently no one was driving the vehicle at all) it also clearly says alcohol was not a factor in the crash. Oh! What’s that? She was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and this was in fact a tragic accident? Interesting. While common sense does dictate we should wear seatbelts (and helmets while riding bicycles – if you really want to talk about safety issues) it does not justify any a**hole slithering their way out from the woodwork to degrade the intelligence of the deceased and their lack of judgment, for said a**hole’s sick righteous pleasure. Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes can cost lives. I wonder if this were your own family, would you still be so cruel? This was a senseless death indeed. Please people, be safe.

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