Chip Pile Fires in Scotia

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Multiple units and fire fighters from Scotia, Ferndale, Rio Dell, Fortuna ad Cal Fire were called in to assist with several chip pile fires that ignited at Humboldt Redwood, Main Street, Scotia, at approximately 1:45 PM today.

[UPDATE] 2:22 PM:  Units reported via scanner the fire was contained and another two to three hours would be required for clean up.



  • I think many people don’t know this, but wood chip piles can simply ignite themselves. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Be cautious if you have LARGE piles of wood chips on your property folks.

    • Spontaneous combustion

      • Ernie Branscomb

        You would be amazed at how many over-stacked compost pile fires that I’ve been to. (Okay, two)
        But, I have been to many spontaneous combustion fires. Mostly grease rags left in dryers after washing and drying.

  • Compost Privy Folks take note! A long thermometer probe in the center of your “working” pile is a good idea. af

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