[UPDATE 10:45 p.m. Possible Homicide] A Gunshot Victim Rushed to Hospital

scannerAccording to scanner traffic, a gunshot victim was rushed to St. Joseph hospital with serious trauma from the outskirts of Eureka about 5:45 p.m.  We’ve attempted to verify that this was an attempted suicide but can’t reach a public information officer for the Humboldt County Sheriff at this time.

UPDATE 7:30 p.m.: Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirms that one man is dead following an incident early this evening. “We don’t know if it’s a homicide or a suicide at this point,” he explained. “We are treating it as a possible homicide until we determine otherwise.”

Three detectives are now on scene trying to piece together what happened. We have a reporter heading to the area now.

UPDATE 7:44 p.m.: Our reporter on the scene, Bobby Kroeker, sends us the following photos.


A large amount of blood is pooled outside the driver’s door which is still open on this truck.


Tape encloses a home at the site.

13933028_1784236331833969_1406724080_npossible homicide Eureka August 6

UPDATE 8:41 p.m.: A neighbor tells us that he heard only a single “pop” that was much louder than the “usual” gunshots. He could not see the truck that the victim is associated with but he said he did not see or hear anyone leaving.

UPDATE 10:45 p.m.: ‘Suspicious’ Death Being Investigated, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office



  • The Public Information Officer is probably at Reggae. Try again on Monday.

  • I was nearby. I heard no arguing before and no one running or driving away after.

  • He is at reggae .

  • Um – no address is given. basic info

    • We don’t want a bunch of people crowding our usually quiet little road.

    • I choose not to give an address in case this turns out to be a suicide.

      • It’s a private road.

      • Curious Curmudgeon

        Good decision, Kym. The preliminary information about a suicide, if that’s what occurred, deserves privacy at this point. If it turns out to appear to be a homicide, then the public’s right to more information comes into play as long as it doesn’t hamper the investigation.

        Criminal homicides and self-inflicted deaths really have become an epidemic in this area and deserve attention from all of us, not only law enforcement and the public health and mental health community. They touch us all to some degree.

        • We have one of the highest suicide rates in the state. I fully believe it’s a combination of really hard to get mental health care and living in a county with an insanely higher number of self serving people compared to anywhere I have ever seen in my entire life.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Self righteous is the way of the walk with too many people in positions of society meant to help. Very sad.

            Betrayal is a result that occurs often, so lets hope DHHS gets better or leaves so that small private mom and pop mental health services can open up to provide what is now lacking. (current and past failures caused by way of politically, at local level, cherry picking grants for laundering specific tax dollars for gubbamint career employees at the expense of taxpayers and many times to the detriment of the patient whom most people in society will never know, which is the perfect cover to not give a sincere, honorable shit as a local or state elected official until votes are important)

  • If it’s suicide, it breaks my heart that someone felt such despair they thought this was the only solution.

  • If it is suicide maybe the news,blogs and police should be careful about speculating and suggesting that, it’s a horrible thing for all involved and not to be throw around lightly in conversation, it’s a very private and personal and matter. Be sensitive.

    • Unfortunately, a suicide which occurs in a car which pulls in law enforcement to investigate it as a homicide is not private. And with approximately 40 suicides a year I believe it’s time we talked about each individual who dies. It’s an epidemic in Humboldt County.

      • Journalists get response from law enforcement where the regular populist get nothing. Could someone please get some answers about the motorcyclist that was ran down /over in trinity county earlier this evening? He sustained serious injuries and there are no answers to any other questions at this point. Pleas

      • Henchman Of Justice


        and how many people are emigrating to this rural county for DHHS services, squatting, Devil’s Playground scenarios, naked downtrodden men under trees next to HWY 101, downtrodden women pushing their child in a makeshift stroller, the number of dog toating scumbags/lurkers who cause problems, etc?

        Yes, poverty and overpopulation are real issues that affect one’s mental state……..these two issues are near the top of the HOJ model indicator for the individual “stress test”.

        Of all people who commit suicide, overpopulation (spacing issues) and poverty (lack of financial resources) usually causes the depression that leads to the suicide.

        HOJ would opine “lack of love”, but in reality, if all the money in the world or land in the world was not enough to avoid suicidal tendencies, then obviously much more is going on.

  • Suicide prerequisites
    * pain (emotional /physical/mental or any combination)
    * feeling isolated / alone
    * feeling as if the world/your loved ones would be better off without you
    *lapse in judgement (of which we are ALL capable) in that final moment .

    Help your loved ones and EVERYONE feel needed included and worthy.

    Used to think suicide was selfish until i understood…

  • Be kind people instead of judging until u know the whole story 😉

  • It’s called pain and despair,this world is full of it.its in our community and yours.i feel pain everyday,and yes I have been to the point I have felt this way too.i think most folks have.If were strong enough we should help those who can’t,at least try.if you need a hand ask,I’ll be glad too.if u need someone to talk to,illll be happy to sit and talk!

  • You are so good G-MA if pukreaka had more people like you it would be a much better place just saying .

  • Why would anybody commit suicide in their car with the door open ?

    • Seems to me a gun would be near by. What was the LE looking for?

      • I agree, if it was a gunshot was the gun laying nearby? Were there finger prints? If yes then whose are they? There is the suspect right there… Basic law 101

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