Motorcyclist Down S/B HWY 101 Near Drake Hill Road

fortuna fireFortuna Volunteer Fire Department and City Ambulance are responding to the report of a motorcyclist down, S/B HWY 101 at Drake Hill Road.

[UPDATE] 5:47 PM:  Patient is being transported to St. Joe’s.



  • veterans friend

    On my way home from the races in fortuna…not long after this…I passed 8 black & white law enforcement vehicles about 1 mile north of redcrest. They were on the northbound side with 2 vehicles pulled over in the big pullout there. All lights flashing & officers out of their cars. Cannot tell if they were CHP or Sheriff. Black & white….

  • There were four and all were CHP. A small black sedan was there with all the doors and trunk open. A few belonging were next to the car. I didn’t see anyone in the car. All the CHP were hanging together with their thumbs in the their belt loops. That was about 7:40pm northbound near Redcrest

  • O no.i hope everyone is ok.

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