Mountain Folk Festival: Living the Dream…

The Mountain Folk Festival is coming this Saturday. This is the rural hill community at their best. Some say you don’t know local culture until you’ve been here.

The Leggett Valley Mountain Folk Festival is a one day, free, family oriented music festival benefiting the Leggett Valley Volunteer Fire Department.  The festival features all day music, BBQ, Children’s activities, Logging competitions and exhibitions, crafts booths and more!!


Check out the beautiful poster below and then click on this link for the festival to learn more.

Mountain Folk Festival 2016



  • Mountain folk, city folk one exists on fertility source, the other feeds a drain, and makes alot of trash.

  • Thank you Kym! Also this year there will be a huge slip and slide for kids, games, auction, raffle, great food beer and wine!

  • I highly encourage folks to attend these types of fundraisers. These firefighters are not out begging for money, they are earning it by throwing a nice party, playing good music, and serving good food. They need the money and they are earning it by giving you good value. It’s a good lesson for kids, that money doesn’t come easy.

  • Leggett is cool

    Very nice fund raiser for the fire department and no they don’t make a bunch of trash….is a nice family fun day out…..

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