Munchie Attack?

Chocolate and Chips bandit cop carWho needs money?…

The Patriot Gas Station on Broadway was held up at approximately 9:11 p.m. by a man with a knife. The armed robber took chocolate and chips.



  • Good gawd. What is happening in this town? It’s a free for all and no one cares. Pay attention for who and what you vote for people. Don’t let these scumbags get away with shit per Governor Jerry Brown.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Service Stations are getting hit pretty hard lately. Maybe all of the different Station groups needs to get together and hire a good Security Company to have a couple of Armed or semi-armed Officers do random patrols of the various sites (especially early evening or later) to let these would-be thieves to be a little leery that they may run into someone that can make their day a bad day.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Even some counter surveillance would help, these people case these places before they hit them.
      Since the cops aren’t able to provide security, a private company would set up and watch to set the counter ambush.
      The cops are completely useless and seemingly doing nothing as the summer of gas station terror rolls on….

  • Maybe like I told my boss years ago,put a screened in room,with a lock on it like a cage.its the only way they can’t get you or the money.oh and drop that money every hour like their supposed to.that way there’s only the.till!!!just sayin.

    • If you screen-in the cashier, the perp would simply have walked in, taken his munchies, and walked out without needing to brandish a knife.

      A safer solution, albeit more expensive for start-up, is to put the chashier behind bullet-proof glass, and to fill the interior of the convenience store with vending machines. And cover those machines from every possible angle with HD security cameras.

      I mean Japanese-style vending machines. You can buy virtually anything from a vending machine in Japan. There’s a restaurant that is entirely vending machines, and unstaffed (because of the low crime rate). Their vending machines simply aren’t vandalized. But in America, you place ’em indoors with a human observer and security cameras, and get insurance for everything.

  • Where is the perp going to fence his I’ll goten gains

  • He hold up at the pink flamingo right next

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