All Three Big Humboldt Fires 100% Contained…Take a look at These Amazing Pilots Working the Benbow Incident

Cal Fire helicopter dropping water on Benbow FireCal Fire helicopter dropping water on Benbow Fire last Friday [Photo provided by a reader]

Cal Fire announced today that all three major fires from last week, the Johnson Fire, the Panther Fire, and the KOA Fire (in Benbow) are 100% contained.

Take a look at the skill of these pilots in Cal Fire aircraft fighting the blaze in Benbow that forced the evacuation of multiple residents. They saved homes and maybe even lives.

Videos provided by a local resident.
UPDATE: Another video, this one of the helicopter pilot gathering water was taken by Rachel Soward Thompson.



  • william tillman

    A big thank you to all firefighters across the nation.

  • Our home is directly down the hill from the home that was destroyed. We attribute the survival of our home and others to the quick response and skilled individuals from the agencies envolved and would like to express our gratitude for the great job and hard work to all those who are protecting our area during this year’s fire season. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  • That fire was across the street from our home!! The fire came within a few feet of my house!! WE CANNOT THANK THOSE WONDERFUL FIREFIGHTERS ENOUGH!!!! Because of them we had minimal damage..God Bless Them!

  • People should be making some donations to the fire departments. Looks like they saved some pounds from going up in smoke prematurely.

  • That fire was next door to my son’s property. Fire burned up to his property line, when Cal-Fire and our local volunteer firefighters finally got it out. THANK YOU TO ALL THE FANTASTIC FIREFIGHTERS!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!

  • I love the smell of jet fuel in the morning. It smells like victory !

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